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Welcome to my page 🥰💚🌱💖
Feel free to check out my journal(s). Any knowledgeable input is welcomed with a warm heart.
-A community that grows together, learns together ❤

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NYGC Color Diet: Chase's WhitW. Faceoff! (SoilxDWCxCoco)

In forum Color Diet

ChaseG1992 68 Posts 3 months  ago
Cloning 🌱

In forum Grow Journals

ChaseG1992 5 Posts 1 week  ago
NYGC Fruit Salad: My Red Mandarine Grow 💚

In forum Fruit Salad

ChaseG1992 55 Posts 3 months  ago

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Exciting First Grow!

In forum Completed Grow Journals

ChaseG1992 219 Posts 6 months  ago