PTGC Misfits: First Photo Run

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My autos from the Autoflower challenge are still going since I started over about a quarter of the way through. They should most definitely finish up before the photo flip into flower. I also have some younger plants running that I hope finish up as well. Since my lights are on 18/6 it shouldn't be an issue for the vegging photos. If the younger plants aren't quite done it won't hurt them to finish in 12/12 when we flower flip. 

I'm running two Spider Farmer SF4000s for my lights in a 5x10 tent. They both have 430 watts so that's why my banner reads 860. I shouldn't have any light leak issues as I've managed to black out the entire room. 

I'm joining the Misfits group as I'll more than likely be combining mainlining and LST. I don't really plan to train every plant the same way. We'll see how they want to grow and then train them accordingly. 

For my media I will be running HP Promix Coco/Peat/Perlite with Mycorrhizae. I will be direct sowing my seeds in the media. I will be starting the girls in solo cups, then up to 2 gallons and finishing in 5 or 7 gallon smart pots.

I have a few different photo seeds I've been itching to run for a while now. From Phantom Fire Genetics I'll be running two Maui Dough (Dos-si-do x Gelato 33 x Maui Wowie) and two Gripaya Drip (Bright Moments x Blueberry Skunk x sfv mendo purps x payapa).  These are all regulars so I will need to keep a close eye out for boys. I'm also running Critical + and Seedsman Sunset which are Limited Edition Fem Photos I picked up from Seedsmans 420 special this year.

I am continuing my use of organic inputs for my plants. The main inputs are high quality humates and soy amino acids. The plants will also be receiving fermented plant extract made from cannabis leaves, root ball ferment, bloom ferment, water soluble calcium, and solution grade langbeinite. 

I'm really looking forward to this run. Just hoping my 5x10 will be large enough for the plants when they start to flower.


Hope everyone has a fantastic run! 

Posted : 08/01/2021 8:02 pm Soil Sheppard, Ziesifer, Rosettastoned and 4 people liked
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Seeds have been planted. I placed the seeds on a bed of Dynomyco mycorrhizae and then lightly covered the media.

I used a turkey baster to lightly water the seeds. I watered the seeds with humic, FPE, and Root Ball ferment. Normally I plant the seeds in a jiffy puck first but I'm trying out directly into the media to see how it goes.

Cannabis Grow 20210802 123616

Posted : 08/03/2021 9:01 am Crispywannabe, Ziesifer, CrackBabies and 2 people liked
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It's been 72 hours since the seeds were planted.

So far both Maui Doughs have appeared as well as the Critical +. Seedsman Sunset appears to be lifting the media but nothing is visible yet. No action from the two Gripaya Drip yet.

Cannabis Grow 20210805 230649
Cannabis Grow 20210805 230141
Cannabis Grow 20210805 230401

Happy growing everyone! 

Posted : 08/05/2021 8:14 pm Crispywannabe, Soil Sheppard, Ziesifer and 3 people liked

I am officially 6 for 6. Both Grapaya Drip's have broken the surface as well as the Seedsman Sunset. So far so good.

Cannabis Grow 20210806 121306
Cannabis Grow 20210806 212652
Cannabis Grow 20210806 211752
Cannabis Grow 20210806 212048

Posted : 08/06/2021 6:35 pm Crispywannabe, Soil Sheppard, Ziesifer and 2 people liked
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Well unfortunately my AC has been out since Wednesday. Having to buy a whole new AC system and the company I went with had a BOGO deal for a furnace so I just got a mid efficiency system that allowed me to capitalize on that. So at least next 10 years I won't have to worry about any HVAC issues with their warranty.

The bad news is that the plants are in a bit of a hot zone. I'm using a humic and FPE foilar spray right before lights out in an attempt to ease the stress. New system gets installed Wednesday morning so should be back on track by Wednesday afternoon.

So far the babies seem to be doing just fine.

Cannabis Grow 20210809 184948


At this point mostly worried about my autos that are almost done.

Cannabis Grow 20210806 235327

Posted : 08/09/2021 3:52 pm Crispywannabe, Soil Sheppard, OldWoman and 2 people liked
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New AC is being installed as I type. Probably just a couple more hours to go. Then I will be putting it through its paces and cranking the AC to cool my house down.

Other fun home ownership problems this morning. I started the dishwasher and my bathroom tub and kitchen sink started backing up. The company that is doing my AC also has plumbers so called them up and they're sending someone out tomorrow.

Babies still seem to be doing okay despite the heat. They received their first dose of Soy Amino Acids which will be their primary source of food for the grow. In total they received Humic, FPE, Root Ball Ferment, and Soy Aminos in their water. 

