PTGC Misfits: Playing with fire

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Hey all, back at it again! This plant training grow challenge, I decided to go with the misfits because it's going to be more about the plant training me rather than me training the plants.

I'll be starting with some Farmer's Fire and Keylime Chem seeds from Second Generation Genetics to start my training process. We're going to learn to make our own seed stock. I've actually already begun training myself with a few bagseeds and a clone of Bluemuda Triangle that I've pollinated with a Sour Apple Jelly Kush from Olympia Genetics. I don't know if the pollen was very viable but we'll see soon.

Now to the grow at hand. I'll be hunting through regular seeds to find the keepers I want, hopefully we get a good ratio of female to male plants. I dropped seeds to soak on August 8th, seeds went into paper towels August 9th at 8 am.

I'll be using coco as my medium with GH maxi series for nutrients. Fgi uniformity pro 640 in the 5x5 and a mix of Mars hydro and a vipar in the 4x4. I'll be flowering out females in the 5x5 and do our little breeding project in the 4x4.

We'll hopefully be getting some males to collect pollen from and take some clones from females to pollinate.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210808 173515095
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210808 173457359

This is going to be quite an adventure, hopefully you'll follow along and learn with me.

Happy growing!!

Posted : 08/10/2021 9:45 am Soil Sheppard, realredhairs, Crispywannabe and 5 people liked
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Well first round of seeds didn't go so well, we got a few to germinate, but I went ahead and popped the rest of the packs. The Keylime didn't want to germinate, perhaps it was my storage. I left the packs sitting in my cupboard for a couple months.

I've got plenty of packs to go through, but we're going to see what we get from these. I probably have enough to get going, might do some gender testing to expedite things a bit. If all the seeds popped I probably would just grow them out as if they were all females. Since we are limited on the successful germination, it will be better to know the gender.

A few seeds have broke ground and some others just got planted, still waiting on a few in papertowels to show a radicle. 12 should be enough to start with but since we're going to create our own seed stock, we'll have to do a little pheno hunting. We're going to pick through the litter and try to create some f2s. I'll probably make some F1 by combining the two strains together. Then we'll work the line a little more by keeping a mother and make f3 and f4s. Selecting the stud will be the hardest part, since I don't normally grow out males, we'll need to be a little more selective. I'm sure I'll find keepers.

After a while I might work towards an ibl line, or true breed line. I plan to start making more crosses once things become established and I learn more about breeding. Can't wait to start the process, it's going to be a long wild ride so stay tuned.

Cannabis Grow Daisy Ridley Pointing 24082020091824

Happy growing!!

Posted : 08/13/2021 7:29 am realredhairs, Crispywannabe, KeystoneCops and 2 people liked
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Well I'm not sure about the Keylime Chem, not one seed has broke the surface out of 15-16 beans. I inspected the coco to see if they sank or just died. Seems the radicle is still there on most of the ones I planted so I'll give them a few more days to show their little heads.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210816 100916808

Farmers Fire have great seed vigor and 12 of 15 have opened up, they are at 580ec inflow now. I don't normally check outflow, as long as they are doing good, I don't feel it's necessary.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210817 064415469
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210817 064442420
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210817 064448709

I'm going to wait a couple weeks before I send in any gender testing to assess vigor and pick the ones I feel are doing exceptional for my project.

Hopefully we have a good ratio of male and female plants, I'm only going to keep one male for pollen and the rest of the males will be culled. Females will get their own tent and if there are too many females, we will flower out what we can and put the others with the male for open pollination. I'll be taking clones before flowering and possibly keep a mother plant around. I'm not sure what I want to do yet, since the goal is to create seeds and holding onto a mother might impede on my available space. No worries, we'll figure it out.

