NYGC Bags: Unknown “Reggie” Bagseed

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NYGC Bags: Unknown “Reggie” Bagseed

01/01/2020 - Started germination with shot glass and paper towel method

01/03/2020 - Transfered what sprouted to Jiffy Pellets (4 seedlings)

01/04/2020 - Placed Jiffy pellets under Phlizon "600W" LED Grow lights starting 16/8 light cycle

01/08/2020 - Transplanted from Jiffy pellets to Fox Farms Ocean Forest using homemade containers such as styrofoam cups coconut oil container and a water bottle for the little guy

Inside Vivosun tent 4 x 2 x 5 FT (120 x 60 x 150 CM)

LED distance from plants: 14 inches (2.54 CM)

Temperature in grow box: 74° F (23°C)

Average RH: 45%

Notes so far:

  • 3 seedlings are going strong
  • 1 seedling seems to have one damaged cotyledon (had slight yellow color)
  • Covering seedlings with baggies and breathing into them a bit to make them foggy (experimental)
  • Talking to the plants daily
  • Seedlings seem to be loving the Fox Farms Ocean Forest soil



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Update: Day 12

Cannabis Grow B4460558 B57A 4595 8A9F 3BA6D79B8C91

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Can anyone tell me if this white fuzz is beneficial to my plant?

It only grew in the container that previously had coconut oil. 

The cause was too much humidity since baggies were left over the plants all day and forgot to let them breathe.

The plants are now breathing without the domes 

Cannabis Grow 34373806 D900 4A32 B293 563876BA3853

Posted : 01/14/2020 10:41 am
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Update: Day 18

The little one is pushing through!

White pot doing well after white fuzz removed and put some soil to replace what I took out.

Having short distances between nodes.

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Cannabis Grow 312C2705 8AD9 43A6 BB9B 8971E9F5B3C3
Cannabis Grow 3359D1C8 A366 4609 8139 1D650A6100F1

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Update: Day 26

low RH in the 30s might have slowed the growth. Got a cool mist humidifier and turn it on here and there to keep the RH 40-60%


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Cannabis Grow AF27F1D7 C0F9 4282 AD43 FD1584E32763

Cannabis Grow 510E0631 17C9 4C15 AB01 E077812B85C9

Cannabis Grow 249F2A36 94EE 4B45 8394 AFE45F5B3DBA


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Slowly growing and the little runt still trying to catch up


topped all plants at this point with clean scissors 

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Cannabis Grow 88D531D2 906E 49E8 839D B3F98AAF5628

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Need to flip to 12/12 ASAP 

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