Cannabis Grow 20210811 135443
Cannabis Grow 20210811 141711
Cannabis Grow 20210811 141814
Cannabis Grow 20210811 141905
Cannabis Grow 20210811 142321
Cannabis Grow 20210811 142407
Cannabis Grow 20210810 212149



Posted : 08/11/2021 11:58 am Crispywannabe, Soil Sheppard, CrackBabies and 2 people liked
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The girls are looking good. Suppose I should order those Farmer Freeman tests to find out which Phantom Fire Genetics plants are female and worth keeping.

Cannabis Grow 20210815 184828
Cannabis Grow 20210815 184928
Cannabis Grow 20210815 185041
Cannabis Grow 20210815 185137
Cannabis Grow 20210815 184345
Cannabis Grow 20210815 184546
Cannabis Grow 20210814 225338
Cannabis Grow 20210814 225245

Posted : 08/15/2021 4:07 pm Crispywannabe, Soil Sheppard, CrackBabies and 1 people liked
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I've been slacking on my updates. Unfortunately had a lot going on and haven't had time.

I've been having trouble with my autos that are in the Promix Coco/Peat blend. My organic inputs group has been finding that the ferments don't work 1:1 like they do for outdoor growers. A lot of us indoor growers using the program have been noticing deficiencies. These deficiencies are more noticeable in the coco/peat mix. So my autos are struggling and I decided to switch to Roots Organics 707 which others have been having better luck with for the rest of my photo run. The 707 does have coco in it but it doesn't appear to be as much as the Promix blend I was using.

I sent out my Farmers Freeman kits for the Maui Dough and Grapaya Drip on Tuesday. Here's hoping for all girls!

Not quite sure if I should have switched the girls to bigger pots sooner or not but I just put them in 2 gallons on Tuesday (Day 30). I'm planning on keeping them in the 2 gallons for 2 weeks. In 2 weeks I'll go up to 7 gallons.

Feeling like the girls might be lagging in growth but I'm hoping they'll pick up speed in the new pot and soil. Their roots were looking pretty good when i swapped them. I'll probably increase their soy aminos on next feeding to help with growth and color since they're looking a little pale.

The girls were looking sad when I took photos after the transplant so I took a second set of photos today when they were looking much better. I'll need to start training and topping the ones I'll be mainlining. 

Cannabis Grow 20210901 234720
Cannabis Grow 20210901 234737

Cannabis Grow 20210901 230121
Cannabis Grow 20210901 233709

Cannabis Grow 20210901 231347
Cannabis Grow 20210901 234117

Cannabis Grow 20210901 231820
Cannabis Grow 20210901 234400

Cannabis Grow 20210901 232154
Cannabis Grow 20210901 234604

Cannabis Grow 20210901 232624
Cannabis Grow 20210901 233205

Cannabis Grow 20210901 232917
Cannabis Grow 20210901 233445


Happy growing everyone! 

Posted : 09/01/2021 9:46 pm Crispywannabe and OldWoman liked
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Girls are loving the new soil. They've all greened up and are looking great. I started working on the training over the last couple of days.

I've decided to mainline the Critical +, Maui Dough #1, Grapaya Drip #2. I've trimmed the lower 2 nodes and topped above the 3rd. I've used 14 gauge solid electrical wire to hold down the nodes so they start to grow horizontally.

Cannabis Grow 20210906 212556
Cannabis Grow 20210906 202825
Cannabis Grow 20210906 201748

The Seedsman Sunset is getting a combo of LST and pruning. I've used some flexible wire wrapped in rubber to pull her down. I'll keep adjusting as the top reaches for the lights. As the nodes grow out I'll train them out for maximum exposure.

Cannabis Grow 20210906 201514

For Maui Dough #2 and Grapaya Drip #1 I've left the 2nd and 3rd nodes to grow out. I'll treat the nodes fairly similar to how I'm training the mainlines.

Cannabis Grow 20210906 212645
Cannabis Grow 20210906 202647


Posted : 09/06/2021 6:32 pm Crispywannabe, Soil Sheppard and OldWoman liked
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Farmer Freeman just sent my results. Looks like I've got a tent full of ladies! I was planning on getting the girls into their final pots this Tuesday but I'm not sure if I should wait one more week or not. We'll see how things are looking on Tuesday. 

Things are looking good and I'm excited to see how things go from here. 


Cannabis Grow 20210910 002445
Cannabis Grow 20210910 003105
Cannabis Grow 20210910 003212
Cannabis Grow 20210910 002907
Cannabis Grow 20210910 003346
Cannabis Grow 20210910 003537


Posted : 09/09/2021 9:50 pm Soil Sheppard and J2DaG liked

Had a triple T Tuesday: Transplant, Trim and Train. Transplanted the girls into their final 7 gallon pots. Trimmed up some leaves for better airflow and then used some gardening stakes to train the branches down.

Was also feeding time for the ladies so they got soy aminos, fish aminos, water soluble calcium, langbeinite, root beer, FPE and humic. Next week I will start adding the bloom ferment in preparation for the flip.

