NYGC Misfit: MOB and Arise

Hello Fellow NYGCer's
My name is Mike and I am excited to jump in on my first collaborative grow with everyone.
I've been growing for coming up on my third year and have been having a blast and learning so much on the way. I started this venture with a bit of a nudge from my wife, which is just awesome. I hope everyone gets the encouragement I have to do the same from someone in their life.
Shortly after we started our first grow, a close family friend was diagnosed with Stage 4 metastatic satelletosis nodular melanoma. So our needs quickly shifted from just growing to fulfill our daily medicinal needs to helping provide medicine to as many people around us as we can.
From giving away flower to learning how to grow, process and refine our harvest into concentrates. Edibles, RSO, FECO and tinctures/oils, it has been a trip.
I have learned so much over the last few years and am excited to keep learning more and share what I've learned along the way.
Currently my grow setup consists of two tents (2x4 for mom and veg plants & 3x3 for flowering 1 to 2 plants at a time). I like to veg 1 to 3 months depending on which cultivar I am running.
Currently I have been cycling a bag seed that I got lucky with and have clones over 20 times to make for several runs that was one of my first seeds planted. Hard toilet this one go as it has been providing a lot of people with serious medicinal benefits. I recently was gifted a mom plant from a local fellow grower, Dragonfruit from Bodhi seeds. I am currently on my 2nd run with her as I have harvested several cuts from her and man is she a tough nut to crack. She is definitely messing with my statistical average on cloning. Lol.
Tents - 2 - (2x4 for veg) & (3x3 for flower)
Cloning/seedling station - aerocloner with 2ft T5 bulb. Heat mat for colder days
Germination station with 2ft T5 bulb. Heat mat for temp regulation above room temp.
veg tent - home depot light (add specs).
flower tent - Advanced Platinum P300.
Flower tent supplement - Growmaus far red initiator pick from Rapid LED - I use this in the flower tent from veg to flower. I have it come on 15 min before lights out and stays on til 15 mins after lights out.
Grow room - Philip's hue for green light when working during night cycle.
FANS - I have oscillating fans positioned in both tents at floor/soil level to help regulate soil temps and control humidity during the hotter summer days. I also a fan positioned in each tent that adjusts up and down to provide airflow between the lights and canopy.
I also have carbon filters before my 6" exhaust fans that I have merged into an insulated duct that exhausts from the tent to outside of the house through a custom built interface for stealth and security. I also draw air from this same unit at a lower level to encourage colder air to come into the space to be conditioned before being pulled into each tent.
Environmental controllers - I have two Sentinel temp/humidity controllers to assist with keeping these two tents within the parameters I set to continue to perform at the level needed. Temperature and Humidity have always been an issue for my space as temps and humidity fluctuate a lot for me depending on the day.
I have a temp and humidity monitor in each tent that shows current as well as high and low so I can visibly check these and compare to my automated system to help make sure things stay in check.
I also use a custom built and programmed system using Samsung Smartthings for controlling everything from my lights to fans, dehumidifier. I have it set up to notify me when lights come on, go off, temp and humidity fluctuations and more.
I currently grow using BuildASoil light mix and my own blend of soil based off their recipe from seed to flower. I bolster the soil by using BioBizz nutrients. Currently on my first grow with this soil & nutrient mix and have never seen my plants look so good. Highly recommend you look into this if you are in need of a good soil or nutrient. I feed at 50% of recommended.
I also use Mammoth P microbes and Recharge.
I mentioned early that we shifted our grow from personal to a mix of personal and to help supply people with good medicine. Because of this we are already committed to growing specific cultivars at this time.
We will be growing MOB feminized from TH Seeds and Arise Regular seeds from Irie Genetics. Both were purchased from Seedsherenow.
I have never grown either so I am positive I am looking at a challenge in itself. I plan on running both of these in the same BAS mix using 50% BioBizz full line, along with Mammoth P microbes and Recharge.


About to soak the seeds so I can plant them first thing! Good luck to everyone!
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Progress update.

I have been keeping my germination area running at 75 degrees F and humidity level ranging from 68% to 78%.

So far 2 of the 4 have broke surface.

I am not necessarily overly experienced at popping seeds as I have been cloning most of my grows since I first popped seeds almost 3 years ago. 

I have been keeping the two sprouts under the dome until they develop their second or third set of leaves. I have not been overly spraying the surface of the soil for the two sprout but have lightly sprayed the soil for the two that have not broke surface as well as the inside of the dome and then recovered them. I have my heat mat on around 78 degrees F as it can get colder in this room but I try to keep the heat on around 75 and it fluctuates around 75 to 78 degrees F.