I have outdoor plants that I'm half tempted to bring inside and finish flowering, but we still have some hot weather to look forward to. I'll have to make a decision soon, perhaps I'll throw them in the shop under the hps just so they finish before the wet months come, late October might be too cold. I lost a lot of my last outdoor crop to mold because I didn't have room in the shop, this year I have the space.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210812 081121578
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210812 081110814
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210812 081105284

The one in the three gallon pot is my experimental grow. I amended pure coco and added a little soil for a top dressing the other day. I'm surprised she's made it this far, she is a little more pale than the original plant she came from, but doing well regardless. Watering every day, sometimes twice a day depending on how hot it gets and how light the pot is.. I've got a few clones from each of the outdoor plants that will probably get hit with the Farmers Fire pollen. I want some diversity and I'd be excited to try a new strain that's never been made. The only problem would be keeping the line going without an original mother. I'll be doing a lot of pheno hunting this winter and hope you follow along. Big things to come in this grow challenge.

Cannabis Grow Jojo Whispering To Surprised Emma Roberts 08022021212913

Happy growing!!

Posted : 08/17/2021 7:20 am Crispywannabe, Vid, OldWoman and 1 people liked
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Since the Keylime didn't germinate we decided to take an outdoor plant and move it into the 4x4 to finish out, which tied up the clean tent.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210901 064309516

Removed almost everything from the 5x5 to scrub and sanitize, replacing the fan for a better one, just waiting to get it now. Then we'll be able to place the Farmers Fire in a better environment. For now, we just have them under low light conditions and a little sunshine here and there.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210831 141340525

I wanted a variety so we went ahead and took some cuts from the GG4 bag seed that we brought indoors, I also have a couple cuts of Bluemuda Triangle that are starting to reveg. They all weren't doing so good, as I just had them sitting in water and didn't want to root. So we decided to try an expirement, we took them out of the water and just stuck a couple straight into buffered coco. To my surprise they didn't fall over and die, no humidity dome, humidity is fairly high this time of year. Then we decided to take a few of the healthier cuts and double dip with clonex gel and some rooting powder and stick those straight into buffered coco. Again, to my surprise they are standing tall and it looks like they will root eventually. I didn't expect them to survive, so we are going to pollinate the cuts and try to get some of that hardiness to carry over onto our seed stock.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210831 141258383

As soon as they root they'll be moved into the 5x5 with the Farmers Fire. We're taking things a little slow so we can determine which plants are best suited for the project. So far I have 4 that are acceptable for future seed stock. Gender testing won't be done now, we want to evaluate them as individuals, not by gender.

As soon as we move these babies in the tent I expect them to start flourishing. Now that we've made our decision, we'll be hoping for the 4x4 to finish before they are ready to be separated. If not, we'll have to find a place for the stud we'll be using.

It's going to get more exciting once we've established an environment for the major project. My observations lead me to rethink my cloning process. I might try using coco instead of root cubes, and see what happens with the Farmers Fire. If they stand without a humidity dome and stay as green as these are, we'll be using coco to clone every time.

Seedlings and Bluemuda Triangle are up to 1100ec once daily. My formula is 2ml armor si, 5 ml calmag, 5 ml florablend, and 1/4 tablespoon of maxi grow. Ec comes out to 1900 so we did dilute down to 1100. Using a new coco and very happy with the outflow from buffering. Cycopearl has a decent perlite ratio and not a whole lot of peat. Almost as good as the roots organics that I had to order offline and 10$ cheaper, I would recommend it if you're looking for a premixed, rinsed coco. Let's see how it performs through the whole grow.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Posted : 09/01/2021 7:47 am Soil Sheppard, CrackBabies, OldWoman and 3 people liked
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Well we learned what not to do next time. I didn't take into account that the higher ec I was feeding was consistent under low light conditions, but as soon as I put them in the tent they had a bad reaction. The media dried quicker resulting in a super high spike in ec. A few got a little burned, so we decided to do a little flush. Reset target ec to 1k and dimmed the uniformity pro to 30%.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210908 063844609
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210908 063903257
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210908 063859256
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210908 063913585
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210908 063906948
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210908 063916975
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210908 063919887

I've been dealing with some personal problems, work is crazy, and I haven't had time to focus on growing. As you can see, the new growth is looking nice and green on most of them. A few that I've had my eye on working with are doing exceptional compared to most now, hopefully one of the four is female. We still have the gg4 clones going and I'm sure a couple have rooted already. I'll be moving them into the tent while the light is running on low to see how they react. Hopefully I'll have a few plants ready to flower by flip date, fingers crossed.

