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Getting ready to pop these babies!

2nd time growing cannabis

first time growing auto's

Let's GO!

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Hey ya'll,

I'm just getting used to this new platform so i apologize if my posts are sloppy.

I had a great germination week!  That ended in tragedy...

Put my seeds in a wet paper towel in a drawer.  by day 4 they were ready to put into soil.  I used a local Maine blend organic seed starter soil.  After one day in soil my auto purple punch popped it's  head out, and after day two in soil my grape walker kush popped its head up.  the third day in soil (today) I did a little digging into my Black Berry Kush auto and found that it hadn't properly aligned itself and its head was growing downward and was a bit tangled into itself.  I very carefully brought the head to the surface of the soil and since then it has started to lift it's head up a little.  It looks like it's going to be healthy and persist.  Yesterday my grow tent and ventilation system arrived and today i got it all set up.  My setup looks great and is pristine clean.  Today when i brought my babies from the windowsill into the grow tent i had a very sad accident.  I left the grow tent and heard a thud.  My clip on fan attached to a corner in my grow tent, fell!  onto my plants!  My Grape Walker Kush sprout was cut in half!  fortunately the other two are fine.  But as i only purchased one seed from Mephisto genetics, i am very sad to lose that healthy sprout.  I'm thinking about popping a freebee nothern light auto from seedsman to replace my poor mephisto.  My tent stays around 66 degrees F and 30% humidity.  I'm thinking about some cheap heating and humidification automation for the tent to get the environment optimal.  RN i have a heater i can periodically turn on to heat the tent but it doesn't stay warm for too long because my ventilation pulls everything out quickly.  also am trying a bowl of water in the corner of the tent to hopefully get a little more humidity in there.  I have never grown in a tent so this is very new to me.  My last grow i had some plants outdoors in Vermont, and some in my bedroom (i was living in a yurt).

growers love y'all.


Posted : 01/07/2020 10:27 am FraggleRock, valleymicro and NorthernLeaf liked

I've been crazy busy lately, but as things are slowing down, i have some time to reflect on my grow over the past couple weeks.  I popped a free-bee Nothern Lights Auto seed from Seedsman but ultimately decided not to use it and decided to stick with my two remaining autos.  My grow tent for the first couple weeks was at 70F and 20%RH but with some heating i've bumped it up to a steady 75F.  I just ordered the small humidifier on Dr Coco's equipment guide.  I hope to get better growth rates with a more optimal humidity for Veg.  A few days ago i noticed that my purple punch's growth seems to have slowed and since has started to slightly yellow.  I have raised up my plants closer to the lights which i have noticed they have responded well to.  Today i gave them a top dress of some seed starter soil, and some amendments from BokashiEarthworks.  Microbe +, Amino +, and some Natural Microbe Fertilizer.=, as well as a little ground up malted barley.  My plants are small but their stems are quite sturdy from the good airflow in my tent.  I've started putting bowls of warm water in my tent which has my humidity up to 25-30% to help for the time being while i wait for the humidifier.

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