NYGC OGs: Multi OG strain grow

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Beans just hit the water yesterday. Excited to be involved in NYGC! I will transfer seeds to paper towel today. Multi strain grow/pheno hunt. Strains all have some sort of OG lineage within their genetics. Strains are as follows:

5 reg-Cherry Lemonade (Cherry Pie OG x JTR)

3 fem-Sugar Breath ( Dos si dos x OGKB)

5 reg-It’s It (Gelato x Mint Chocolate Chip)

3-fem-Double stuffed Sorbet (Dos si Dos x Sorbet)

1 fem-OGKZ (OG Kush Breath x Zkittles)

2 fem-Pineapple Chunk (Pineapple x Skunk #1 x Cheese)

Some new seeds some old. Reason I’m popping so many is based on potential unsuccessful germs and the potential for only a small number of females in the two strains that are regular seeds.  These babies will be posted up under t5’s as soon as they are ready for some love. 


Posted : 01/10/2020 9:08 am GreenSpoon liked
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Seeds have been transferred to paper towel, tap roots showing on many. I’m eager to see the success rate. They are now in a container with a heat mat beneath. Pictures will follow soon. The seeds were from the following breeders: Humboldt seed org., Subcool’s the dank, Barney’s Farm, Exotic genetix & DNA Genetics. 

Now that the update is out of the way let me tell you about myself. This is not my first time grow however this will be my personal largest. I have experience that expands through the past 15 years with friends that had small scale medical  grows that eventually expanded to much larger, as well as my own small scale experience with errors and success. Any personal growing has been on hiatus for quite some time. I heard about this grow challenge on the GrowCast podcast and was intrigued to join as I had plans to grow the beginning of this year anyway and this challenge was of perfect timing. I plan on running two 1000 watt lights in a 9x5 grow tent in soiless mixture & running the full line of Remo nutrients. Again excited to share my medical grow with you all. 

Posted : 01/11/2020 6:39 pm

Update! . . . 

Seeds have all been transferred to jiffy’s some are really slow. All the cherry lemons have long tap roots 100% success. The it’s it are slow but have been transferred. I lost one Sugar Breath one of the taps detached, I have never seen that before I’m assuming the towel was too wet and it got too saturated. The OGKZ has a tap emerged and has been transferred. The pineapple chunk has cracked but no taps yet I’m put them in jiffy’s now because I can better control the heat. The seeds are very old and I was being optimistic with their success. So so far it looks descent with potentially 3 seeds in Total getting culled. The picture below shows how ready to go the cherry lemons are. All seeds are under a LED germ light that I haven’t tried yet. I will give it a few days if I don’t like what I see in growth I’m bringing in the tried and true t5’s

So b/c I’m worried about the success of some of the fem seeds I’ve decided to soak the remaining  two sugar Breath. They hit the water this morning.

Cannabis Grow 177B0812 839F 43F4 8928 33A5E299BEE7

Posted : 01/13/2020 6:27 pm

First I will start with the bad news . . . . I had to cull the 2-Pineapple Chunk the seeds were quite old and Peter’d out. The it’s it had only two seeds of the five that had the will to make it along with only one of the Sugar breath surviving. I would just like to take a second to remember the fallen beans 😵 and respect their effort. . . 2-Pineapple chunk, 2-sugar breath & 3-it’s it. 😥 somehow I feel better now . . . Such is life. 


Good news is: 

I popped the remaining Sugar Breath that I had a few days ago bringing the number to 3. The original is having a good time showing off it’s new serrated leaves. The two newbies are in jiffy ready to shed their helmet. Along with the 2 sugars, I also popped 4-purple punch (Grandaddy purple x Larry OG) fem, they also have sprouted in the jiffy and are ready to shed their helmet. 😀 

With some new pinto’s in the game let’s do a roll call: 

5-cherry lemonade 

3-double stuffed sorbet


2-it’s it

3-sugar Breath 

4-purple punch

All cherry lemonade’s and one double stuffed sorbet have graduated to solo’s and are in the tent basking in dimmed halide. (Picture below)

Cannabis Grow 6908F230 382C 4F4E 8407 E82F943D62FD

The rest are still in incubation with a number growing legs ready for a new home in a red & white solo.  

