NYGC Misfit: ThatDudes LED Coco grow show

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Welcome to my journal! Got my 5 by 5 set up for awhile was supposed to be half way through flower on the new setup but my seed order didn’t go through lol. Anyways this allows me to grow with y’all and just harvested about 10 zips from my 4 by 2 so all is good! My Pineapple Express #2, and Girl Scout Crack was germinated on Christmas Eve the others were New Year’s Eve!

Cannabis Grow 8DD8CE75 750E 4CB3 8A1A 07473B51C3BD
Cannabis Grow 474F0252 A3E0 431B B8BA 2A31E831B0D6
Cannabis Grow F376720A B96C 4CE4 9201 CCC42568196B
Cannabis Grow 697AB180 BEB7 4E7E A104 9AA1D4F61EC2
Cannabis Grow 363DC6E9 E4DF 40AA 8834 7CB1A8CBE5A0
Cannabis Grow E7C12511 4919 45BA 9106 27E6669626A2
Cannabis Grow 5EDBA31D BC29 4147 A252 43FCB5ECFD8A

Posted : 01/10/2020 3:17 am Benjamin Grohen, ACE Hydro, Judgedread and 1 people liked

Cannabis Grow 05B5FC3C C6BE 4CE1 A4A8 09469A17EF48
Cannabis Grow 4AD89159 03EF 4EB9 8447 3E8B778A7DA9
Cannabis Grow 177E94FC 3F3E 4658 ACE1 2CABA91AF8B2

Natural manifold haven’t topped. Has any one had a seed do this before? Can’t say I have.

Posted : 01/11/2020 3:41 pm

Cannabis Grow 34A0586D AB99 47BD A27C 9EB6CA6D320C
Cannabis Grow 316B810B EFF7 42B6 BC39 2C4249837BC2

Not much to report culled the C-Vibez was a total dud never got past its first set of leafs. First time growing anything from Dutch Passion, gotta say very disappointed in either Dutch Passion which is supposed to be a OG breeder. Could be the Seedbank Attitude but I’ve used them numerous  times hard to say.... 

Posted : 01/13/2020 3:21 pm

They are recovering from topping. Most likely will transplant this weekend and fire up the Quantum Board. Germinated another seed Auto Diesel, once my main tent is flipped my 2 autos will go in the 2 by 4 along with any keepers I see fit. Almost Friday everyone, tomorrow and Monday get a to be on scaffolding all day yay! Stay tuned for transplant updates

Cannabis Grow 5DB23238 7898 4C2D 85DB 7349AF366520

Natural manifold Pineapple Express shot out 2 tops not one interesting pheno!

Cannabis Grow F8D15C17 C8FD 4AD7 83C9 1CEB5066EE32

Blueberry Cookies

Cannabis Grow F6C1B40E C8F0 4E0F 882B 0F6907B8B08F

Auto Purple

Cannabis Grow FCE29E4D C2E0 4DE4 9A6F F33612AA8A12

whole group


Posted : 01/16/2020 4:46 am lights.soil.seed.ACTION, Growasaurusrex and valleymicro liked

They are now under the spider farmer 4000 QB. Going to use one of my 200w blurples also for flower for a total 650w. Believe I need to up my cal mag a little, using my tap water from the get go this time, last grow I used R/O but was hand filling so that got old fast. My tap is around 100-160 ppm which isn’t that bad.

Cannabis Grow 82AD87D3 315D 4E53 B560 359830BADB02

group shot under quantum board led

Cannabis Grow B5F68266 1C6C 49F6 BC55 25054B4A4139

group/tent shot

Cannabis Grow A84C0BE1 7593 41D9 B107 DB3D91EA2582

Stay clean and organized 🤩👍👌

Cannabis Grow 224F40FE B992 4359 B218 5E36583AEB85

Bleached out my 2 by 4. Going to be my veg/auto tent.

Cannabis Grow 3C7EC9DA C480 4B12 A67A EC339B4E4BAC

Me rocking out late flower in my 2 by 4 last grow.


Posted : 01/18/2020 6:42 am lights.soil.seed.ACTION liked

Cannabis Grow 9DB2D2A3 DA28 47A4 B4B0 248E465788A2
Cannabis Grow 919C6C45 8CE7 48FB A846 C4EEEA40D6F3
Cannabis Grow 7C57A3DC F7E0 4E9A AB37 C1983AD877C3

Posted : 01/19/2020 7:37 am lights.soil.seed.ACTION, Benjamin Grohen and Prjohnblaze liked

Nothing else to report besides the topping of the blueberry. Looks like they are starting to take off. I figure about 10 to 15 days before flip. 

Cannabis Grow D590FB92 A633 44C4 9BF4 247D3B2F66D5
Cannabis Grow C7F52117 6B64 42FC 9188 C8B97D0FBB77

group shot


Cannabis Grow 6B7E72E9 7DBA 47EE AFA6 6C758BE4F71F

The autos Purple Kush/OG Kush & Sour Diesel

Posted : 01/21/2020 3:20 pm valleymicro liked

-I transplanted my auto Purple K auto

Cannabis Grow 9B6A51F1 F21E 4E05 A545 796568F6DEAD
Cannabis Grow 99B5E4C4 F566 48E0 8DF3 A56A85626174

Posted : 01/23/2020 1:08 pm lights.soil.seed.ACTION liked

Figure about the end of this month. Doing a double tier scrog so I really need them to take off . If I don’t have to I don’t like really squat scrogs I like a good foot or two of lollipopped plant to make maintenance and watering easier.