Things are starting to slow down at home and work is getting a little easier with some new hires. I'll get my groove back eventually, I'm not one to give up on a plant just because I was slacking. I've brought a few plants back from the dead and won't let this get me down. We have plenty of other beans to grow, but I'll give it a go with the scheduled flip date first. It's always a challenge to fit these challenge grows into my schedule. I already have flowering plants and weather hasn't been in my favor for indoor growing so I'm more focused on not losing flower to rot and mold. Here's a little peak on what I have going on.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210909 080500006
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210909 080451555
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210909 080519289
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210909 080511821
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210909 080526212
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210909 080432065

. I'm about to bring the autoflowers inside and run them with the seedlings to finish out. Saw powdery mildew on a few leaves and had to do a little stripping. They should be pretty much done by the time the challenge flip date occurs.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210906 161122287 HDR
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210907 151411815
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210906 172037559
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210907 151415880
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210907 151445668
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210906 161109108

Happy growing everyone!!

Posted : 09/09/2021 8:11 am Crispywannabe, J2DaG, CrackBabies and 1 people liked
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Got some transplanting done a couple days ago.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210918 172026271
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210918 172150297
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210919 185455678

I kept a couple that weren't doing so well but removed them from the tent. I have to transplant my clones today, ran out of coco and the 3 gallon pots aren't filled to the top.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210919 185430542
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210918 173653189
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210919 185442503
Cannabis Grow IMG 20210919 190103516

Ec inflow at 1160, ec outflow 1275, temps are steady lights on 80f, lights off 73. It's starting to get a little chilly, but luckily we have our gg4 bag seed with lights on during the day, which keeps the lights off temps in the other tent pretty warm.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210917 085944422

I'm wondering if the pollen I used very early took on one of these branches, I should have marked the branch. I guess we'll find out when we harvest, I don't really see any pregnant colas so maybe it didn't even work. Oh well, we popped some more Keylime Chem and hopefully we have a good ratio of male and female here. I selected the best growing plants, but knowing my luck, they're probably all males or all females lol. I should be ready to flip by the 1st, we don't need super large plants with as many as we have going. We just need the right combination of plants.

The plan has changed a bit since we have the 4x4 preoccupied. Instead of isolating a male plant, we'll leave one in with the females or at the very least, the clones, to openly pollinate. The goal is to get seeds not flower, we have flower to get us by until the 4x4 opens up. Somewhere around 6 weeks from now but that's another journey.

For now, we'll see what we get and hopefully we can make some seeds soon. Then the process will start all over again and a real pheno hunt will begin.

So I'm off to the grow shop and will update the Keylime very soon. Happy growing!!

Posted : 09/21/2021 7:51 am J2DaG, NYWeedMan, berkshirebud and 1 people liked

Got some more Keylime in the mail and germinated them immediately. Three of seven had radicles, so we planted them in buffered coco rinsed down to 500ec. Waiting to see what they do. 

Farmers Fire is doing really well, I cleaned up the bottom two or three nodes to promote top growth. I'm still looking for gender, nothing is showing yet.  I thought they would,  seeing that they are a little older.

Cannabis Grow 20210924 195133

Probably have to just flip and see. If we end up with mostly males, we'll end up keeping the best one. If only a couple are females, we'll just keep them as mother plants and take them off 12/12. I'll keep the male going on 12/12, possibly moving him into isolation to collect pollen. We'll clone a bunch of cuts and do half for flower and half for pollinating. If we have atleast four females we'll end up flowering them out in the 5x5 and isolating a male, then pollinate a few branches. Who am I kidding, I'll probably take a few clones anyways haha. Lots of growing to catch up on.

Cannabis Grow 20210924 195139
Cannabis Grow 20210924 195145
Cannabis Grow 20210924 195148
Cannabis Grow 20210924 195156
Cannabis Grow 20210924 195159
Cannabis Grow 20210924 195203
Cannabis Grow 20210924 195216
Cannabis Grow 20210924 195221

Happy growing!!