Happy growing! 😎 

Posted : 01/16/2020 8:55 pm Capt Dave and GreenSpoon liked

Things are looking well. Most of the seedlings have been transferred to solo cups. There are 6 still in incubation including the 4-purple punch that were popped to replace the fallen soldiers. Along with a single Sugar Breath and an It’s It that I thought was on its deathbed but has recently shown growth and opened its cotyledons and found the will to live. With the It’s It being a regular seed and encountering some early life stress I wonder if it will decide to show itself as a male come the time. 

All the other babies are looking great being transferred to cups yesterday evening supplied with a light watering with hygrozme. They look like they enjoyed their first night with a night cycle of 4 hours. The original 6 (5-cherry lemonade & Double stuffed sorbet) look like they will be ready for the first mild nutrient feed. I will assess later on today. Cheers 🍻

Cannabis Grow 604B2137 3C95 4C0D B320 EBF61B0C0252
Cannabis Grow DAB14127 308E 44C7 BA64 748CC7DBA0DA

Pictures show the original 6 (in the back)and other newly cupped seedlings . As well as a close up of a cherry lemonade. 🧐 

Posted : 01/19/2020 8:28 am

All but one seedling has been transferred to solo’s & they are in the tent. Only one straggler in incubation. This one (sugar breath)  is really odd once it shed its helmet it revealed only one cotyledon leaf 🤨 😬. Can’t say I’ve experienced that before, anyone else? I have had a seed that popped and grew two successful plants from one seed but this is a first. 😲 🤪 .

Cannabis Grow 5E525C70 132F 4A56 AA58 4F4E6A2081C8

Posted : 01/21/2020 9:17 pm

Here’s a picture of the single leaf Sugar Breath seedling. Picture I took yesterday was faded . . . Like the photographer 😌 . All the ladies are looking great tonight showing some strong growth after first feed. Cherry lemonade in her glory below as well.

Cannabis Grow DA42CA73 71C7 4C22 8D7B 223CF24A1E41
Cannabis Grow 11EE487D 638A 47DB 9453 5C8FFB23AE2D

Posted : 01/22/2020 7:06 pm

Hey all,

Just a quick pic and update. All is well everything is showing some nice growth. Just waiting on further growth so the plants can move up to a bigger pot. The single cotyledon Sugar Breath is in the tent now not sure it will survive. There is roots popping out of the jiffy but it’s not popping serrated leaves yet. . . 

Cannabis Grow EF2F0BD1 72FE 426B 98D2 86F9A9FA4B55

Posted : 01/26/2020 11:02 am GreenSpoon liked
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The single leaf Sugar Breath was culled today 😑. It’s survival of the fittest 💪🏼 & that little gal had no serrations in sight. Down to 18 solid looking plants hopefully I make out well in the sex lotto with the regs (It’s it-3 & Cherry lemonade-5) I’ve supplied nutrients at half the recommended amount for the two feedings they have received. I heard that giving lower nitrogen in the beginning growing stages as well as high humidity can promote females out of regular seeds. We will see how this experiment works so far I have maintained a rh of close to 70. 

if I end up with a higher ratio of males I guess I will have to veg for longer in order to have a full canopy in the 9x5.  

grow on 😃 

Cannabis Grow F503D496 7ED4 4545 B2ED F3565EE8FE08

Posted : 01/28/2020 6:02 pm

I want to start this post with saying with a heavy heart RIP Subcool. . . . Dude was truly a grow legend and inspired me as a grower years ago. Loved his approach to cannabis it was so unique and authentic. One of the first strains I had ever grown was Vortex (formerly and controversially known as God’s Pussy) that stuff was some serious smoke and I had never experienced a plant with a more unique terpene profile that I myself had grown. Super happy with the cherry lemonade so far and happy to represent Subcool’s genetics in this grow challenge. Farewell to a legend and this grow is for you.
Two of the cherry lemonades are already smelling dank pretty excited to put them into flower (with hope that they are females of course). Not much to update otherwise everything is thriving and I will top the tall plants that are a week ahead very soon.