At this time I am keeping my room around 78 degrees F. Because I am not running a humidifier in the room I am keeping these covered for a bit longer.

I am a bit anxious about the two that haven't popped but considering the last time I popped seeds it took almost two weeks, I feel I am ahead of the game. Any suggestions on how to improve my germination are appreciated!


If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve my germination methods please let me know. I am particularly interested in soil germination. I have also been coming across a bunch of conflicting information on using a dome to germinate, how long to keep the sprouts under the dome, etc.


Thank you everyone. Glad to be here!

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01/13/2020 -

Had a wonderful mishap and ended up dumping my last two seeds while waiting from them to pop. Had to had sift through the dirt a d managed to find them both!

Bad news is that one of the MOB female was cracked in half so no way this one was sprouting. I soaked the other for 24 hours in distilled water and on a heat pad at 78 degrees. 

2 days later I had the last Arise pop through!

I now have all 3 in the veg tent at 75 degrees 60% humidity at 18/6.

MOB has its 2nd set of true leaves. 

Arise 1 & 2 both have equaled out despite Arise 2 popping several days late . Both are showing true leaves.

Slow going with my low watt light. Really behind on these but I have several "Must happen" projects going on right now so doing the best I can with what I have.

Hoping to start feeding these soon but waiting til I see a few nodes first.

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Progress update

So far so good.

Of course I had another mishap.

My Arise 1 ended up taking a leap of its shelf and dumping onto my mom plant. I was able to record this cute little lady and got her back into soil immediately. 

Now all three sprouts have their second set of true leaves. The MOB 1 is starting her third.

I have started feeding the Biobizz line at 25% and using a pipette to water. Covered all of them with rice hulls to help prevent fungus gnats and to reduce the soil from drying out too quickly. 


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Progress Update

Veg Tent:

Temp - 73 F

Humidity - 60%

I am still in solo cups. I believe this is mostly due to the low watt light I have had to use. 

I just upgraded my light from a 29w (from the wall) to a 95w (from the wall). I just changed this out 2 days ago so I expect th iij NHS will pick up a bit but not necessarily enough to hit the flip deadline.

I have just started to see a full second set of true leaves on all sprouts. Pretty happy with this considering the issues with slow sprouting and accidents if dumping seeds, etc. 

My expectations are low for now but am still alternating watering and feeding every other time. This is usually every 3 to 5 days.

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Progress Update

Veg Tent:

Temp - 75

Humidity - 61%

Been feeding these sprouts 25% of week 2 BioBizz schedule. After updating the light I have seen significant growth. I credit this to the addition of nutrients and the more intense lighting. 

MOB 1: 5 inches tall with about 5 sets of leaves. Starting to see the nodes forming

Arise 1 & 2: 3 and 4 inches tall, respectively. Each one has about 4 sets of leaves. I can barely see the start of nodes forming.

So far a much better progression than expected but I dont think I will make the cutoff to flower as I like to flip at 18 inches. 

Fingers crossed, we will see!


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Progress Update

Veg Tent:

Temp - 73

Humidity - 63%

Still feeding these sprouts 25% of week 2 BioBizz schedule. 

MOB 1: 7 inches tall with about 5 sets of leaves. Nodes are continuing to form!

Arise 1 & 2: both are about 5 inches tall and showing nodes forming! 

Very excited about these plants as 75% of this goes to making medicine to donate to people in need!

I have up potted all 3 of these "girls"(TBD as Arise is regular) to a 1 gallon container. One of the Arise was a bit droopy but the MOB and the other Arise did quite well with the transplant. Now it's the watch and wait game. Looking to continue to following the Biobizz schedule at 50% with the only additions of yucca, Recharge and Mammoth P. 

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02/20/2020 - 
Temp - daytime/75 night/65
Humidity - daytime/68 night/55
Arise 1 - Fimmed at 6th node, just above 5th forming node.

Arise 2 - no action taken. Slower growing, still forming 4th node.

MOB1 - Topped at 6th node. 

Feeding Biobizz veg nutes week 4 at 50%.

Unfortunately, I am not able to continue to participate at the same pace as expected for this challenge. I should be able to flip two of the 3 plants in about 2 to 3 weeks. Previous commitments have me in a place to finish out these previous two plants first. 

I will continue to update this journal through harvest at the will of the forum admin. 

Good luck everyone!

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02/25/2020 - 
Temp - daytime/76 night/62
Humidity - daytime/70 night/55

Arise 1 - Waiting to see how the fimming progresses. It's just starting to open. Note: this pheno is very tall already vs its sibling. This one is in a tall 1 gallon plastic planter bag. Leaves are huge.

