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Hello, I am new to using coco coir, and I am not sure if i washed it enough.

I wasnt aware of washing it till 2 weeks into my new grow.

I am on week 3 as of Friday, and all the plants look different. some great, the others ok and so so?

2 are turning yellow, I upped the cali mag from 3ml per gal to 7ml per gal.

2 are ok, but two of the other 6 look great. 

My question is, did I not was the Coir good enough?

if that's the case would flushing them good be a good idea to do considering I change to a new week feed ratio tomorrow. 

any and all tips or help would be greatly appreciated.


Thank You All.



Posted : 08/31/2023 3:44 pm
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Maybe flush them, but there’s a ton of salt in uncleared coco, metals and a bunch of nasty stuff,

possibly transplant into cleaned coco? What brand coco bricks and did u rinse them at all or anything 

my coco story: 

So originally I thought Amazon coco bricks were a great idea, because the premixed and pre cleaned 2cu ft bags cost 2x on Amazon - than the local hydro stores. I spent the same amount of money on Amazon for 24 coco bricks and a big bag of perlite ($120) for 10 x 5 gallon grow bags but have enough left to fill at least 4 more 5 gallon grow bags.. buying locally at the hydro supply “grow store” four 1.76 cu ft. bags of royal gold tupor and 1 bag of cleaned cococoir fibers - 9 cubic ft total - of clean nuetral ph ready to use and didn’t have to clean anything or do any extra BS.. so check locally for supplies of fox farms 70/30 or royal gold 50/50 , or Mother Earth coco 70/30, it’s so much easier no waiting for the coco to dry out or having to mess with it 

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Coco coir can sometimes contain salts and other residues that may affect the nutrient balance for your plants. Here are some steps for you situation:

-Flush the Coco Coir

-Check pH Levels

-Monitor Nutrient Levels

-Adjust Cal-Mag Levels

-Check for Other Issues

-Inspect Roots

-Gradual Changes

-Consider Microbial Supplements


Posted : 11/22/2023 4:33 am