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Just an OG grower, I’m 52 years old living in Virginia and honestly I have been waiting for legalization since I was a youngster and am so happy to finally be able to be able to grow my own and put the work in to grow really good/potent plants. I started out in DWC hydroponics and did alot of reasearch on growing and styles of LST training etc. Ive had a few grows under my belt a couple nightmare grows as well. But my research brought me here. I am so grateful to find Dr. Coco and this community and the knowledge of growing in coco I have gained just from podcasts and youtube videos the growers guide. I am 3/4 through my first coco grow and I was so surprised at the explosive growth and how my my plants have come along. I have to say this is in my opinion the least complicated and effective way to grow.

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Simple budget 1 plant RDWC grow

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