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What up to all my partners in growing! This is my first run of low pressure Aeroponics (aka sprayponics) using some home made buckets. Picked up some Darkheart Nursery clones on 1/02/2020, the following day they were put under the Black Dog XL-U 750W LED and into a spray bucket built for 7 plants (the seventh is a Pineapple Goo seed). Since then they've been under 24 hour light, and are currently looking healthy!

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01/09 - Three premium clones of Do-Sa-Do from Darkheart Nursery were added to the grow. Two were put in a spray bucket in 5 inch net pots, one was left in a small tray of water

01/12 - All reservoirs were drained and refilled with ~700ppm water. The stray clone was placed in its own 5 inch net pot. Roots observed poking out on the two Do-Sa-Do plants in the spray bucket.

01/15 - Some upward curling observed on the Venom OG and Purple Punch. Roots are way outta control already, I need to trim them before placing the plants into their final containers. Do-Sa-Do underperforming compared to the other two strains. The 5 inch pot may make be preventing water from getting to the roots as opposed to the other strains in 3 inch pots. Tent seems to be getting really frickin hot, my thermostat disappeared so I dropped a new one in there and I’m going to check temp and humidity when I get home. Also all reservoirs slightly diluted today. Nutrient solution felt hot so I splashed in some cooler RO water.

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1/16 - Weakest Do-Sa-Do removed and replaced by Fire OG premium clone from Darkheart. Looks a lot healthier than the Do-Sa-Do did, used less hydroton pellets to allow more water to the roots.

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Posted : 01/16/2020 11:06 am
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1/17 - Roots interfering with pump in six shooter bucket. Removed from half the plants, other half left in tact. Water further diluted with just a splash of food grade H2O2

Posted : 01/17/2020 2:15 pm

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1/18 - Plants moved out of six shooter to allow for improved light penetration and more room for roots. Switched to FloraFlex nutrients, added cal mag and h202. Hopefully these mfs don’t die over night because I’m too tired from building this thing to save them tonight lmao

Posted : 01/19/2020 12:30 am

1/19 - Plants seem to be enjoying the new environment. Temps are constantly lower ~77 F, humidity is higher ~ 65%. Plants switched to 20/4 light schedule

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