SAFC Suns: The seeds are in!

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As you saw in the title, I am happy to report that I am back from vacation and they are still alive! (and seem to be doing pretty well considering I had been gone for a week) 

the three autos have all started to flower! the watermelon zkittlez is just a tad behind the other two but still coming along nicely. As I had said above- it had been about a week so the first thing I did was get them some water with some added nutrients. I got to try out this new manual pump sprayer (nothin fancy) but I loved it!

im not gonna lie- I’m a little afraid to mess with the autos so I really didn’t do too much to them besides water and nutes… but I took out the photo and gave it some special attention and  another low stress training- I am super interested to see what this thing ends up looking like in the end-I’m hoping I’ll be able to make that fill out the 3x3 but we’ll see 🤷🏻‍♂️ anyway here’s the post vacation plant picture update:

Cannabis Grow 9BF81AA4 8145 4EE3 B26C 35EE1FA70AAF
Cannabis Grow 10F29B76 9C6C 4C70 9293 5060E84A2C55
Cannabis Grow 26D9A030 4B92 4029 B9C2 2BEFDB8343AF
Cannabis Grow 50B557BA 20AF 46CF 9EAF D443FE7B2A9A
Cannabis Grow A853CA92 D052 44DA B8C1 9345BD8ACC76
Cannabis Grow FE7504B4 7D0B 4B70 B359 5FFBD5263462
Cannabis Grow 838A8CBD 2E71 4097 BB6F 94C7E159C598
Cannabis Grow 3AC0CBD1 2156 4794 82E3 26A0232EE2E0
Cannabis Grow FB4E1EC3 65B8 4F17 A21E 3F57F2DC44FA

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Posted : 07/10/2021 9:14 pm

Soo I’m back from vacation, it’s been a couple days and I’m trying to give them some of the water that they were missing while I was gone- it appears that the wedding cheesecake is experiencing some issues.. due to my LACK of experience, I’m having trouble diagnosing the issue.. it looks like the leaves are curling and it looks like they’re starting to yellow grow the tips of the leaves inward-

on the site I was looking at, it looked like it pointed to possibly the light being too close, under or overwatered, and/or a magnesium issue. If anyone has an idea of what I’m looking at and wouldn’t mind sharing, please feel free to reach out and drop some knowledge on me- 

Other than that, I think everything is going pretty well- all three autos are flowering and the G45 got trained the other day and today I just defoliated a bit… I’m wondering about how long these things are going to flower but I’m not stressing it too much I figure I still probably have a while- this is one of the next few topics I’ll have to dive into- length of flowering stage, ideal harvest conditions how to cure and so on… it’s all very exciting! Im just starting to see things just starting to get a little frosty if I zoom in far enough on my phone- I can’t wait to see what it looks like a few weeks from now!

Cannabis Grow C2C49B80 7D06 4FBE 8EDE A9D463A90E9A
Cannabis Grow 397C00FE ABBC 4AE4 8837 F93CCB3FA86E
Cannabis Grow 5A1FF8AE AC0A 4B78 AFB7 6761FB8729C4
Cannabis Grow 3DA1AF0A E590 4CA3 AD2D 56F7B7E308FD
Cannabis Grow 9B6463DF D63D 409B 8561 686BBB7120F9
Cannabis Grow 829737E0 373A 4438 8B3A 2B0C43335A5A
Cannabis Grow C9DAB698 8B5F 4569 B734 2FA827710100



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Posted : 07/12/2021 11:14 am
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Soo poor diagnosis on my part- 

fortunately for me, I hadn’t sprung into action, I had sought out a few more opinions, and it looks like the unanimous opinion was nutrient lockout… whiiiiich would make sense- I would rather not say what I am about to say, but I have to be honest folks… I didn’t calibrate my ph meter until a couple weeks ago, therefore, my water had not been properly ph’d this WHOLE time… 😔 I am ashamed haha buuut lesson learned and I learned that the ph of my tap water is 10 and change, and I learned that I CANNOT get away with skipping that step. So now I have some ph down as well as a product recommended to me which is called SLF-100 which as far as I understand is used to cleanse the roots of the salt buildup from the nutrients. ( I could be wrong) 

