Synganic experiment

Hey guys i just wanted to share some info about my last grow.

Im a soil grower but have recently ventured off into coco aswell, my last grow i had tried a couple coco plants along with soils and had nothing but dramas!

Mostly calmag deficiencies due to crap coco peat i had used but also my curiosity got the upper hand and i started trying straight up random shit! I ran one plant in coco just using aquaponic water crazy high in nitrogen, now this plant never saw calmag problems but she was a fucking mutant in the fact that she only ever threw out 3 blade leaves up until i started pumping her with Canna A B and then we had some proppa 5 bladers. Also that plant ended up getting very nitrogen toxic so i planted her in the side of a river bed and still lives today doing O.K.

But thats not the plant i wanna talk about.. one of the other coco plants that i was running A&B Nutes on was gettibg absolutely fingered by calmag deficiencies so i took the bitch down to the peat bog (which in parts is submerged in swamp water) and took her out the 5gal fabric pot and placed her in the water and walked away.

1 month Later No nutes, No water apart from the matter that shes practically a fucking submarine at this point sitting in the drink with 2 snorkel budding colas popping threw Davy Jones Locker. Pink hairs and smelling like cannabis..

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Heres an update on my unconventional style of synganic growing in a peat bogg.

So the last few plants that made it into the peat bogg had been grown in coco/synthetic nutes for the veg cycle. When ready to flip i just put them outside in a section of the peat bogg where it is submerged in water and ill just transplant straight into the water and never feed or touch it again until it is ready.

I have harvest 2 green crack from there and they were such beautiful organic tasting herb.

Heres a photo of the last 4 headed bitch i grew. Ps they are small plants for it was winter when they flipped.

Cannabis Grow 20201124 062323

Heres a pic of the most recent white widow to be flipped in the drink.

Cannabis Grow 20201203 175719
Cannabis Grow 20201203 175729

I have also started a plant in veg in the bogg. (GG4xzkittlez)

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About 4 weeks off and getting 16hrs daylight, still has not had a drop of water. White widow

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I usually use raw crab meal on my top dress and in my soil mix  but due to large consumption of cooked crawfish/crayfish over the christmas period im left with a rather large amount of cooked shell. So i shall put it to good use and do a lil test.

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I also shot a duck for boxing day meal and im left with feathers of which im considering making a feather meal out of.

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Howdy, ill probably harvest the widow(junkie) in the bogg next day or two, a few amber trichomes but the bud never actually swole much at all and hairs went really dark brown all over and very quick which i have never seen a widow do. I attribute both of those symptoms to 16hrs daylight n fuck all sleep! The poor cunts on crack hours..

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GG4 X Zkittlez       I transplanted a month ago and look how much its grown! Im desperately trying to clone it and make a mother along with a few extra clones for an indoor run. I have to be quick though because she is shooting pistols and the fucker could turn into a junkie with all this light around and we know they just aint the best mothers. This plant is a true beast named " gozelda"

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Most recent addition to the peat bogg is a Golden Leaf grown from seed. I was told not to grow these indoors because they grow so large, so i kept one for indoors and will mainline her to keep it low. AND the other is enjoing the summer n growing madd quick had to top her at 6th node.

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Wow !! Somehow this thread/article on synganics somehow turned into my full-on organics journal.

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Weather is changing here and most plants are going into flower.


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This cambodian land race has not started flowering.

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Lately i got busy and mixed up a heap of soil using old compost, peat from my bog, gravel, native compost, sheep and chook shit, lil  bita coco n perlite. I crush crab shell and oyster/abalone shell for calcium and a heap of shit that i cant spell.  I also started making a new batch of compost, its a rather large bin so it may take a while to finish.

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