Arise 2 - Slower growing, Small, developing 4th node. A bit wider than its sibling. This pheno will probably hang back when I move to flip. This one is in a 1 gallon Radicle bag.

MOB1 - Tops are starting to form just past the topping. Leaves are almost 2 inches wide. This one is in a 1 gallon Radicle bag.

Feeding Biobizz veg nutes week 4 at 50%.

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03/01/2020 - AM
Temp - daytime/77 night/65
Humidity - daytime/68 night/54
Arise 1 - up potted to 3 gallon. Fimming is taking well. Looks as I may actually end up seeing 6 closely located nodes. 
MOB 1 - up potted to 3 gallon. Topping worked well. Lower set of nodes if forming up through past the area where I topped. Fan leaves are starting to develop near where I topped and I can see a tiny bit of node formation here as well.
Arise 2 - still in 1 gallon Radicle bag. This pheno is definitely slower growing than its sibling.
Mistakenly feeding wrong week of nutrients. Back to following schedule for Biobizz week 2 veg nutrients schedule at 50%.
Hoping to move Arise 1 and MOB 1 to flower tent in the next week or two.

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03/22/2020 - AM
Temp - daytime/79 night/65
Humidity - daytime/68 night/52
Arise 1 - moved to the flower tent. Running for 1 week at veg schedule until plant adjusts to the different light spectrum. Fimming went well as there are multiple tops, however I still needed to top the plant. This one is definitely tall. Longer, lanky structure. Still on veg week 2 of the Biobizz nutrient schedule.
MOB 1 - moved to the flower tent. Going to run this one 1 week longer on the veg light schedule as well. Topping took to this plant really well. I ended up topping 6 more nodes on this one. Much shorter than the Arise at this point but has a bushier structure. Still feeding at veg week 2 of Biobizz nutrient schedule.
Arise 2 - still in 1 gallon Radicle bag. Growth still slow but should improve when I uppot to a 3 gallon in the next few weeks. Still feeding at veg week 2 Biobizz. 

I have not sexed the Arise plants as I dont really have the space to cut, clone and run at a 9/15 schedule. If the Arise 1 is a male, I may let it just got and cross with the MOB to see what happens. Fingers crossed!

I will continue to do what I can to do weekly updates but have had my hands full. Just harvested a Dragonfruit by Bodhi and a heavy indica bag seed that I am currently on my second to latest round of cuts from a mom plant that has been a proven champ. Survived thrips, rot root, hot light, multiple dry spells, over feeding, underfeeding... you get the point. First run with using Biobizz and working towards an organic grow. Anxious to see how the yield works out for making FECO with this lad . Wish me luck!

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06/02/2020 - AM
Final post
Arise 1 male was taken down a few weeks back after removing all the male flowers and placing them in a makeshift sifter tray. I used this to collect almost 2 tsp of pollen, not including what pollen collected in plastic sandwich bags and was lost to natural pollination inside the tent.
I used some collected pollen to pollinate the MOB, Dragonfruit cut and the 3 unknown clones. I repeated the pollination process twice a day for almost 2 weeks. (I figured, why not right? Make those seeds!) Turns out I may really have not needed to direct pollinate the flowers as each plant shows serious signs of pollination all throughout the plants entire nodal structure. I contribute this solely to the natural pollination from the Arise male. I only chose to direct pollinate a few flowers for each plant, however, these plants were definitely well pollinated beyond my areas of focus.
So far MOB has shown signs of full seed development. All flowers on this plant shows signs of pollination, not just the ones marked that I directly pollinated. The 4 clone cuts I have also placed in this tent are about 1 to 2 weeks behind but show swollen bracts and have started to split open a little bit. These also show pollination throughout most of the plant.
I plan on harvesting all seeds within the next few weeks.
Unfortunately the MOB project took a turn I wasnt looking for but the chance to utilize the pollen from the Arise male to preserve a few chosen cultivars is one I happily accept!
The MOB has already started dropping seeds.
I am looking forward to the chance to share these seeds with people and pop a few myself to see how they work out. Should be exciting!
While this was not what I had planned on happening when I started this grow on January 1 2020, the unexpected male provided me with new lessons, challenges and opportunities.
Big Thank yous to Coco for Cannabis, Dr. MJCoco, the crew at Cheap Home Grow and Growing with my Fellow Growers.
Without you guys I most likely would not be where I am on this project.
Thank you for hosting this grow.

Thank you to all of those that followed this grow! Your interest pushed mine to grow and achieve more!

Now time to tend to the outdoor garden. Veggies can't wait, people gotta eat!

Keep growing!

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