NYGC Clone: Cherry Trainwreck

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NYGC Clone: Cherry Trainwreck

I grew a bag seed of some cherry trainwreck and I was really impressed by the growth pattern and texture of the leaves, as well as the full bodied aromas coming from the plant. I’m going to actively root a shoot while it’s still on the plant, and cut and transplant into B’cuzz coco when the roots begin to show. 

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Here’s a picture of the clone in the dome.

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Fertigation has begun at 343ppm in, 459ppm out.  I actually started on Friday, 
but have been too busy to sit down and type out all the data. I used a half strength formula pH 6.3 at 20.6 degrees C to start fertigation with, And am using a 206ppm strength solution at a volume of 20-40ml, twice to three times daily.
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Posted : 01/14/2020 10:31 am

Two fertigations were done today. 

the first one 336ppm in, 436 ppm out

The second one 336ppm in, 440ppm out.

Posted : 01/15/2020 5:06 pm

This grow was terminated on 2/28/20 as the mother from which I cloned this plant flowered male pollen sacs and had to be removed from the garden.  Journaling is a new endeavor for me.  One which I hope will improve steadily with my growing knowledge of the cannabis plant.  

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