NYGC OGs: Multi OG strain grow

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sorry 😐 really fell off on the journal. Truth is it’s been kind of a shit show. Still waiting on equipment to show up and for the time being the plants have moved into the 9x5 but are still only under a single 1000 watt light. I’m not able expand my canopy without the proper light. So right now the plants are vegging along until I’m comfortable with the canopy and I will flip. I’ll be way behind the rest of the group on the harvest. My fault for being ill prepared and not having everything I needed at the start. 

Grow on🤟🏼.

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Cannabis Grow 686D3A9C D844 47CB 808E 3818FB3E2BC0

Cannabis Grow A085C6CD 4F36 4FCD 9985 4C82EC755842

Posted : 03/14/2020 9:06 pm
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