NYGC Water: Cream & Cheese & Tropicana Poison DWC

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Posted : 01/16/2022 6:44 pm

The first sign of the root system dropping out of the bottom of the net pot and so I also dropped the water level as well.

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Up top she’s looking great. No sign of any shock from transplanting or transitioning the lights.

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So long to top watering for now….

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Posted : 01/18/2022 4:57 pm
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I feel like everyone is so far ahead of me, especially when of course the cloners. 
 3 days ago I noticed the roots just wiggling their way out of the 5in net pots so I dropped the water level to encourage growth.

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Cannabis Grow 46C5E820 CDE2 4A54 9E8C 0355B92A3C2E

3 Days ago

Today the roots look as healthy as can be. And as expected the top of the plant looks happy as well.

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Cannabis Grow BE85D184 E431 4D9F 85B8 12B4B073B3BF
Cannabis Grow 19D00D6F 0DFE 45A6 8909 03E7A3110882

Im using CANNA AQUA VEGA AND THE 5GAL bucket has the following values:

  • Approx. 3 GAL total soln 
  • E.C. 1.7
  • pH 5.8

I made that feed up last weekend and so I’m letting it run until next week before I make a new batch since the roots just hit.

Cannabis Grow CDE83EF2 DC5A 4624 BFD1 C12376DBE516

As of now the Tropicanna Poison has long ago been a no-go. Along with the Peyote Gorilla, and Mimosa Evo. 
I did however successfully germinate a Seedsman Blueberry Feminized.
Like I’ve said before next time I’ll order a quantity of each strain I order and stick to just a couple of strains.

thanks for droppin in…

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Posted : 01/23/2022 6:28 pm

It’s truly amazing what happens overnight….

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Posted : 01/24/2022 8:41 pm

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Healthy new growth 

Nutes are on target 

Posted : 01/27/2022 6:48 pm
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Cannabis Fan

My Grow Room is typically the neatest and cleanest room in my house. But I had to do some organizing to clear the clutter so I went to work in there for a couple of hours. My Flowering tent is nearing the 6th week so I cleared out my closet, which was used for seedlings, slapped the door back on the hinges and am calling it the drying/curing room.

Cannabis Grow 4A63E404 6BAD 4C1A AE90 D69625D0E828
Cannabis Grow D8E86AC7 B781 41C0 B295 7C32292831E8

I also switched back into the Canna Aqua series nutrients after I was finally able to grab the flores formula. The plants are looking lovely! So I stationed my security guard on the reservoir lest there be any sabotage! Lol!

Cannabis Grow AB036B30 2E0A 4D2B A023 3303B9D7A737

All preparations are in line with Flipping to Flower on Valentine’s Day.  Coincidentally and possibly even magically that should coincide with harvest week for the Blueberry and White Widow. I’ll harvest them based off the trichomes some advice  and possibly even stagger the harvest. I don’t know. I vegged them for 90 days so it’s been a long time comin’. Had I not found out my upstairs neighbor just so happened to have a 5x5 tent with no poles there’s no way these plants would’ve been happy in a 4x2 and to think I was planning on growing 3 plants in it. I went to Home Depot and grabbed some 1x2’s and made a frame for the tent. Actually the framing gives me a lot of tying points and will have many extra uses. I vegged them for so long because I’d had the seeds for a year, got bored, germinated them for no reason, didn’t even have my tent setup and didnrt have the time really. I’d done a run with a bunch of veggies and strawberries after I finished building my set-up last year but never got to the cannabis. And had no intention of going thru with another run cannbis or otherwise. After the seeds germinated I procrastinated but eventually took them through the seedling nursing stage. Once I seen the beauty of them after a couple of weeks I just couldn’t bare not to take good care of them. So I got to hooking up and fixing my RDWC. I vegged them from October 1st 2021 till December 26th while I acquired all that I’d need. I also had to do electrical work because there wasn’t any power in that room. And all the while I had no clue that the NYGC 2022 was right on time!! So it was all so very worth it!

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This will be my first cannabis grow. Ever. So my NYGC entry will technically be my 2nd run if all goes as planned. I think & believe I’m doing pretty good but ultimately won’t know until the end and all the way through curing and medicating. It’s all a first. I was a Biology Major in College and absolutely loved it so I understand the fundamental science but still need all that grower love and advice for the cannabis specifics. 

