PTGC Toppers: Gorilla glue & blue dream

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Amnesia haze AF w a fence to do my version of  LST. 

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Posted : 09/07/2021 7:19 am
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Outdoor ladies, I just added nutes and a top dressing. Rotated all of them as well.

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Posted : 09/07/2021 4:44 pm CrackBabies liked

Today is day one of using new fertilizer. Pick up a bag of beanstalk  absolute flower fertilizer. They say apply it as directed 90 days before flowering and all you have to do is add water. Next grow I am going to do a side by side of 2-3 types of AF’s.

these ladies are my fems for the challenge BD topped 1x and GG topped 2x. I will leave them alone to grow for the rest of the challenge. 

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Cannabis Grow 99FC7E6C 1B5B 4F78 86B8 F909C817AF58
Cannabis Grow FB9946DA 1499 4D95 A424 920F3B423A49

Posted : 09/08/2021 8:20 pm J2DaG and CrackBabies liked

Ladies pre and post fence ring

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Cannabis Grow 910FEF85 9DB7 4970 B796 FA7956300908

Cannabis Grow C1B811E0 EA32 4088 BE75 C736CFBA4798
Cannabis Grow 1B357ADF 7E5E 4A4A 8BA7 E6B2F11A2293


Posted : 09/10/2021 6:51 pm J2DaG, Richiebcookin and CrackBabies liked
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It’s strange to just need to add h20 each time now that I’m using beanstalk fertilizer.  And some molasses in my water every few waterings along with microbes every few waterings.

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Cannabis Grow B5C6824D 554C 4743 9872 E6FF0A70CAAD
Cannabis Grow 6107894D 1A9F 4F99 9B8D A7FE14FDC98D

Cannabis Grow D34E3A82 7A19 4561 9586 2DCF5EDAC16A

Posted : 09/14/2021 7:05 pm J2DaG and CrackBabies liked

The gorilla is filling in nicely

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the BD is more stretchy

Cannabis Grow FF96644A 4FDE 4602 8E0E 8205720AA9D3

outdoor is getting  thicker

Cannabis Grow 0E80FD9D CF27 431D 920E 27BC3F986C17

Posted : 09/17/2021 7:59 pm John_334, TerpeneTed and CrackBabies liked
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Just got some seeds from seedsman’s and I have to say they have some of the best seed deals. Just popped a watermelon auto for the solo cup challenge to see how it does with 12/12 light compared to the typical 20/4 I typically do with my auto’s. Usually I do 3-4 autos at a time. I have not done a mix grow of photo with auto. If it go’s well I will be doing a run of 2/3 photo’s and 4 auto’s from the start and try to max my 4x6 room and do a staggering grow take out the autos to make room for the photos to flower. 🌱🪴🌳🔥 🤞

Any suggestion for or against??

Posted : 09/19/2021 5:55 am CrackBabies liked

Cannabis Grow 5FD506E1 4D2A 46C3 9205 5F4575D444CC

outside ladies are getting nice and sticky the middle is the gorilla glue and is a little slower but still stacking those hairs. 

Posted : 09/19/2021 7:36 pm John_334 and CrackBabies liked

Just checked on my watermelon auto and it just cracked and I will put it in soil tomorrow. So pumped I just put a seedsman northern lights in paper towel as well to join the solo cup challenge.              🤞🌱🪴🌳

Posted : 09/19/2021 7:52 pm CrackBabies liked
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Just was looking and if I want to finish flowering by the end of the challenge I need to flip! So that is what I did. A little defoliation and swapped out my 18/6 timer for my 12/12 one. And a baby watermelon pic!

Cannabis Grow 55FD681B 0462 47D4 AA53 3E7CF10397FD
Cannabis Grow 0E5E145F B2F9 41F7 97B6 C53C4870E95E

Posted : 09/21/2021 8:31 pm CrackBabies and J2DaG liked

I love me some thicck ladies

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Cannabis Grow 83EC1B65 94E0 400F A41B 39BAE0675B95
Cannabis Grow 753C5B06 953F 4F00 8637 B0F864A6D920

Posted : 09/22/2021 5:06 pm CrackBabies liked

So now I’m dbl fisting the party cup challenge. 2nd cup is northern lights auto.

Cannabis Grow 796FDE26 4C37 4167 9991 C2A129C92243

Posted : 09/22/2021 6:18 pm Richiebcookin and CrackBabies liked
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Before we get into the stretch to far I adjusted some branch locations LST style with my fence. I will readjust a few more in a day or two when things even out.

Cannabis Grow CCE71F72 D602 4749 807D 915886607581
Cannabis Grow 4A39B232 EC7E 4F6B B05E 91EADFB27350
Cannabis Grow D3377BE7 1A8B 4C3C A76E B1DB09D08C8A
Cannabis Grow FE9B8047 55EF 4E5B 8A48 70EEE2B7DB6D

Posted : 09/23/2021 9:15 pm CrackBabies liked

The ladies are spreading out nicely. The solo cups are sprouting right up as well.

Cannabis Grow 4B0C5AA2 89D4 491A 8FF8 03DB35DB59A1
Cannabis Grow C58A90C3 D5B9 44AC BB32 4208C24C3188

Posted : 09/25/2021 2:16 pm Richiebcookin and CrackBabies liked
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Top dressed the ladies today w some coast of Maine something or other. Looking forward to seeing these finish inside since I’m growing one of each outdoor and they are getting frosty with the sweet smell of stank!!🤗

Cannabis Grow 796C67C6 52FE 46BC BB94 A32017942040
Cannabis Grow D80D58A6 D07A 4354 A1C0 8F6C2D307BD8


Posted : 09/30/2021 7:56 pm John_334, Richiebcookin and CrackBabies liked
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