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Original seeds grown from cropking seed bank. The original mothers are finishing up flower in December of 2021. The first clones, are moving into flower the day the original mothers get cut down. Clones will be cut from these girls on January 1, 2022. Growing with G.H. line of nutrients plus hygrozyme. Using bud blaster in place of dry kool bloom at the end. Grow will be 2 plants vegged in a 2x4, then moved to a 4x4 for flower. Vegging under a pair of older LED's then flowering under the medic fold 8 dimmed to 80%.

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Well my GG4 produced a nanner and self pollinated making a bunch of seeds in my GG4 and some in the OGK.  This was my first grow with these genetics and I am fearful that she will continue to keep producing intersex traits.  I will flower out the one I just put into flower last week and try to catch any nanners before they pop.  Maybe it was exposed to light stress or some other event that caused it to produce nanners. 

I will grow the GG4 from seed and the OGK from clone.  Fingers crossed.

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Maybe I am obsessing, but my clones I cut are super droopy.  I took cones from an over vegged plant so the stem was quite thick and the scissors didn't make a clean cut.  Everything was sterilized,  I took my cut at 45 degrees to vertical, I scraped the bottom inch to try to promote more rooting sites then dipped the cuttings in IBA cloning  solution before planting into a rockwool cube that was soaked in pH'd water.

I scuffed the GG4 seed very lightly with 220 grit sand paper, then soaked in water for 2 hours.  I then poured it out onto a paper towel where it will stay until she pops open.

I added a humidifier so hopefully that makes the clones a bit happier.

Everything is currently on a heat mat,

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Clones! and one lil seedling in the middle. The additional heat and humidity perked the clones right up so no more real worries there. checking on everything twice a day until things root. keeping the rockwool wet, but not saturated and I spray everything each time I pop in for a check up.

Make shift salad bowl humidity dome balanced on a pair of air stones, because I am unprepared lol. Keeping it ghetto with the lighting arrangement. zip ties, electrical wire and cheap pieces of chain all salvaged from old projects around the house. The sun blaster lights came with the used 2nd hand tent I bought, and the non lit blurple light in the middle was picked up used for $20. The humidifier is another craigslist find and I am running it at low speed.  the temps have been stable at 22C and RH is between 75-85%.  The seedling is slower this time, compared to the last seedling, but hopefully it kicks into gear so I can keep up with you speedy growers. If it fails and the OG Kush seems to root and do well enough, I may just do a single strain run.

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So after 3 weeks of not seeing any positive development I reread the cloning guide and realized all my parameters were out just passed what is acceptable.  Tweaking the temperature (down a few degrees C), humidity (up 15%)and for crying out loud the photoperiod (to 24 hours on).  Things just seemed to reactivate and roots finally came through over the past week.  I am going to be at least a month behind everyone now, but I think I can save them. I like the way the OG grows so I really want to keep it.  Definitely going to have some over lap on the auto flower challenge .

I moved 5 clones into 3, 6 inch  net pot lids. and put on to 5 gallon buckets with the seedling formula from G.H. The roots aren't suspended into the water yet so I mist the hydroton with the mild nutrient solution so it runs down and rehydrates everything once a day as well as misting the leaves twice a day.  

The Gorilla Glue #4 seedling dampened off and died. R.I.P. lil one

I will grow GG4 again in the future but I am going to shelve it for now and just run the O.G. Kush.

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Apologies for the inconsistent posts.  I definitely lost motivation to keep posting when the plants went south, however I have kept a fairly up to date physical journal in my grow.  I am running GH 3 part with silica, diamond nectar, kool bloom and calimagic.  GH no longer sells armor si in Canada so I went with canna max labs potassium silicate (advised by my local grow shop employee).  I decided to run 4 plants in flower and do a few new things.

First change from last run is I am not mainlining or manifolding.  I topped 2 plants, left one, and one went from bud to reveg and went all gnarly, and ended up looking as if it got FIM'd.

The FIM'd/Reveg plant naturally started bushing out with many tops with no need to top. I LST'd with jute tied down to anchor points I made with screws in the perimeter of the net pot. 

I LST'd the one untopped plant by pulling it over and spreading out every branch.

I did another experiment by putting the 2 topped plants into one DWC bucket to see if they will have any issues sharing a bucket beyond needing more attention to reservoir maintenance. These 2 girls were than lst'd the same as the one untopped plant, pulling each plant over in opposite ways and spreading out all the branches.


I moved the 4 plants in their 3 pots into my 4x4 after I finished my last harvest.  each plant is designated to essentially fill up a 2x2 section of the tent.  I vegged the girls for another 2 weeks under the Medicgro fold 8 mounted at the top of the tent and set at 80% power. The plant canopy at this time was about 4' below the LED. I set up a ScrOG using 1/2" PVC pipe and jute. I worked the plant through the ScrOG pushing the plants to the edges of the tent, and when I was about 75% filled in, I flipped the lights to 12/12.  I continued weaving the plants through for the next 5 days or so, then aloud the whole plant to grow up towards the light.  I mounted a second ScrOG net about 10" above the first that will help support the tops  as they stretch through.  I am trying to tuck leaves out of the way to expose the new growth chutes to the light, but you can only do so much before it is all just a huge cluster of bunched together leaves.  I lollipopped the bottom, removing everything below the first ScrOG net.  I am now tucking the first tops that are coming through the second Scrog net to try to make all the tops come through at the same time.  

Last harvest I ran into a bit of bud rot on this strain, so I am mostly concerned about reaching harvest with a clean crop.  I will take all the lowers and will do light defoliation along the way to maintain good circulation.  I also had humidity factors that lead to the rot so I am just playing this run safe.  I am currently toying with running the dehumidifier during the night cycle to limit the up swing in humidity.

Today is day 15 of Flower.  I hope everyone is having great success in there grows and aren't as set back as I was to begin.

Posted : 04/03/2022 12:31 pm

about half way there. finishing week 4 tomorrow. The canopy filled out pretty well, one corner is a bit empty, I may have over estimated the stretch on her. I don't think they will get too much taller, I can see the increase in size every day now which is pretty exciting, even for the 3rd run of this cut. I have turned my dehumidifier on and set t o 50% RH  and it sits in the middle of the room with the tent.  it seems to be keeping the humidity from getting higher than 60% now, but I would like to pull it down another 5 or 10% so I am going to adjust down to 45% and see if that hit the mark inside the tent.  I have a hygrometer with min/max levels hit that I reset everyday so I do get a good idea as to how far out my environment gets to. It looks like I will probably harvesting this crop in mid May.

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Posted : 04/15/2022 12:41 pm
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