SAFC Suns: Anesia & Sweet Seeds Autos ❤️

Hey Guys.

I'm new grower - just started this year. 
I'm just in the middle of first harvest and already have some other autos at their 10-30 day of life 🙂
After I finish harvest I'll have some free space for few more plants, so i decided that i will run them with You! ❤️ 

I'll have space for about 4 plants, but will drop 6 and keep best ones 😎 

I'm growing with 3 part T.A. Nutrients (GH Flora series for Europe) and R/O water (my tap is 700+ EC 😩 ). It's tad different than US version, so I use nutrient calculator from one of another forums user (don't really remember forum and user name which i got that from 😥 )
I'm calculating nutrients myself - I really like to have everything under control

I'm using Canna Coco Professional Plus and Plagron Cocos Premium - can't yet decide which is better - had calcium deficiency in both 🤣 🙄 


Sweet Seeds Bruce Banner Auto
(Bruce Banner x Gorilla Girl XL Auto F7)
A 7th Generation autoflowering strain. An autoflowering version of one of the most famous “Super Strong” strains from the US West Coast, the powerful and revolutionary Bruce Banner was developed in Colorado to delight cannabis lovers worldwide.


Anesia Seeds Banana Kush Auto
(Banana Kush x White Kush)
Banana Kush Auto is a autoflowering strain of the latest generation that provides big yields, a great gentic stability, a wonderful intense banana flavour and a enormous potency. Banana Kush Auto is an indica dominant autoflowering strain that was created by crossing an outstanding Banana Kush from the USA (OG Kush x Banana Sensi Seeds, a species that existed for only one year) and a White Kush.

In my garden you can also find these autos:

  • Critical 
  • Big Bud x Northern Light x Green Crack (Triple XL) - she is having really hard time flowering 😣 
  • Blackberry Kush
  • Red Strawberry Banana 
  • Bruce Banner
  • Mohan Ram
  • And one regular photoperiod Strawberry x G13 (I have her for 4 months now - supercropped her lately and trying to fit her in 1x3ft to start flowering 🤣 )

I'll post there some of my other plants for help or just to brag 😆 

Happy Growing Everyone!

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Cannabis Grow 1

And here we go! 

Dropped seeds tonight between cotton pads placed in plastic bags and hided in drawer. Pads were soaked in R/O water with Rhizotonic and a bit of Great White. First check in 24h mark!

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Welcome to the Suns Group🌱💚.  I ran canna for a couple years and it definitely needs some cal mag added despite what they say.  I’m currently using green sensations as an addon for my grow.  Glad you could join us

Posted : 04/20/2021 5:49 pm
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36h passed since seeds dropped to cotton pads and 5/6 of them cracked. No taproot yet.
Next check in 24h!

I think that my growing space can be insufficient for all my current girls, but i'm ready to buy another tent anyway.

Have a Good Day Everyone!

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Hello friend. You seem to have alot going on with your grow! Very excited to watch your progress!! Good luck 🙂

Posted : 04/21/2021 8:51 pm

Hello Comrades Growers!

It's been busy days for me as I have other Gals growing in same time!

At 65h mark after germination tails was long enough to transfer wannabe plants to coco coir <3

Cannabis Grow 19
Cannabis Grow 18


I premade seedling mix with own recipe and fertigate coco with it. Prebuffering coco didn't do anything for me, so I decided to skip it.

Cannabis Grow 22
Cannabis Grow 21

When doing this recipe I had in mind that at very beginning the most important nutrients are phosphorus and calcium.
End product EC was 1.1
Outflow EC was 0.5
PH 6.5 (high, as I use it for first fertigation, later on I will be trying to get close to PH 6.0)

I really can't find any guide for PPMs of specific nutrient in coco coir, so if anyone have any advice i'll be more than happy to hear it! I tried to follow CfC nutrient schedule, but euro version of GH nutrients is very different (they say otherwise on their website).
I remember when i did formula for veg my tank EC was like 0.6ms 🙄 

Seed has been planted just under top layer of coco and placed in humidity dome on heating mat.

Cannabis Grow 20

24h later and we have our first girl breaking through ground! It's one of Anesia Seeds! <3

Cannabis Grow 24

Can't wait to see other ones do same thing!

I'm also little woried about fungus gnats in coir. I keep my coco in backyard and when i was filling seedling pots i saw two of those little bitches flying around. I hope there is not any larvae in mix :/ For safety reasons I use some Steinernema feltiae to kill those bastards if there is any. My package is few months old, but i hope it still works.
There is video if you want to know what Steinernema feltiae do to fungus gnats larvae 😜


Good luck and Happy growing everyone!

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Hello Fellows!

Yesterday all girls but one Bruce Banner opened their cotyledons. They look fine by now, few are little stretchy - never had this issue before 🙄 
I was giving them about 7k lux, now they have 10k+ - it should be enough. Can't really give more by now cuz they are in tent with other much bigger girls - so there isn't an option to lower light more.
I'm feeding them with formula as before, but at 0.5 EC. I Will be giving them 0.1EC more day by day. They are in propagation box @80%RH/21-22*C 
Later will post some pics of Gals ❤️ ❤️ 


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Posted : 04/27/2021 3:00 pm

Quick Update

Today is another day they stretch AF. I made for these Gals private light so I'm sure they will get more than enough light that they need (20k+ lux). Dont really know what else can cause this kind of stretch. As I said before - its first time for me 😥

Cannabis Grow DSC 0653

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Hello Fellows!

Today They seems to stop stretching! Their light works Just great! Its been more than a week ago when i started my first trimming and holy fuck... Its soooo time consuming 😐

I hope that ill end it tomorrow cuz i really need that extra tent.

Happy Growing Everyone! 🥰 

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Looking good Pablo.  As long as it holds itself up you’re usually fine.  You can prop them up with a little stick if needed.  When you up pot You can bury a bit of the extra stem if you want.  I do that when mine get a bit stretchy

Posted : 05/05/2021 7:32 am
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And There we go!

Gals are big enough (was ready Yesterday, but didnt have time for it) for bigger container! 🥰 Will do uppoting tomorrow morning.

All of Banana Kush looking great! Almost 0 signs of cal def. Unfortunetly cant Say that about Bruce Banner's... One of bruces got pretty bad cal def, next one is mutant and last is doing fine, except slow growth.

I had to use some sticks to help few of Gals stay up. Will have to remember to give my girls more light at the beginning in future. 

I have also changed nutrients for more cal/nitrogen side. I will post NER later. 

I Also alternated 2 waterings With calmag water, hope it help With cal def... 

Its looking like I will finish with 3x Banana Kush and 1x Bruce Banner 😅 I'm still thinking about saving that cal def one, but she looks really rough.

I Also think that i compressed coco too much in their seedlings bags and they couldnt root that good - this is something to remember for future.

Next time i will post some photos from uppoting 😊


Happy Growing Everyone! 🥰 

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