PTGC Benders: Cultivar Cocktail Bendorama

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Greetings fellow cultivators!

Getting the ball rolling this week with 4 cultivars!

We’re in an 5x5 grow area, 2 plants of each cultivar in 15gal fabric pots filled with a KIS style mix, under a 600w Photontek LED.

Let the bending begin!

Cannabis Grow 8FB60E54 81AA 44DB BA4E CA48005A449C


Posted : 08/27/2021 8:44 am KeystoneCops, Baby Lamb, Knah and 3 people liked
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Well folks, September is upon us…

High time I properly introduce these ladies:

Cannabis Grow 363A9348 1C0C 44AA B625 3939BD5CD4EE

Back left; Platinum Kush Breath (PKB)

Back right; Mendobreath (MB)

Front left; Sour Diesel (SD)

Front right; Peanut Butter Breath (PBB)

Cannabis Grow D3DEAED2 29A7 4695 9103 15B41263EC27

 MB 8/22

Cannabis Grow F9610E25 3A55 4DDD 93D6 1281586BE178

MB 8/31

Cannabis Grow 4F7DBCD8 7787 4549 97DC DA3F25C7BAA6

PKB 8/22

Cannabis Grow 9E9FA865 C91B 4562 B7D2 F7600B7B39B2

PKB 8/31

Cannabis Grow E2966E45 111F 477F B47A 523E7C4DECCB

SD 8/22

Cannabis Grow 1AB04630 B3C6 4553 9A05 F4683598CEF0

SD 8/31







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These ladies are off to the races!

They really took off and filled the space, so I made the flip a bit ahead of schedule, on the 20th of September;

Cannabis Grow 9B2C4067 7E7D 4DD5 8B01 E1286ACF81D8

Flip day, pre-stretch 9/20

Cannabis Grow FA876A54 F58F 4595 9DF3 50DD407093C0

Today, post-stretch 9/28



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New beginnings…

Cannabis Grow 7A98D125 F5B3 47E1 962D C234CADA739E

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