SAFC Suns: Kritic, Gelato, GG#4, 2 mysterys...

Yo Growmies!

Started a handful of autos about a month ago from free seeds from an online purchase. The 5 strains are Kritic, Gelato, Gorilla Glue, and 2 mystery seeds from a mixed bag. They're living under a Mars Hydro sp3000 was is definitely bigger than needed for the 5 autos. 4 photos are sharing the 3x4 closet until May 1st while my 2 plants from the NYGC finish up. 4 of the 5 autos started to flower at week 4 and stretched quick. All showed signs of wanting more PK immediately and has started to improve since switching them to the bud nutrients and adding my pk booster. Still have the slightest red stems bud you can see it receding as the leaves lighten up as well. All the autos stretched to about 24 inches except for the 5th that took an extra week to switch to flower but shes been lagging behind since the beginning and is one of the mystery seeds from Seed Stockers. The Kritic Auto is the only one from a better seed company Kannabia and was a free seed from with a large purchase. They rate it as a heavy yielder and its winning in the grow room right now but THC content usually only comes in about 12.5% so we will see. The Gelato and Gorilla glue are from an unnamed brand when ordering from but both were the first to pop their shell and start the kove cycle. While slightly behind the Kritic they are both great seeds but Herbies would not disclose the name of the producer so no growing details. The 2 mystery seeds are from a grab bag of 5 mixed autos so you know it's one if the 5 strains they list but no idea until it starts to flower. Lol. Makes it fun an interesting to see what you'll get. They were both the last to pop and are slightly behind in size but cheap seeds are cheap seeds. Lol. I'll come back soon after I resize a bunch of photos and post them all from the last month!


Stay golden Growmies!!!

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Cannabis Grow 20210319 184354

March 19th Everything in 2 gallons pots are the autos. Others 3 in 5 gallons are clones that I'm experimenting with mainlining. 

Cannabis Grow 20210404 110042

April 4th. All getting much bigger and easy to grow. 

Cannabis Grow 20210415 081120

April 15th. The 5 in the back are the Autos. They started to flip to flower and are starting their stretch. 

Cannabis Grow 20210425 083514

April 25th. In their new home. With the room to grow. Getting big so fast. 

Cannabis Grow 20210502 120315
Cannabis Grow 20210502 120325
Cannabis Grow 20210502 120239

May 2nd. Starting to do their thang and really put out the pistils. All looking great. 

Cannabis Grow 20210509 080917

May 9th. Putting on the weight. Craving phosphorus and calmag. The Gelato more than any. Keeping up pk while keeping nitrogen down has been fun. 

Cannabis Grow 20210511 165214
Cannabis Grow 20210511 165207

May 11th. The Northern Lights and Gelato looking proper. 

Cannabis Grow 20210518 071854

May 18th. Fatter and fatter they go. Smells so good in this room!

Cannabis Grow 20210524 055353

Today May 24th. Excited pistols are starting to mature and trichomes are starting to get milky. Not a single amber trichome I can find anywhere so at least another 2 weeks I'm thinking. 

Cannabis Grow 20210524 055405

Northern Lights was mystery seed #1

Cannabis Grow 20210524 055416


Cannabis Grow 20210524 055433


Cannabis Grow 20210524 055424

Gorilla Glue

Cannabis Grow 20210524 055441

Mystery seed #2. Looking like it might be another Northern Lights. 1 in 5 chance with the mystery bag and both end up being Northern Lights. Lol. Crazy beans!

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Cannabis Grow 20210603 151415

Northern lights before her hair cut. 

Cannabis Grow 20210603 153216

Took her fan leaves off. 

Cannabis Grow 20210603 160018

I've officially found my wizards wand!

Cannabis Grow 20210605 060340

Gelato before her shearing. 

Cannabis Grow 20210605 062708

Just the tips 😉

Cannabis Grow 20210606 112405

Gelato hanging to dry day 1

Cannabis Grow 20210606 112455

Northern Lights hanging Day 3

Cannabis Grow 20210611 065925

Norther Lights trimmed up and ready to cure. June 11th. 

Cannabis Grow 20210609 185731

Kritic Auto is close but want a few more amber. Probably tomorrow with my impatience. 

Cannabis Grow 20210609 190029

Gorilla Glue Auto is right on pace with the Kritic and probably come down tomorrow maybe give her another few days.

First dry trim vs wet trimming for the New Years Grow Challenge and boy is the smell lingering in my house. I'm not mad and love it but wow what a difference. Think I do a heavier trim when drying first and that could be my extra terpene release. Lol. 

I need to start a seperate journal for my other stuff I have growing. 3 clones I took from the new years grow are still in veg! Lmao. They're almost 4 feet tall and loving life. Plans are to pull them way down and scrog them like crazy with their own 240+ watt light each. 

I also have lots a fresh girls from Anesia that I'm super excited for that are between 1 month and 3 months old in veg. 2 of Gelato Dream, 2 of Future #1, 1 of White Runtz and 6 of Pink Starburst 1 being the mother and 5 clones. So much fire is about to happen as soon as my Medic Grow Fold 8 gets here Saturday. Bought base off reviews and test on here and amazing starting price. My brother bought 2 more to start up his grow. Lol. Everything switches to flower next week!!!


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