Cannabis Grow 20210915 121829
Cannabis Grow 20210915 123515

Cannabis Grow 20210915 122218
Cannabis Grow 20210915 123836

Cannabis Grow 20210915 122704
Cannabis Grow 20210915 124038

Cannabis Grow 20210915 122843
Cannabis Grow 20210915 124257

Cannabis Grow 20210915 123048
Cannabis Grow 20210915 124451

Cannabis Grow 20210915 123214
Cannabis Grow 20210915 124558

Posted : 09/15/2021 10:25 am J2DaG and berkshirebud liked
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Girls are definitely enjoying the 7 gallon pots. There's been a lot of growth already since they were transplanted last week. Did a little trimming for better airflow and to let more light reach the nodes. Fed the girls all the goods they needed: Humic, soy, fermented plant extract, root ferment, water soluble calcium, solution grade langbeinite, and the bloom ferment. Since I've moved up to the 7 gallon pots I've been watering with 2700 ml which is 10% the volume of the pot.

Photos are before and after the trim. 

Cannabis Grow 20210923 000345
Cannabis Grow 20210923 001507

Cannabis Grow 20210923 000600
Cannabis Grow 20210923 001656

Cannabis Grow 20210923 000744
Cannabis Grow 20210923 001858

Cannabis Grow 20210923 000849
Cannabis Grow 20210923 002029

Cannabis Grow 20210923 001042
Cannabis Grow 20210923 002320

Cannabis Grow 20210923 001230
Cannabis Grow 20210923 002511

Posted : 09/22/2021 9:54 pm Crispywannabe, Soil Sheppard and berkshirebud liked

Almost flip time! The pots were still pretty damp from their last watering so I'm letting them dry out a little bit before their next feeding.

I did one more good trim before the flip. I removed some fan leaves and any nodes that didn't seem like they were in a good position to stretch.

I did have a little trouble with Grapaya Drip #1 when I tried to train the top nodes down further. The next night I checked on her she had a split right down the middle. It didn't reach the bottom two nodes at least. Then I tried to train the branches with my orange clips instead. I thought I massaged the branches enough to bend them both down. Unfortunately one of the branches snapped 😩. The other branch is still looking fine though. 

Cannabis Grow 20210929 154543
Cannabis Grow 20210928 231439


Photos are before trim from above and the side. Then just from above after trim. 

Cannabis Grow 20210929 152649
Cannabis Grow 20210929 152749
Cannabis Grow 20210929 155426

Cannabis Grow 20210929 153140
Cannabis Grow 20210929 153239
Cannabis Grow 20210929 155552

Cannabis Grow 20210929 153505
Cannabis Grow 20210929 153703
Cannabis Grow 20210929 183911

Cannabis Grow 20210929 153920
Cannabis Grow 20210929 154042
Cannabis Grow 20210929 183824

Cannabis Grow 20210929 154216
Cannabis Grow 20210929 154340
Cannabis Grow 20210929 155135

Cannabis Grow 20210929 154717
Cannabis Grow 20210929 154829
Cannabis Grow 20210929 155252

Happy growing everyone! 

Posted : 09/29/2021 3:45 pm CrackBabies and Hectorbious liked

Just a quick update for flip day. 

At lights out I went and just flipped my lights off. I'll be giving them 48 hours of darkness for the transfer into flower. I'll bring lights back on Sunday evening and give them a drink.


Happy growing everyone! 

Posted : 10/01/2021 6:17 pm Crispywannabe, Dr. Witch and J2DaG liked

Lights are now on 12/12 for flowering. I have 4 autoflowers that are finishing up in about a week and a half. I'm pretty sure I'm going to need to the room.

The girls will be getting a slight increase of the Water Soluble Calcium and Solution Grade Langbeinite for magnesium. So far they've received the bloom juice twice. I will slowly increase the amount through flowering. The bloom sauce input is an all natural ferment I brewed myself. It contains bananas, mangos, papaya, beets, carrots, cucumber, squash, watermelon, and a lot of brown sugar for the fermentation. These fruits and veggies have all the nutrients the plants need for flowering.

Still feeding with humic acid, soy aminos, fermented plant extract, root ball ferment, and bi weekly fish aminos.


Cannabis Grow 20211004 225138
Cannabis Grow 20211004 225317

Cannabis Grow 20211004 225459
Cannabis Grow 20211004 230727

Cannabis Grow 20211004 231016
Cannabis Grow 20211004 231137

Cannabis Grow 20211004 231300
Cannabis Grow 20211004 231424

Cannabis Grow 20211004 231645
Cannabis Grow 20211004 231746

Cannabis Grow 20211004 232124
Cannabis Grow 20211004 232253

Happy growing everyone 

Posted : 10/04/2021 8:48 pm OldWoman liked
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