Posted : 09/25/2021 6:04 pm Rosettastoned, J2DaG and KeystoneCops liked

Switched fgi lighting uniformity pro to 11/13 at 90% power. Plants are growing fast now and I'll have to do some more training once we definitively see gender.

Cannabis Grow 20211001 204512

All plants are showing preflowers, but it's still to early to tell for sure.

Cannabis Grow 20211001 203923
Cannabis Grow 20211001 203811
Cannabis Grow 20211001 203807

We'll keep them on 11/13 for now, I want to see if I can flower them on this schedule. I'm going to give them a week to really see what they do. I've seen a few growers that have used 11/13 to flower and get the extra hour of light.

Can't wait to see what we get! Happy growing!!!

Posted : 10/01/2021 8:56 pm Crispywannabe, sk-one and KeystoneCops liked

I found my stud! I knew this plant was going to be a male, just had that feeling that the biggest and healthiest would be male.

Cannabis Grow 20211005 195449

Now I'll have to figure out what the others are and how to train this male plant. I figure I can probably take a few cuts from it, but I'm not sure I want to continue running a male if I get enough pollen to do a bunch of plants. We'll need to decide pretty soon. Remember, we're still on 11/13 and I won't change it if everything starts flowering, I may cut back the extra hour later on though. For now we'll see what happens.

The clones are female for sure and are starting to show gender as well.

Cannabis Grow 20211005 195546
Cannabis Grow 20211005 195607
Cannabis Grow 20211005 195621

All I need are two females of the Farmers Fire now. I decided not to isolate the male and just make a bunch of seeds this round, I'm sure I'm going to need them to do some pheno hunting. It's going to be a lot of work after this but I've got a bit of smoke to tie me over.  I just harvested some anvil autos and have a GG4 inside that will be ready in a few weeks.  Outdoor plants may need to be harvested early.

Cannabis Grow 20211005 095310

All is well, had a few plants that were running a high ec but we increased volume and things are going better. Only doing 2 events a day and the stud is taking up a lot of water. I'll have to add another event soon, a couple plants are getting a little dry.  I'm going to move them around so the pollen won't immediately blow all over. The fan I have in there is pretty powerful lol.

Cannabis Grow 20211005 195652

Again the biggest plant in there is the male. Any thoughts on training it are welcomed. Happy growing!!

Posted : 10/05/2021 8:29 pm Crispywannabe and KeystoneCops liked
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Well, we had to cull 3 males yesterday.

Looks like we got a couple females from the Farmers Fire atleast.

Cannabis Grow 20211011 210138
Cannabis Grow 20211011 210335

Set up the automated watering but still at 2 fertigation events a day. I'll add another event once we mix up the res though.

Cannabis Grow 20211011 210041

We took a few cuts off the most prominent female and cleaned up the bottoms of everything. I accidently snapped one of the Bluemuda Triangle in half and used a couple bandaids to tape her up. I think she'll be just fine, she's in the back right of photo above.

One female of the Farmers Fire is pretty short, front left of photo above, while the one I took cuts from is almost as big as the male (female back left, male front right). I got the cuts in buffered coco with a double dip of clonex and bontone II, then cut some plastic bottles for humidity domes since my tray is missing.

Cannabis Grow 20211012 055940

The male is well into flower while the Farmers Fire females are just now showing signs of flowering. Adjusted light schedule to 12/12, I'll save the 11/13 for an expirement on another grow.

Cannabis Grow 20211011 210105
Cannabis Grow 20211011 210110
Cannabis Grow 20211011 210115

We're on our way now though, we should be getting a good amount of seeds from this grow.

I'll be cleaning up the 4x4 in another week or two to make room for the clones and Keylime Chem. Hopefully the Keylime are both female, but I'd be happy if one was male and the other female to make some f2s. Germination was poor with them and I wouldn't mind seeing if I have better luck with my own seed stock.

I'll use the 5x5 for my pheno hunt once we get things going. I've been tempted to pop more beans but I haven't set up the 3x3 yet. Going to have to order an exhaust fan and hook up the light I just won in there. I'm excited!!

Happy growing!!

Posted : 10/12/2021 6:25 am Crispywannabe, J2DaG and KeystoneCops liked

Things are progressing smoothly and I'm not worried about canopy height here since I'm doing an open pollination.

