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Welcome to my third attempt at completing a grow challenge! My GC plants haven't made it thus far, seems like a curse. But you know what they say, third time's the charm!

The Setup

Medium: Living soil 

Lighting: Viparspectra P1000 first 10 days, then the almighty Sun.

Container: 5 gallon bucket with self-wicking horizoned soil and a PVC pipe to deliver water directly to the rocky sand reservoir. System developed using Leighton Morrison of Kingdom Aquaponics method that I learned about on GrowCast. 

Bucket I have running right now 

Cannabis Grow 20210808 110628 1

Nutrients: Organic dry amendments (AgMinos, Earthworm Castings, Soluble Seaweed Powder), KNF inputs, bokashi and compost tea. 


Despite my name I'm ditching Mycorrhizals this run, while they will still be present in some of my inputs and soil I will *not* be supplementing them like I normally would. Instead I'm focusing on trichoderma fungus. According to Brandon Rust, in his experience trichoderma provide a much more substantial impact on nutrient uptake and growth than mycorrhizae, especially in a short time. With autoflowers everything happens faster so anything that gets results quicker is always something I'm interested in. I'm using a product called Micro Root which contains two strains of trichoderma in a massive 20 million CFU concentration. 


Scuffed seed in a sandpaper tube. Soaked in H202 3% for 3 hours, then soaked in water with a smidge of humic acid (to neutralize chlorine and chloramines) as well as a few grains of Micro Root (trichoderma). Rapid rooter pods were soaked in a similar solution pH of 6.3


48 hr tap root emerged, planted tap root down into prepared rooter plug and placed into propagation dome. 


Seed down at 0100 August 9, 2021

Posted : 08/09/2021 1:42 am Spacementgrown, Baby Lamb, CrackBabies and 1 people liked
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Day 1 - Waiting on a moment 
Cannabis Grow 20210809 090203

Posted : 08/09/2021 9:06 am Spacementgrown, CrackBabies and Baby Lamb liked
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We have liftoff! Cotelydons should be up within the day. 

Cannabis Grow 20210811 085229

Posted : 08/11/2021 9:34 am Spacementgrown and CrackBabies liked

Seedling is fully up and looking happy!

Cannabis Grow 20210812 174957

Posted : 08/12/2021 6:05 pm Spacementgrown and CrackBabies liked

Loving these grow plugs! Seem to be keeping the seedlings very happy and going good. I have added two more seeds these were the backups but they are all good so far so I guess I'm running three plants in the challenge now. These are Black Strap a collaboration by Mandalorian and Brother Mendel. Unlike most of Mando's seeds these are feminized autos, not reg autos. Very excited for these genetics! 

Cannabis Grow 20210813 200309
Cannabis Grow 20210813 200328

The Black Straps were planted one day after on 8/10 but they are actually slightly ahead now (first true leaves are bigger than the Jogi) so I'm considering them on the same track. Hope that's okay!

Posted : 08/13/2021 8:12 pm Spacementgrown and CrackBabies liked

Switching lights to 18/6 from 24 starting at 12:01AM 8/14. Dome is fully off now, set up an oscillating fan to gently sway the seedlings while the lights are on. Also giving them the musical treatment still, from seed these have been listening to the local college station! Good vibes only. Saturday with the Beatles tomorrow morning, that's gotta be good for cannabis plants right? 

Posted : 08/14/2021 2:27 am Spacementgrown and CrackBabies liked

Another day and more growth, love watching them at this stage as the true leaves quickly become larger than the cotelydons. Black Strap #1 and #2 and Jogi #1

Cannabis Grow 20210814 193012
Cannabis Grow 20210814 193007
Cannabis Grow 20210814 192946

Posted : 08/14/2021 7:32 pm CrackBabies, Spacementgrown and Baby Lamb liked

Good thing I planted some backups, Jogi is lagging it on growth. Not giving up on her but she's not progressing vs the other two that started a day later.

Cannabis Grow 20210816 072017
Cannabis Grow 20210816 072019
Cannabis Grow 20210816 072022

Posted : 08/16/2021 7:23 am CrackBabies and Baby Lamb liked

Jogi OG is not making it. I told y'all my GC plants were cursed! I juked the curse with the Black Strap! Fingers crossed 🤞

Cannabis Grow 20210817 081031
Cannabis Grow 20210817 081040
Cannabis Grow 20210817 081037

Roots are popping out like crazy now on the Black Straps will be assembling the buckets soon and preparing for transplant. I go out of town for 5 days on Friday so they will be put to the test! From past experience they should be better off without my helicopter gardening at this stage. 

Posted : 08/17/2021 9:16 am CrackBabies and Baby Lamb liked

Also seedlings have been receiving some light nutrition. 

  • .25tsp/gal Tecknaflora Soluble Seaweed
  • .6ml/gal Mammoth P
  • 1ml/gal Fish Shit
  • .5ml/gal Aptus FaSilator (silica)
  • .5tsp/gal NFTG Demeter's Destiny (calcium)
  • 1ml/gal Photosynthesis Plus
  • 1tsp/gal Micro Root
  • Pinch of humic/Fulvic Acid to neutralize chlorine and chloramines in my tap water.
  • pH to 6.8
  • Flood and drain the tray twice a day. 

As you can see it's basically micronutrients and beneficial bacteria. Though Calcium is practically a macronutrient according to most cannabis plant scientists, which is why I like to make sure to start feeding it from the beginning. Mag is taken care of by seaweed and tap water. Normally don't start anything this early but they're in plugs so nothing there to help em along. 


Posted : 08/17/2021 11:58 am CrackBabies and Baby Lamb liked
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Good progress on the second set of leaves from the Black Strap. These genetics are already showing their strength.

Cannabis Grow 20210818 071109

Posted : 08/18/2021 7:13 am CrackBabies and Baby Lamb liked

Roots glorious roots! Transplant incoming

Cannabis Grow 20210818 071248

Posted : 08/19/2021 1:11 pm Baby Lamb liked

Cannabis Grow 20210819 231754
Cannabis Grow 20210819 231752

Before transplant, seedling leaves have overshadowed their pods and are clearly rooted. Buckets being assembled. 


Posted : 08/19/2021 11:20 pm
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Bucket Building Process

Cannabis Grow Notes 210720 105907 1

Credit to Leighton Morrison @kingdomaquaponicsllc for the outline

Cannabis Grow PicsArt 08 20 01.32.14

There is a hole drilled at the top of the E horizon to allow overflow and I know the reservoir is filled. 

Cannabis Grow 20210820 012909

Big shoes to fill, these are living the outdoor life now. Praise the sun! 

Posted : 08/20/2021 1:36 am Baby Lamb liked

Cannabis Grow 20210820 083742
Cannabis Grow 20210820 083736

Good morning little dudes! Dudettes rather. Feminized seeds. Ok. This will be the final morning update until I return from my trip, Tuesday the 24th. Bucket reservoir should easily hold them, the bucket pictured at the top of my journal has been going on two weeks without a refill. 

Can't wait to see what kind of huge changes occur over the long weekend. 



Posted : 08/20/2021 8:41 am
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