NYGC OGs: Girl Scout Cookies for first grow

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NYGC OGs: Girl Scout Cookies for first grow

For my first grow I am using feminized seeds from Growers Choice. Got 5 seeds, see how many I can get to flowering. 

Posted : 12/24/2019 2:46 pm Webb and Redmocha liked

And now my first pic.  The seeds.

Cannabis Grow 20191224 154933

Posted : 12/24/2019 2:52 pm
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Ok seeds scooped out of water and dropped into the jiffy pods.

Was just a bit too nervous to put them into paper towels.  Afraid I would be clumsy and break the tap root.

Posted : 01/01/2020 9:05 am tonytwist liked

ok Day 6 updates.  all 5 seeds have pushed above. 3 of them took off and got stretchy.  I was using a crappy "grow" blurple light.  even sitting on top of the dome it was stretching them.  I set up my main grow light now.  we will see how they respond.

Cannabis Grow Day 6 pic 2
Cannabis Grow Day 6 pic 1

Posted : 01/06/2020 4:51 pm maxovrdrive, Redmocha and tonytwist liked
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Day 9 update, I have second leaves coming in.  Still in Jiffy pods.  I am not seeing any roots yet so I haven't transplanted. I have bumped neuts up to 562  EC.

3 of the 5 have new leaves poppin.

I have been fighting a dry room.  I got rid of my cheap humidifier and got a reptile fogger.  I hope it can get my RH up.


Enjoy my little Darlings.

Posted : 01/09/2020 4:11 pm maxovrdrive liked

ok my little pics didnt load lets try day 9 pics again

Cannabis Grow Day 9 pic 1
Cannabis Grow Day 9 pic 2
Cannabis Grow Day 9 pic 3

Posted : 01/10/2020 3:39 pm aLBieHI liked

Ok transplant is successful. 

I had started low veg strength food at 1130 EC and a pH of 6.2. After 2 feedings at this strength I did the transplant. 

My coco came buffed and rinsed, but I soaked it in 2 gallons of CaMg water for an hour. Final run off was about 1020 EC.

Here are some pics about 12 hrs after the transplant.  I have the high table and the low table.  High table is my 3 strongest plants, the low table are my weakest 2 for the moment.

Also have my temp and humidity more in control.   Still not ideal but at least I have 40-55% RH.

Cannabis Grow 20200112 074439
Cannabis Grow 20200112 074505
Cannabis Grow 20200112 075231
Cannabis Grow 20200112 075241

Posted : 01/12/2020 9:06 am tonytwist liked

Maybe these show a bit better.  I did get pics of the setup at least. Eventually there will be a 3 gal pot in each saucer. Have them set up so they can drain. It does take away some of my height.

So a bit unsure about them.

Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200113 165858
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200113 165936
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200113 165948

Posted : 01/13/2020 4:31 pm maxovrdrive liked

Here is my pre- transplant post. Currently my girls are in seedling bags but my roots are coming through in multiple areas, eventhough they had just been placed in the bags last Sunday. So tomorrow going into 1 gal fabric bag, not sure how long they will be there

At least 2 of the girls have started pushing node 6 leaves, at least I think so. I mean this is my first grow and they are still really stacked, so lots of chance of me not counting them right.

Stay tuned for progress report late tomorrow.

Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200118 085022
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200118 085024
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200118 085048
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200118 085043

Posted : 01/18/2020 2:28 pm Webb, tonytwist, Rolls420 and 2 people liked
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This is not the post you were expecting.  I said the next one would be post transplant.

Well best laid plans. Seems I had a senior moment and got the wrong pot size.  So I ordered what I needed. 

While waiting I finally educated myself on leaf and node structure.  Then I counted my nodes, seems i was pushing level 8 node. So today i gave them hair cuts. I cut down to node 3 and trimmed lower growth points. Planning a 3 top plant to get to 8 colas. My main 2 GTs now are at 2 nodes each. I will top again once I get clearance after the 3rd node.

Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200123 154751
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200123 154741
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200123 155425
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200123 155110
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200123 154236
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200123 154050
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200123 154539
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200123 154242
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200123 155727
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200123 155533
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200123 154041

Posted : 01/23/2020 3:36 pm Growasaurusrex, Webb and CocoNoko liked

Quick update: transplanted to 1 gal fabric pots. Coco was pre buffered, but since it had to be rehydrated a bit I used 7 mL/ gal of water of CaMg. Final coco runoff was 1100ish ec.  Then fertigated the coco, added the plant and fertigated  1more time. Final ec about 975.

Good numbers, which is really needed because the feed I made last night was about 100ec hotter and got a bit of neut burns .

Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200124 174100

Posted : 01/24/2020 4:47 pm Webb liked

So today, I accomplished either killing my plants, or successful topping and supercropping them.  Time will only tell. I have before and after pics. Except for one of them. Only an after.

Yes, the bend is wrapped. I did split the skin so I wrapped with grafting tape.

Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200201 132733
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200201 132030
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200201 133607
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200201 132808
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200201 135829
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200201 135239
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200201 131116
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200201 134840
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200201 133707
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200201 134848

Posted : 02/01/2020 1:15 pm Webb liked

So happy to report that the girls recovered 99%. I had one fan leave casualty. My nodes were so tight that one of the leaves got caught in stem crushing. 

Looks like they will certainly be ready for a 14th flip date.

I have 1 question to figure out. My plan is to continue training and top once more. When should I transplant to final container.  Should I do that at the flip, or a week before the flip?

Posted : 02/02/2020 7:48 am Shez liked
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Today was a big day for the girls. They got topping #3. So my 8 little growth tips have started their little lives.  Here are 4 of them, I forgot one of them.

Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200207 174732
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200207 173741
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200207 171134
Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200207 165553

This one is an anomaly. It is a non symmetrical node. I found one on one of my other girls.

Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200207 170622

Posted : 02/07/2020 5:39 pm Shez liked
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Well, I guess here we go. It has been said that my girls might be too small to flip. But I don't know enough to do anything differently. I am going to flip and learn. Maybe I can accomplish something.

Cannabis Grow TimePhoto 20200214 131224

Here they are in their 3 gallon pots, all comments welcome.

They have been topped 3 times and super cropped twice. Will maintain level during stretch.

Posted : 02/14/2020 1:02 pm 3one, smotpoker and Shez liked
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