The Cream & Cheese CBD 1:1 is thriving. I’m going to mix up fresh nutes tomorrow. How  often do you guys and gals mix up your nutes?

Roots are super healthy and still white. If I’m not mistaken the warmer the water the more the roots will turn brownish/beigeish. Because this 400w MH light doesn’t put out as much heat as my 1000w HPS the water is cool for now while in veg. In the flowering tent the roots are brownish due to higher water temps. I don’t have a chiller and eventually might get one. I am thankful that the plants adapted to a multitude of environmental stressors and anomalies and have not given me really any worries at all. I did however, position the reservoir underneath the window which has an a/c unit plugged into my Inkbird controller. My a/c cuts on all throughout the day even though it’s 8 degrees Fahrenheit currently. I wonder what my neighbors think. Lmao. By positioning the reservoir directly underneath the window then purposely leaving air leaks beside the a/c unit allows just enough super cold air to keep the water temps in the mid 60! Compared to 80s! Wow. But hey the plants have been making it through like champs.

Cannabis Grow image
Cannabis Grow C0B130D7 D144 4C76 85A4 2633E2BE8D5E

Show me some of that grower love and shoot me some pro tips on Harvesting, Trimming, Drying, Curing, etc. 

P.S.  I went light on defoliation in the week before flower. I tried some supercropping techniques like Kushman chiropractics, trellis netting and kinda lollipopping. Then I took the net down, and now it’s back up. I’m interested in training my Cream and cheese, and I have some questions about mainlining, topping and whatever wisdom y’all can lay on me. 

Till next time, Peace and Grower Love,


Posted : 01/28/2022 11:20 pm

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The Cream & Cheese couldn’t look healthier. Since I’m flipping in two weeks I felt like today is the best day to top and give enough recovery time come flowering time.

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Cannabis Grow image

Posted : 02/01/2022 2:22 pm

I’m heartbroken! I had a crazy crazy dream about my grown last night where I had 3 new LED grow lights. I didn’t have any timers for them but wanted to implement them so badly I was convinced that the only way to get them to work was by me staying asleep! whenever I woke up the timing went  all wacky and I was super worried because I have two monsters in their 6th week of Veg. 
anyways when I did finally go in this morning I found this

Cannabis Grow 403B0937 EFF0 4D0D A78A BFA1DCCCBA11

I realized almost immediately! The dreams! The light!! Seriously though. I knew it was the friggin lids. I didn’t paint or cover them like I did for my RDWC setup which is thriving btw.

Cannabis Grow EADC16EE A087 4D3D BDD3 1B6B4C19B383
Cannabis Grow BD533D70 74CF 4EB5 8E5A 4121FADE8AF5
Cannabis Grow C0A6804B 928F 47D1 8F4D 1897668F207F
Cannabis Grow 18C7E574 82B8 4425 BC8C DBF5CDAC6850
Cannabis Grow 3B6C5E8B FD73 4558 A6BF 8AED7DD51E97

I only show the other grow In this thread because that is where this Cream & Cheese will eventually end up. If it makes it

I covered up the kids with what I had available and what would work. Which was aluminum and some tape. Tacky as it may look. It will do the trick. Now I just have to see if the plant will recover. I did pop another blueberry on the side and even though it’s a couple weeks younger and in a different bucket it was having the same rot issues. 

Cannabis Grow DEA0D4A8 86EF 47AB A828 2B229B0288E6
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Posted : 02/03/2022 8:50 am

So it’s been 24 Hrs since I had to perform emergency surgery and so far so good….

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I cut a significant part of the root system from the CC. Aluminum foiled the heck out of the lids and cleaned the buckets well. Mixed up new nutes and tucked them back into their buckets. 

Posted : 02/04/2022 8:38 am

I checked back on the roots on the CC and my heart dropped again.

Cannabis Grow image

Firstly, is this rot? Secondly what do I need to do? I don’t use any beneficials but I plan on grabbing some Great White myco tomorrow hopefully.  Thanks in advance for any advice !

Posted : 02/07/2022 11:03 pm ChaseG1992 liked
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