Help to ID the insect/mite in my soil!

Hello everyone, I hate to come asking for help in my first post yet here I am asking for your help. Four days ago the plague that caused me to chop my first grow early has returned to haunt my second grow. They look like a black powder/toner against the white panda film of my small grow cabinet.  I have found them on the floor and in the runoff saucers below my plants, however, shaking the plants above white paper doesnt yield much leading me to believe the pest is confined to the soil. I have spent hours scouting and scoping, and was confident I was seeing thrips larvea, but I don't see thrips damage or thrips in the foliage. In an effort to save my meager harvest I come humbly to you to identify this offender, which must be identified before the NYGC as it's sure to return again. These pictures are aweful and at 60x magnification. Holler at a Fraggle so I can formulate a strategy to crush these pockets. Thanks and growers love of course!

Cannabis Grow 20191107 215315
Cannabis Grow 20191107 220449
Cannabis Grow 20191107 220627

Posted : 11/08/2019 5:41 pm
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Sup man

Hard to make an ID. I use clear packing tape and fold them in it.

 I would get some rove beetles, Predator mites (Amblyseius Cucumeris, Amblyseius Swirski, Stratiolaelaps scimitus), and use Beauveria Baddiana (Botaniguard 22wp) onec a week.

 If your going the biological route. 

 Good luck

Posted : 11/08/2019 9:27 pm
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Hoping its just springtail larvae.  It certainly seems possible from the pictures.  The usb microscope linked on the site's equipment list helped me a lot, and I guess there's a mobile phone version too.  Still a bit tricky to hold steady, but its way easier that trying to hold the 60x scope to the smart phone.  You will want to be able to zoom in more if you want to get a positive ID.  The silly little app also lets you take still shots.  I find that even if I don't have the steadiest hand I can take a bunch of stills and at least a few come out good.   Amazon should get it to you in a day or two if you're interested.

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I would certainly try to take them the distance.  A few spring tails can be mitigated.   You've come this far.  I would harvest based on trichrome development and nothing else....assuming this it the crop in your grow journal here.  If not, stop read here:)

Plants don't look bad at all. I feel you would be extremely disappointed harvesting so early.  The next part of flower really bulks 'em up.  I skimmed the latter part of your journal.  I do see some tip burn. I saw some runoff specs (which didn't look bad), but there definitely a bit of nutrient burn.  Maybe easy up a bit and finish them out.  I have never tried it for springtails, but some sticky traps (I assume they like the yellow ones given their feeding habits) could be a feasible physical control method.  Keep the floor of the grow clean.  Vacuum the floor daily.  I keep a 5 gal bucket and a bucket-head from HD in the grow.   Maybe try some sticky traps if you got them.  You have a great chance to control them bugs and pulling off a full term harvest.  You put effort in for the girls, they'll show you the love.  You got this! 

If you think they'll be mature by the 30th, then a significant amount of time left will be flushing.

...and unless you're making concentrates or edibles those flowers won't be of much use.  I may have microwaved a pre-mature bud or two in my day 🤣, but I have never really enjoyed smoking early harvest flower 👎 

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