So to continue with my update I ph’d my water and mixed in the proper amount of the stuff that I just mentioned and tried to flush my plants- 

this is my first flush and not only do I think probably should have used more water, but I actually forgot to pH the runoff (rookie mistake… I am being brutally honest so I can laugh at this three or four grows from now) it was also recommended to me that I pluck any leaves that are more than 50% yellow…. As you will see in the update pictures, I have a bunch of plants that look like poodles now, as majority of the leaves were in fact yellow… 

here are the latest update picture- 

also I know that it’s not an auto but I have been including it in this journal- the update for the g45 - 

the nutrients haven’t negatively effected this plant as they did the others, so all seems well this far- I am continuing with the low stress training- it’s too bad that my timing was off this would’ve been cool to enter for the plant training challenge- it’s been a complete pleasure to work with none the less!

ok ok NOOOOW here are the latest pictures:


Cannabis Grow 586A244E 8C7C 4D8A A609 94AE204ACC8C
Cannabis Grow 34ACF807 2E00 48B8 B35F 67463690515F
Cannabis Grow 05401BC0 B066 482C B5AD C7D49130F7AD
Cannabis Grow 0EFD306E EC4D 40F9 8A32 FDDFC7AE4DFB
Cannabis Grow 57FC7283 106C 4782 96CA 0CDA230C4576
Cannabis Grow 07E74903 F60B 4CBB 9D4A 52336A3C3C4E
Cannabis Grow D1B29F78 D267 4144 92B5 75C75A26F891


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Posted : 07/21/2021 2:33 pm JordanJ liked

Ok soo we’re getting close to the end and those plants are packed in that closet like sardines! This is completely my doing and it should be VERY temporary-  

the blue dreamatic and wedding cheesecake are slightly ahead of the watermelon zkittlez (but not by a whole lot) and will have to come down soon. Therefore I will have to start figuring out how and where I am going to hang them to dry- I will need to keep the air moving and keep the humidity down (or at least have some control over it) sooo I just decided that I needed another tent.

I think this will not only be helpful right now for the drying process, but also in the future to set up a somewhat perpetual grow-  nothin crazy as this is for personal use, it’s more trying to avoid 3 month lulls between harvests… I don’t want to have to start ALL over after harvesting and would rather just  have a couple plants going all the time (which I understand will present it’s own challenges such as having to regulate a number of different environments to facilitate the plants in their different stages of growth)

Now I love to window shop, so I had a blast looking at everything and coming up with what I would want ideally- and then trying to scale it back to a much more realistic goal… it was tough narrowing everything down but all in all I decided it might make sense for me to get a 3x3 tent due to the fact that the space in the closet I use is 3x3 and that would allow me to use a lot of components interchangeably between tents- as I upgrade say a light for example, I can just move the old one into the other space.

I ended up ordering an ac infinity 3x3 tent- I really like the fan that I got from them and have heard they produce a pretty high quality tent, that is relatively thick and durable to some of its competition (I haven’t seen one in person so I can’t speak to these claims yet). Gorilla tents also stood out and at the end of the day it was price point that made me lean one way over the other. 

as I said above, I really like the fan I have so I got another- I went with the t4. In an ideal world I would’ve at least went with the 6 inch model and ran it on a lower setting if I didn’t need all that power, but again price was a VERY present factor in my decision making. This is a prime example of some thing that I will be perfectly happy using for now but 100% plan on upgrading when I can. And will do what I said of just re using parts elsewhere. 

part of the reason things are so cramped is because me being the genius and I am (do you sense the sarcasm? It might not translate through text..), started four more plants- I started 2 cosmic apprentice from nightowl and 2 anvil from Mandalorian-  I will be transferring them to the new tent as soon as the other plants have finished drying, hopefully by then I’ll have a light for that space. 

I am admittedly a bit nervous about the harvest drying and curing process- The further along we get the more skin we have in the game and the bigger of loss it would be if things went wrong at this stage. I ordered a dehumidifier for the space as well but wasn’t able to get the mason jars, hygrometers, etc- I figured I should first get the stuff for drying which were the bigger items anyways- and THEN while it’s drying, get the rest… so that’s the plan I’ll keep everyone updated as things come along! 💚

Cannabis Grow 6A98E4D9 6015 4353 8A3E C0F23CBADEE4
Cannabis Grow 042A3EA6 9900 4930 AD5E 38B8243D6657
Cannabis Grow D39A0078 5E8B 480E A0CD 4CA42E0B2DD6
Cannabis Grow CC103A02 9BB1 4874 B115 0AAEBC991125
Cannabis Grow 4F374507 FD4A 4731 ADCE F4B869A852C7
Cannabis Grow 495117FD 77D5 45FF A2F6 05B9DCCCAD7C

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Posted : 08/01/2021 7:28 am JordanJ liked
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