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I'm curious if high pk fertilizers will improve bud density. The numbers seem incredibly high on these and I don't understand how they don't cause toxicity.  I would love to hear from anyone with experience with these products, pros or cons, and results if you had success or failure. I'm growing autos and not sure if this will help improve the density a little or if the genetics will override the force feeding. 

Posted : 01/09/2021 11:25 am
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What are you using?

Plants can only handle a limited amount of fertilization—of any macronutrient—before the process becomes counterproductive. An overabundance of any macronutrient in irrigation water or a growth medium will actual hinder the uptake of all macronutrients. That being said, as far as bloom boosters are concerned, a majority of standard nutrient feeding regiments already contain sufficient phosphorous and potassium to stimulate cannabis flowering. Moreover, most "expert growers" agree that too much P and K can be toxic for plants and can actually retard flower growth.

Ironically enough, evolutions in modern gardening are often times stimulated by contradictions in thought and practice—like those seen in the delineations in theory presented by nutrient lines and “bare bones” horticulturists like Aaron Hoare.

For the novice gardener who doesn’t have the time, or interest, to test fertilizer formulations for maximum output, brand nutrient feeding schedules are an extremely practical choice. There is no doubt that they have given beginners the ability to produce crops unthinkable 20 years ago.

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