NYGC Misfit: Dutch Passion - TD vs WW

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NYGC Misfit: Dutch Passion - TD vs WW

Cannabis Grow TheMisfits2020


Yes -there be monsters #TeamMisfits
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January 1st. 2020

Week 1:

So, we are finally off!

Seeds have been in water for 8hours, and are currently placed in the propagation-rigg, aka "The Babyhouse". There they sit in zip bags on a heat-mat.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200101 164837


Temps are where we want them, and we hope to transfer into plugs tomorrow 👍 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200101 171555

Cannabis Grow IMG 20200101 170741


Coco is currently buffering, and the water acclimatizing 😊 

We will check back in a week!

Happy growing and a happy new year to you all ❤️ ❤️ 

Yes -there be monsters #TeamMisfits
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Week 2:

Its been a week, and it has been a hard one 😌

From 7 seeds, 4 deaths and the BlueBerry seed failed to germinate 😲 -that must be the worst survival rate so far in my career.


6/7 seeds germinated just fine, but still we see this fatality rate.

SO, what do we think happened here??

I feel fairly certain that i have the answer: The RootRiots used were over 1 year old, and they were rock hard. Because of my eagerness to hold a specific light-rotation, they only got to soak for a few mins before use. I could have pushed another few hours to soak, i could have went with 24/0 schedule, there are no excuses really, this should and could have been prevented 🤬


So we have 2 survivors from this first germination run, we soaked our plugs properly and germinated 5 new seeds, from those 4 have germinated so far (waiting on the new BlueBerry) and we hope they are all viable 😊

Cannabis Grow WP 20200107 15 59 04 Pro

Survivors got stunned, cause i forgot to rinse the coco after i buffered it 🤣 🤣 -JISES Knut!


Cannabis Grow WP 20200107 15 58 39 Pro

New babies just sprouting today, they are 2days old ❤️


-We have (hopefully) all our "Misfits genetics" sprouting, and we are crossing our fingers that they will all be with us when we check back next week 🌼 🌼

-Any plants lost from this point will not be replaced! The pressure is on 😎 


Happy growing Misfits! Its been a rough start, but we are super excited to be growing again and cant wait to see where we are next week 🥂 🥂 

❤️ 🌼 

Yes -there be monsters #TeamMisfits
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Week 3:

We have a full house!

Cannabis Grow WP 20200115 14 38 25 Pro


Two survivors from the first germination, and 4 new babies that are 5days younger 😊

The new ones are rapidly catching up to their elder sisters.

Cannabis Grow WP 20200115 14 39 00 Pro


We are of course happy with having all our plants growing, but i cant help but compare my new grows with previous ones. -I think this is extra fun to do when growing the exact same genetics.

Cannabis Grow WP 20200114 16 26 544 Pro


As we can see, we are behind our previous TD grow. But that is to be expected since we had a tox early on, and a less than ideal germination.


-Lets see where we are next week 🥂 

❤️ 🌻 

Yes -there be monsters #TeamMisfits
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Week 4:

We are growing, but at a moderate speed...

Had some struggles with this new nutrient lineup, and to be honest they have suffered some negligence aswell 👎 

Its busy days in Knut-town, and as a consequence i have missed some fertigations, and also suffered a rather fluctuating environment due to working in the room.

But here we are:

Cannabis Grow day21.


We have now transplanted into 1 gallon pots, and all six plants will stay in these until harvest.

-I simply dont have enough faith in these to bring forth the big pots

They will be placed in the (still under construction) B-room shortly, but for now they remain in the Babyhouse ❤️ 

Cannabis Grow WP 20200121 23 59 09 Pro


They look rather sad from the transplant, but just received a Cheer-Up foliar 😊 

Brand new genetics will be germinated in a few days 🤗 🤗  If we can manage to up our game, they will be placed in the (also under construction) A-room, in 7 gallon pots.

-Come on Knut, stop n00bing around!!


Lets see where we are next week!

❤️ 🌻 

Yes -there be monsters #TeamMisfits
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