Cannabis Grow 1784DAAB 9FA7 43CA 9DD3 B7F0ACF5CEE0

group shot

Cannabis Grow 8211CA50 0A6E 4542 9B21 5DEF6D096D44

blueberry cookies does not like being topped 

Cannabis Grow 87163C48 4748 43A6 A712 0A5B891B33ED

natural manifold Pineapple Express 

Cannabis Grow 1CDE3834 D16D 4CB0 9863 2CF0F19D4EEA

some BIG BUD main colas cured from my last 

Posted : 01/25/2020 4:53 am lights.soil.seed.ACTION and valleymicro liked
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Watered yesterday

Transplanted my auto diesel to 1 gal smart pot coco

Auto Purple was fimmed successfully and showed first pistils

plants are filling in nice, hopefully a couple more days and I’ll flip. The cold has been slowing them down I think, that and I should of uppotted to 1 gallon before putting into my hempys. So far loving the hempys no daily waterings yet and a lot less clean up. 

Cannabis Grow 19E5E0E4 C660 46C2 87BC B106C56382D7

Group shot

Cannabis Grow 3DDC84C2 26EC 4261 B9DD 9FA88B1A350F

The autos


Cannabis Grow 73B1F9B9 3A89 46FC B643 A40ED1119903

Blueberry the bushiest and stockiest thinking I should of done more of a lst approach with this one grows to much like afghan landrace kush no need to be topped.





Posted : 01/29/2020 3:23 am lights.soil.seed.ACTION liked

Grow updates:

- lights turned to 12-12 in main flower

-autos put on the same 18-6 light schedule in my 2’ by 4’, with a viparspectra 450. Actual watts 200 

-decided can’t do scrog with  8 plants in 5’ by 5’ the two side doors are much higher I need an auto drain for it to work. So I’m going old school with bamboo or pipe 🙁

Cannabis Grow 0169008B 99BC 4650 A169 63DD9E43BECC
Cannabis Grow 88A5BD27 FD93 452F AA79 6A430D5DB374
Cannabis Grow D10891C0 D346 40E4 997B 204C29CE974C
Cannabis Grow 29EEDCCB 13C2 4A5E 8BB5 375854A6B55A
Cannabis Grow 2AEBAE19 FB5E 4C75 A120 1D4A45D7E860

group shots 

Cannabis Grow AB0FF64F F74B 4F57 8C78 F4035ECE3020

root porn

Cannabis Grow FFFA7BBD 79C5 4890 9006 5FF6D7D03EEC

2by4 auto/ veg tent

Cannabis Grow 46F88E83 66F7 4419 ADC6 45774310EFB3

new reservoir with pump and wand

Posted : 01/31/2020 5:49 pm lights.soil.seed.ACTION and valleymicro liked

Cannabis Grow 607EE11E 034E 47CC A064 0C53791C3331
Cannabis Grow D19354E9 C809 47EA 915E 40710B3BE135
Cannabis Grow FFE35B7D 2AE6 4C1D AF56 DFC941F8DA7A
Cannabis Grow 1A5804ED 8F66 4730 B8FA 54391AC5ADAF
Cannabis Grow D482C135 4447 47AE 93CB BA5FBEFE4631

Main flower room

Cannabis Grow F49AC420 AD20 482E 83EF 9AE6628574A6
Cannabis Grow 768DC6B5 4526 46F3 A934 C0C1C37FB1E9

Auto purple kush and diesel 

Posted : 02/07/2020 4:23 pm Tickle, valleymicro and Benjamin Grohen liked

Cannabis Grow 102668D2 F136 4ABE 80B0 0CA619DAD984
Cannabis Grow D8017E1E AEAD 464A B232 E5C34A5C8032
Cannabis Grow 49A6E854 5354 4DDE 82EC 3C2C837076ED
Cannabis Grow 27C3DA6C 3A21 45D0 9359 466262B7877C
Cannabis Grow 7269E0ED 0169 4329 B9E1 E6F27D8A3DB6

Main Room

Cannabis Grow 204F0BE4 8BB8 4F93 A2BB 20097D0BBE18
Cannabis Grow 7828FBE7 E7D1 47B1 8DCA 2E775B3723CF
Cannabis Grow BCA70E3E E3D2 4222 AD39 53C4ACECC76F

2 by 4 auto veg tent

Posted : 02/11/2020 5:12 pm Growasaurusrex and lights.soil.seed.ACTION liked

Double Post Sorry


Posted : 02/15/2020 4:50 pm

Cannabis Grow 1803210A FA68 45B9 82AA 35C7782EC019

autos in veg/auto tent

Cannabis Grow 27AC9F41 8B27 4811 A9EE 5C161C33B907
Cannabis Grow D25BFE41 9D08 447B A2E1 727254645215
Cannabis Grow BD8C2E04 5EBD 44C0 AC61 F97B319FA5BD

main flower tent


Posted : 02/15/2020 4:50 pm Benjamin Grohen, valleymicro, lights.soil.seed.ACTION and 2 people liked
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