Cannabis Grow 20211015 192852

I'll collect as much pollen as I can from this flashy stud.

Cannabis Grow 20211015 192700
Cannabis Grow 20211015 192658
Cannabis Grow 20211015 192550

The big female in the back is showing signs of calcium deficiency, I might have to give her a bit of a foliar. Guess I should have double buffered the coco this time. I haven't been heavy on the maxiflower and I'm going to hold off on giving them liquid koolbloom for now, atleast until I know it's not progressive. I don't want to create an antagonistic relationship with potassium and calcium.

Most of the females have started to form little pompoms.

Cannabis Grow 20211015 192934
Cannabis Grow 20211015 192927
Cannabis Grow 20211015 192818

GG4 bagseed is almost done and I can't wait to see what I get from crossing the clone, that will probably be on the top of the r and d list. I'll be excited to see what comes from the Bluemuda Triangle cross as well, should be some heavy blueberry f4 in that gene pool. I might do a giveaway for some Farmers Fire f2s, let's see where this goes first 😉🌱💚.

Happy growing!!

Posted : 10/15/2021 8:35 pm Crispywannabe, CrackBabies, NYWeedMan and 3 people liked
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Our male dropped so much pollen in the tent that it started messing with my breathing. I should have thought about my hay fever before handling it lol. I figured he should have pollinated the ladies and I took him down. I'm going to dry the male flowers and see how much pollen I can collect, this time I'll wear a mask.

Cannabis Grow IMG 20211022 080009 906

The females are coming towards the end of the stretch, but I ended up supercropping them anyways.

Cannabis Grow 20211024 193130
Cannabis Grow 20211024 193216

All females are showing some color in the stigmas already, which leads me to believe they've been successfully pollinated. There's quite a bit of trichome production on the GG4 and the shorter pheno of Farmers Fire. The Bluemuda Triangle and taller FF pheno are starting to work on trichomes too, they just aren't as frosty looking as the GG4.

Cannabis Grow 20211024 193044
Cannabis Grow 20211024 193030

FF clones are doing okay, I had them in the 4x4 with the Keylime, but they weren't ready for the light. Slight light burn, so we removed them until they get a little more established. Looks like we have atleast 3 we can use for sure, pictures not available. I also popped some more Keylime seeds, the rest of the second pack. Hopefully we have better luck with germination this time around. I didn't want to depend on one of the two plants being female so I'll probably be moving some plants around this week. I need to set up the new light and the 3x3, but we have no place to put it right now. I'll rearrange the room to see if we can squeeze it in, but I'm going to have to calculate the lighting schedule to come on when one tent is lights off. Don't want to start popping breakers.

I'm super excited about creating a couple new strains, and will be giving out some seeds to growers that can pop them as soon as they receive them. I want results and won't give away seeds to people that are just going to sit on them or try selling them. I might be able to let some f2s of the FF go if they want something to sit on lol. Hopefully I'll have a space for some myself, I really want to germinate more seeds, but I'll hold off to see what the Keylimes do.

So we have another 6 weeks or so before we start thinking about clearing out a spot and doing our giveaway. It's going to be a long 6 weeks haha.

Cannabis Grow 20211024 193019

Happy growing!!


Posted : 10/25/2021 3:56 am Crispywannabe, Rosettastoned and KeystoneCops liked
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Well they're definitely pregnant. I see seeds forming on all of the plants, I couldn't get a good shot of the GG4. I can tell, but the pictures I took don't really show yet. They should be more prominent in a couple weeks.

Cannabis Grow 20211029 050534
Cannabis Grow IMG 20211029 060208 079
Cannabis Grow IMG 20211029 060208 012

Cannabis Grow 20211028 201711
Cannabis Grow 20211028 201752

My expensive fan took a dump on me, I'll have to replace it soon. There was too much vibration going on I guess and one of the blades broke off. It was loud and I thought it was much worse than it turned out to be. I'm without a fan for a little while but humidity has been decent inside and I'm going to put a temporary one in there soon. 

