NYGC Water: Lemon Kush+Jack Herer Autos in DWC

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NYGC Water: Lemon Kush+Jack Herer Autos in DWC

The finish line is within view!!

I know I was bummin' in my last post about the foliage browning and crisping and all... but all of a sudden both of these ladies are looking pretty stunning. The buds are thickening up thusly, and the frost has started to really develop. The temps have been fluctuating pretty hard between 66-82, but they're also showing a lot of purple, which I aint mad about! 

I haven't been fussing too much with nutes, still following the GH expert chart for the most part. The JH has been feeding pretty normally and keeping a steady ph, but the LK has been dipping into the low 5's for ph, and ppms were in the 1600's this afternoon! I mixed up 4 gal of tap water (tap is reading 6.7 currently) and some flora nectar as well as beneficials, and added it to both reservoirs. They're both now reading normal ph and in the 700-800 ppm range. 

At this point, I'm just snapping macro pics on my fancy camera checking trichs (which will be posted later!!), and waiting for them to tell me when they're ready to end it. If I shook a magic eight ball right now, I'd bet it would read "two weeks". For the sake of my current supply, I hope it's sooner than that!

Jack Herer

Cannabis Grow IMG 0158
Cannabis Grow IMG 0167
Cannabis Grow IMG 0160

Lemon Kush

Cannabis Grow IMG 0163
Cannabis Grow IMG 0161

Thank you for the Best Journal Nomination! I don't know what to say, I...  I'm really high. 

Happy Growing Everyone!

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