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Hello everyone, grow still moving along. everything seems to progress very slowly at this point.

Cannabis Grow 20210628 202306
Cannabis Grow 20210628 201957

the yellow sticky pads are doing their job and things down here look good.

Cannabis Grow 20210630 235413
Cannabis Grow 20210630 235355
Cannabis Grow 20210630 235351

as previsouly mentioned, some of these buds are getting MASSIVE!! loving this girl, with the exception of the one bad apple..

Cannabis Grow 20210701 000242
Cannabis Grow 20210701 000203
Cannabis Grow 20210630 235714
Cannabis Grow 20210630 235704
Cannabis Grow 20210630 235620
Cannabis Grow 20210630 235615
Cannabis Grow 20210630 235557
Cannabis Grow 20210630 235551

as you can see things are looking good, the pictures from below are from today. some of the buds have got so heavy i had to add string to hold them up.

Cannabis Grow 20210705 000057
Cannabis Grow 20210705 000030
Cannabis Grow 20210705 000010
Cannabis Grow 20210704 235931
Cannabis Grow 20210704 235929
Cannabis Grow 20210704 235926
Cannabis Grow 20210704 235122
Cannabis Grow 20210704 235119

though i am having an issue, the one plant continues to get worse, and the problem seems to be spreading to the others. ive been thinking alot about this issue and i think i may have a solution. 

first off im going to add some cal-mag to the water and see if that helps, but i also read that unoxygenated water can can the roots to not uptake the water properly. and i feel this could largely be my issue, i did not put an air stone in the res for this grow as it was just ph adjusted water so i didnt think it needed to be mixed, but i wasnt thinking about the full reason the air stone is in there, its also there to add oxygen to the water. so its just been getting still sitting water its whole life.


thankfully these girls are getting quite close to the end of their life, so no matter what happens it should make to big of a difference as they already look amazing,  but if it would be great if i could fix this and stop it from spreading even more.  so im going to try adding an airstone and cal-mag, however its 2 am for me and i work in 4 hours, so they can wait till tomorrow for that!

ill make another post after i fix that and then hopefully again in a few days to report that i have figured it out and solved the issue lol. 

Happy Growing everyone!

Posted : 07/05/2021 1:18 am Crispywannabe, JordanJ and OldWoman liked
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