Cannabis Grow A5BFA8F8 BFAE 4AF8 A6E4 D569ACD716BE
Cannabis Grow 88F0817A 01AA 4830 8773 D84037061EFF
Cannabis Grow F473B1E8 427E 440F 8A34 8B7B778F881A

Posted : 02/03/2020 4:48 pm
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A few of the gals got topped today waiting for further growth on the others. They all got their strongest feed yet, but still at about 80% of the recommended amount. Grow on 🤟🏼

Cannabis Grow B38F6010 3E1E 4735 A897 F46B13F935DF

Posted : 02/04/2020 7:03 pm

Quick update! About 60% of the plants got potted up to 1 gals. I was impressed to see there was no transplant shock whatsoever. I gave them a good watering with super b+ and grozyme. They did so well after transplant I decided to top to hopefully engage some further root growth. Along with all this I’m dealing with a couple of small thrips that have shown up. I’ve been checking under sides of leaves very thoroughly and one of the cherry lemonades had a thrip party on it. (Around 4) I gave the plant a good soak with insecticidal soap and quarantined that plant. In my own experience I have never experienced thrips. I suppose it is likely they tagged along on some of my lady’s greenhouse plants that she fills the house with and also attended the tent that I am using for veg. I’m keeping on top of it I’m not sweating yet🤔😐.

Cannabis Grow 36B2BBFD 0C1C 4C92 BAA0 E44EAFF579C9
Cannabis Grow B79C3750 53B9 4590 B24C 9080A6F9525F

Posted : 02/11/2020 9:11 pm Judgedread liked

Plants are great! I’ve added some ladybugs 🐞 to devour all and anything that’s invasive. I haven’t seen anything else myself and I have been adamant in looking at every mm of every plant. All plants have been potted up to 1 gals. There was no transplant shock signs present so a day after transplant, I topped the plants that hadn’t been snipped. They are all responding well to the transplant and topping really seeing some nice bush forming. Unfortunately I will not be able to begin my flip. I want to ultimately flower these plants in 7 gals and do more training to expand my canopy enough to fill my 9x5 tent. Right now I am having difficulty sourcing some grow equipment. The wholesaler has been shut down b/c of Chinese New Year and then subsequent to that the corona virus outbreak 😷. Should be receiving it soon so the plants can graduate to the bigger tent. I’m really excited to follow everyone’s flower transition phase. 🤟🏼Grow on.

Cannabis Grow 348E4D25 B8AC 4E0E 8D93 BC5001C7F314

Posted : 02/17/2020 8:12 am GreenSpoon liked

Do you see what I see? 🧐😏

Cannabis Grow 24370C24 9B3C 48B8 B8C9 27DC6111D435

one of the cherry lemonades are rockin out with their 🐓 out.

Posted : 02/17/2020 7:28 pm GreenSpoon liked

Lots of growth lately! Plants are almost getting a little crowded in my 5x5 still waiting on my grow equipment to arrive. This has been painful I’ve been dealing with getting the equipment since most of the plants were in solos. . . . Such is life. I culled the male cherry lemonade and so far I only suspect one more male which is one of the reg it’s it. I’m going to let it grow a little more before it gets the axe. 

Cannabis Grow B73E2E8B CAA2 430B B55D 1329B4ED0EF3
Cannabis Grow BCF4A288 81F8 4656 94D7 6176A1DD5B37



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