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Hey growmies. So I'm about to start a new life style where I will be away from home for a week and then back home for a week. I'm considering options to continue growing while only being home week on week off.

I am thinking a living soil grow as most the work is done up front in the mixing and then I could use a blu mat system to water. Plus I think an auto water HFF system would have too many failure points while I was away.

Questions are

1) do you think it's even possible or am I pushing shit uphill?

2) Which direction should I go a) 15-20gal fabric pots +blumats b) a large bed + blumats c) Sub Irrigation planters with a float valve

3) is anyone in here growing in one of these styles and relatively hands off?

Any ideas are welcome 💚🌱

Posted : 02/10/2022 4:01 am
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It's definitely possible. In my opinion, the best bet will be with a bed and blu mats. The day you're leaving you might want to give it some extra with a hand watering, that would be a good time to do inoculants if you're planning on using any.

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