SAFC Suns: Alaska Lemons- First auto!

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Hello growmies! Excited to be getting into another grow challenge with everyone! This time I will be popping 3 regs to try to get 1 female out of my vial of Alaska Lemons which is AK-47 x AK Lemon Kush. The breeder was a local guy just getting into breeding and I don't believe that he worked the line at all, so (as far as I'm aware) it's possible that the plant that I end up with MIGHT not be an auto lol. Only one way to find out! I was early to the last challenge, but this time I should be good to go for popping on 4/20. 

I will be growing in a 3x3 tent in my garage. This is also going to be my first attempt at a living soil grow! (Lots of firsts this time!) I have already mixed up some soil and it is currently cooking and has been for the past week or so. I will be using Great White, Azos, and Mykos at transplant, as well as Photo Plus, Recharge, Fruit and Yield Enhancer, and Nourish-L for adding and supporting the biology. I will also be using Foop nutrients to supplement extra nutes. We'll see how it goes. 

I will be using Inkbird temp and humidity controllers to keep my environment dialed in where I want it. 

I plan to top and use LST to even out the canopy. I might even do some super-cropping this time around.  

For germination, I will be soaking seeds (in a presently undetermined solution) for 18 hours. Then they will go into solo cups filled with 50% Light Warrior starter mix (top half) and 50% blend of my super soil with the starter mix. While they are in solo cups, and once they are adequately leafy, I will remove a cotyledon for sex testing. From there, so long as I have a female, I will transplant into a 1 gal Rain Science grow bag for about 2 weeks or so. My final container will be a 7 gal Rain Science grow bag. 

I will start out my seedlings under a 14 watt T-5 (unless my 23 watt LED is available, in which case I'll use that). As soon as I deem the plant ready, I'll turn on the 315w CMH and keep it high until she's nice and grown up. It's an old bulb and I don't want to replace it yet, so hopefully I can get something decent out of it before it goes out. 


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Welcome to the Suns Group🌱💚.  Happy 420!! I’m still drooling over ur last harvest, so nice!

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I previously stated that I was popping 3 seeds, but I actually popped 4, just in case. Some of the seeds looked a little immature. Beans hit the water at 4:20pm on 4/20 🤘

I also changed my solo cup recipe a little bit. I was a little nervous to mix my super soil into the seedling mix so I did 1/2 cup of worm castings into the Light Warrior instead. Hopefully that will be adequate until we up-pot. 

Yesterday morning, the soaked seeds went in the dirt that I had drenched with Recharge. Some Great White and Mykos were thrown in the bean-holes. 

As of this morning, I haven't seen anything yet. Under the dome it is 78° and 88%. I'll check again tonight.

Light is only on for the pic. I'll be keeping it off until they pop out cots.

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The seeds were planted a little deeper than I would normally put them in so they took a little longer than usual to pop up, but business is happening now. All but cup #3 are up and have cots out. #3 can't seem to get his/her head out of that seed casing lol. If it's still on tomorrow, I'll help it out with some tweezers, but it's still on pretty good at the moment. 

I have the temp controller set to 78°, with the seedling heat mat giving off enough heat to keep my 18x30" tent. Humidifier is set up on a controller to hold 75%. 

My soil for transplant has been cooking in the garage for 3 weeks now. I've been doing a pretty good job keeping the moisture level adequate. 

Fingers crossed that helmethead gets free soon!

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The morning after the last post, I was able to help #3 out of the seed casing. Now everyone is working on the second set of true leaves. Today, I mixed up a half gallon of Foop Veg @ 4 ml/gallon. I actually meant to mix it @2 ml/gal, but I forgot I was mixing into a half gallon lol. Most likely they will be just fine because the feed chart actually suggests 5 ml/gal for seedlings. 

I would be taking samples for sex testing today, but Delta Leaf Labs is having HUGE issues right now and they have no info on when they will be back up and running. So, it seems I'll be waiting until flower to find out, unless I take some cuts in a few weeks and flower those to find out. Not sure yet. 

Temp and humidity have been super stable in the low 70's for humidity and around 80°.

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Looks like they’re coming along.  I heard about the delta labs issues.  Hope they’re all girls🤞

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