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First time doing a grow challenge, so we going to see how it goes.

I started early and dropped two Tangerine Dream Auto from MSNL. Only one popped so she'll have to do. She'll be going into an old school (12yr old) HydroFarm 3x3 tent under two Exlenvce Blurple LED at roughly 300W each when mature.

Seeds soaked for 24hrs, then dropped in straight coco seedling pot. Once the second set of leaves appeared she was moved to a 1-quart veg pot of coco and rice hulls and into the veg room. After that she will be transplanted to her final destination of either a 3-gal or 5-gal fabric pot and moved into the tent. I haven't had much success growing autos in 5-gal pots so I might stick with what works for this challenge. Depending her growth rate she might share the tent with three other autos that are in their third week of flower.

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As with all my coco grows I'll be using House & Garden Nutrients, however since this will be a one-off I'm going to hand feed her. 

Coco A & B, Roots Silver, Amino, Top Booster, BudXL, Drip Clean (maybe), Top Shooter (powder).

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She's showing good growth and strength under to two t5 florescent bulbs. I'll be adding another LED light later this week which should start to add more vigor. Currently being grown along side two feminized gelatos which will eventually be moved and used to make a batch of feminized seeds.


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Looks like I'll be dropping out of the challenge early. Approximately six weeks from seed drop and this is as far as she's gotten. I guess I shouldn't be surprised, dropped 5 Tangerine Dream seeds this year an this was the best of the bunch.


Good luck everyone

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