NYGC Blues: Lil MobStar Auto

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Happy New Year Everyone!!

I will be growing 3 - Lil MobStar Autos. I am fortunate to receive some test seeds so I thought I would join the NYGC with them. I have a few grows under me, all in coco coir. Unfortunately the seeds are still in the mail but I anticipate them to arrive before the weekend. 

My setup includes a 4x8x7 ft tent, 4 - 60W 3500k Autocobs, and one 600W HPS. I’ll be using Greenleaf Nutrients and 3 Gallon fabric pots with coco coir and perlite. 

Advice is always welcome, don’t be afraid of hurting my feelings. We’re all friends here in my mind. I wish you all the best in your grows and I look forward to learning from some of the more experienced growers here. 

Posted : 01/01/2020 7:37 am CocoNoko liked
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My apologies everyone but my test seeds have not shown up yet so I will not continue this journal. Please delete. 

Also, I have started a different journal for a Northern Lights Auto in the Grow Challenge under the Misfits category.  Best of luck to all!

Posted : 01/11/2020 1:27 pm