Other than that the grow is going great, plants look healthy and happy

Cannabis Grow IMG 20211029 060207 717

Posted : 10/29/2021 6:00 pm Crispywannabe, Knut and KeystoneCops liked
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PTGC Misfits: Playing with fire

Moving along now, still can't hook up the new light though. We have family staying with us now and I can't put the tent where I want to. I will figure something out, research and development will be a few weeks off, so we have a little time.

#thechefprojectplayingwithfire is going well, we have sticky seeded buds that smell so delightful.

Cannabis Grow 20211103 063838
Cannabis Grow 20211103 063930
Cannabis Grow 20211103 063848
Cannabis Grow 20211103 063831
Cannabis Grow 20211103 063826
Cannabis Grow 20211102 192603

We have different breeding times on these plants, the Bluemuda Triangle might take the longest. I have a feeling they will produce the most seeds, not so sure about the GG4. I don't see as much seed forming from the GG4, the flowers are developing differently than the mother though. She's definitely the frostiest gal in the tent.

Clones are moving along now, looks like we get to keep atleast 4 Farmers Fire going for flower only. 

Cannabis Grow 20211103 064200

One of the Keylime Chem finally showed gender, I think the other one might be male. We took some cuts from the female and topped her.

Cannabis Grow 20211103 064317
Cannabis Grow 20211103 064352

They both need to be transplanted, and we might make some f2s, just because these were the only two seeds of 30 that actually germinated.

Cannabis Grow 20211103 064149
Cannabis Grow 20211103 064146
Cannabis Grow 20211103 064141

We definitely hope the cuts will root, we might grow them out with the Farmers Fire and move the Keylime out to breed with. Just got to figure out how I'm going to manage it all. It would be better if the 4x4 was on the 5x5 circuit or atleast on a 12/12 light cycle. But we might just move the 3x3 on 12/12 immediately to compensate for the power draw. I might have to hang and dry in the 5x5 if I move the 3x3 into the dry room. Just shooting out ideas now, I figure if I write them down, one option will eventually manifest into reality.

Cannabis Grow 20211102 192826
Cannabis Grow 20211102 192805

Happy growing!!

Posted : 11/03/2021 7:28 am berkshirebud and KeystoneCops liked
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PTGC Misfits: Playing with fire

Did a quick little leaf strip in the 5x5, it should cut down on humidity some. I also wanted to give the shorter plants and the lowers some more light. Wish I had a before and after pic.

Cannabis Grow 20211108 031004

Got a little tip burn on the Farmers Fire.

Cannabis Grow 20211108 031033

I'm not really worried, I haven't been pushing them, I'll just add another fertigation event. Still on 2x daily, ec in res 1.3, pH 6.5ish, and the halos are working great this round. Usually by this time I get sediment built up around the holes, but I've been using Coco wet and they haven't clogged at all. 

Going to get another tray for the 4x4, I'll post pics when I get it. A few hours after my last post I decided to just take some cuts from the other Keylime, do some transplanting, and grabbed some more Cycopearl I grabbed extra. I'll be working on transplanting the FF clones this afternoon.

Back to the 5x5, buds are getting bigger and sticky. Working on seeds and resin at the same time, it's wonderful. I wish I started doing something like this a while back, it's fun learning, and I'm excited to start the real work. Pheno hunting, growing out some moms, and creating more seeds, there's a lot of things to do.

On the plus side, we might end up getting a new manufactured home put on the property. I've been asking my landlord to buy the property so I can just put a new one up, this one is dated and needs work, things are falling apart. They're supposed to speak with their attorney and get back to us. I'm tired of not having a room for research and it's holding me back. So hopefully we can convince the landlord a new home is the way to go and it doesn't take long for them to decide. I don't want to be in the middle of a big run and have to move everything. Might screw me out of the NYGC this year though 🤷‍♂️.

Anyways here are some flower pics until I get done working on the 4x4 today.

Cannabis Grow 20211108 031011
Cannabis Grow 20211108 031024
Cannabis Grow 20211108 031026
Cannabis Grow 20211108 031055
Cannabis Grow 20211108 031049

Happy growing!!

Posted : 11/08/2021 6:13 am Chriscann, Crispywannabe and KeystoneCops liked
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