NYGC OGs: 3BOG x Auto Blues(Steel City Blues)

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 gave them their first dose of feed last night General Hydroponics is the nutrient line that I will be using now. Switched lines before sprout.

 I fed them at Week 1 per required by the nutrient schedule at 1/4 strength to start out with.

Cannabis Grow 20200122 062933
Cannabis Grow 20200122 062939

 it seems that three bears OG on the right is doing better than strawberry nuggets despite some of the downfalls that it has had! 

 I wonder if it's due to the lack of soil in comparison to how much soil the Solo Cup has for three bears


Posted : 01/22/2020 4:55 am New2grow and MilkBread liked

Transplant into pre soaked 3gal pots. 

Pre soaked with .5gal of current gh feeding schedule.

Cannabis Grow 20200122 181853
Cannabis Grow 20200122 181905
Cannabis Grow 20200122 181915

Posted : 01/22/2020 5:22 pm MilkBread liked

Growing growing growing! No news other than her neighbors (Walter White by mephisto, and lsd by fastbuds) are about to come down in a couple weeks. Maybe less on the lsd. Also two new neighbors!

Welcoming x2 3Bog x Blues. Have a good feeling about this strain.


Also in the tent to their left are the photos. 2 weeks into flower almost.

Just a garden update.

Cannabis Grow 20200127 204329
Cannabis Grow 20200127 204322
Cannabis Grow 20200127 204338
Cannabis Grow 20200127 204310
Cannabis Grow 20200127 204306


Posted : 01/27/2020 6:51 pm Walkergrows, New2grow and maxovrdrive liked
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 I will probably be topping both of my Autos today. strawberry nuggets and the Three Bears OG they seem to be growing right along, loving life, no deficiencies or overwatering. so far so good 🙂

Cannabis Grow 20200129 202049
Cannabis Grow 20200129 202053

Posted : 01/30/2020 4:42 am

Topped. Between node 5 and 6.  Tomorrow is feeding day again. Recharge Microbes will also be added into the mixture. 😀 first time using recharge! Excited to see whats to come!

Cannabis Grow 20200130 210212

Posted : 01/30/2020 7:06 pm Thekiddpalatt, New2grow and maxovrdrive liked
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Responded well to topping!

Added half the recommended amount of recharge. Fed and watered, week 3 on the schedule

Cannabis Grow 20200131 231149
Cannabis Grow 20200131 231144

Posted : 01/31/2020 8:35 pm smotpoker, maxovrdrive, Growasaurusrex and 1 people liked
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Hello yall, i will start out with I apologize for my absence. The past 3 weeks have been absolutely dreadful.


Im currently going through some, personnel issues at my home.. and plants definitely got set aside, but not before a Beautifuldisaster decided to run through my room... and let me know how it feels i guess..


Here is the after math. Ill post pictures later on of their current state, i did replant, i attempted my best to bring them back. But, here it is.

Cannabis Grow 20200202 121417
Cannabis Grow 20200202 121414
Cannabis Grow 20200202 121403
Cannabis Grow 20200202 112843
Cannabis Grow 20200202 121359
Cannabis Grow 20200202 112847
Cannabis Grow 20200202 121427
Cannabis Grow 20200202 121420
Cannabis Grow 20200202 122225

Posted : 02/27/2020 11:40 am
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Here is an updated version of the grow after the unfortunate event..

I lost which one is which, so, hopefully towards harvest ill be able to figure out which is which!

Cannabis Grow 20200228 093615
Cannabis Grow 20200228 093603
Cannabis Grow 20200228 093619

Posted : 02/28/2020 6:45 am
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