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So this is a recipe that's loosely based off Subcool's old-school recipe but modified a bit for both pest management, substitutions here and there, etc. As with all super-soil or living soil recipes, after completely mixing your batch you must wet it "field capacity" (damp, not wet) and "cook it" aka store it (I use large plastic totes, others use garbage type bins) for 30-60 days. 

You typically want to mix 50/50 super-soil w/ organic potting soils of your choice (bottom 50% being the super-soil so roots grow into it vs potentially running too hot and burning young clones/seedlings.

Anyhow, here is the mix I've got sitting in my garage which has yet to be actually tested in full transparency, however, I'm pretty confident in it's ability 🙂

Super-soil Recipe: Approximately 25.44 gallons of super soil

2x bags of Edna’s Best Potting Soil (or your own preference of potting soil)

2 cups alfalfa meal

2 cups bone meal

2 cups kelp meal

2 cups powdered dolomite lime (oyster shell)

15lb’s earthworm castings

2 cup greensand

2 cup rock phosphate

2 cup diatomaceous earth

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Wow some top shelf no till soil builds here with mix ratios and all.  Been looking high and low to learn about what chefomj has going here, and have gotten close but I will be back here for some no till mixes and a coco starter mix.  Not sure if I seen anyone using fresh  Aloe Vera Barbadenisis or dry soil amends I heard you can get now for a price? 

I am going for no till next grow now that I have cooked up a good soil base.  I will give you the all the full list after I finish my harvest this weekend.  I have similar cover crops, some here I haven't heard of yet, I also have companion plants starting, invasive ones for separate pots, medicinal also like yarrow, nettle, and catmint (great pest deter and full of nutrients, make teas for yourself even of nettle yarrow and catmint, along with some live cannabis flower and leaves if your smart)

One thing I am trying to add quick for now is my studies and use of fresh aloe as a foliar (doubles as wetting agent) also helps with extreme conditions like heat, drought, and if your lights are too close.  Also a soil drench, as it contains tons of readily avail micros, enzymes, aminos, and even salysilic acid, sorry about spelling, tired from research.  Even more stuff I probably forgot to mention.

Lots of info is available but you really gotta look.  55 grams per gallon is what I safely use, and 1/4 of that for foliar but by eye, as I hear of people using much more, but these amounts feel safe and good in the water mixes, along with seaweed or fish, which I use on top of my thorough top dressings including microbes, humic acid, worm castings among the organic base.  I use all that frequently in smaller doses or weekly in regular doses, or every 6 weeks or so for top dressings.  In a 4.5 or so gallon grow bag. 

I did it hoping to replace teas for now until I get enough to get a better amendment stock with a bit more variety, and a bit more studies on how to mix and bubble up in my apartment.  I will put up a complete list of what I use.   Its in my Misfits Journal here now.  Anyways thanks for all the great advice, hope Aloe might be a great contribution, replaces aspirin I believe too. 

Probably saved me while I fine tuned my light height and ventilation which was really troublesome for a while and I think it may have effected my yields and caused slight fox tailing, but still happy at 10 weeks with it for a full moon harvest before lights on tomorrow.

Cough cough, Happy Growing guys!

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