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Hey there CFC !
Hang mostly at CFC chat ,I love music, weed, learning new things, and of course growing. I currently am partaking in NYGC 2021.

I also am trying to make feminized seeds with colloidal silver on my first ever cannabis clones (Critical kush barney’s farm) ,and hope to succeed, unfortunately I havent started a journal for it so no way to document it , maybe ill find a way.

I’m a new grower and I always want to learn new growing techniques and info, to me it’s both a learning experience and fun hobby I feel passionate about, it brings me joy, colors and be smells , cant wait to harvest my first flowering 😊.

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NYGC Color Diet: Purple punch

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CharlieBround 78 Posts 2 months  ago
Critical Kush (Barney’s Farm)

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CharlieBround 25 Posts 2 months  ago
NYGC Desserts: Gelato (seedsman)

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NYGC The Misfits: Gorilla Glue Auto (Barney’s farm)

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CharlieBround 22 Posts 1 month  ago

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