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Mutt's Second Grow

First Attempt At Auto-Flowers

Hello everyone, very excited to be back for my second grow ever. And my first time joining a grow challenge right from the very beginning.

My first one was a ton of fun ( still underway, just flipped the other day.. I joined late.) I am so happy to have found this site and this amazing community.  I would not be as far as I am without you people! So thank you!  

Now on to my grow!!


Grow Space

  • 3x3 T-Tek Hydro Premium Grow tent
  • 6" AC Infinity Intake fan + 6" AC Infinity Exaust with smart controller
  • 6" AC Infinity Carbon Filter
  • 2x MonkeyFan Osscilating clip on fans (because it's the only brand I can get locally, feel free to suggest something better)
  • Going to install an auto drainage system eventually. 


  • 315watt CMH

Grow Media


From the website

Kryptonite is an all-natural, synthetic-free living soil. It's a fully amended living soil designed for the cannabis industry to use water only for the duration of your plant.


None for this grow as I'm trying out a super soil.

pot style / pot sized

  1. Starting in jiffy pellets
  2. Moving to solo cups
  3. Followed up by 3 gallon fabric pot (maybe be my final pot)
  4. Might try going to 5 gallon... will depend how the grow is going.

Even though I wrote fabric pot for the 3 gallon. Whatever my final pot size ends up being. Its definitely going to be an airpot.

Strain Details



Cannabis Grow 20210415 211017
Cannabis Grow 20210415 211111

From their website:

This is the auto-flower feminized version of our Afghani Kush. Selected from Afghani Kush genetics originating from British Columbia, Canada. Created from a popular Afghani/Hashplant from late 90s Vancouver that was hybridized with our original BC Kush, circa 1998.

  • 80 days from germination to harvest.
  • 17% THC
  • 0.4% CBD
  • 100cm tall
  • 140 gram per plant outdoors


I have a 2x3x2 T-Tek Hydro with a heat pad that I use. I keep everything between 26-29°c and completely dark. I use a T5 Led in there.

My process involves getting everything to temp before using it. I soak for 12 hours then move to paper towel.over night or until they germinate. At which point I move them to jiffy pellets in a humidity dome. Once the roots come out the bottom I move them to a solo cup and then eventually into my actual tent.



So all in all I'm ready for this grow. I have a grow under my belt (pretty much) and I have alot of resources for grow knowledge. And that's before I count this amazing site and you amazing people. 

Growing has become my new passion and I'm very happy I get to share it with you guys! Looking forward to another great grow! I could not be more excited.

Posted : 04/15/2021 9:56 pm love-2-grow, im1badmf, Green Mountain and 1 people liked

First off Happy 420!! Hope everyone is having an amazing day. So excited to get things rolling.  


I have my 4 cups with water set up and on the heating pad while I work. Will drop the seeds in when I go home for my next break. Let them soak and transfer them to paper towel later this evening!! 

Cannabis Grow 20210420 092607
Cannabis Grow 20210420 092625
Cannabis Grow 20210420 092713

Will post more pictures later as I get more done! 

Good luck everyone!!! Hope you all have a great day and an amazing grow! 

Posted : 04/20/2021 8:42 am CrackBabies and Green Mountain liked
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And we are off to a great start! 

Seeds put to soak at 2:45 pm

Cannabis Grow 20210420 144403

At 11:45 PM they were transferred to paper towel. 

Cannabis Grow 20210420 234123
Cannabis Grow 20210420 234257

And now I wait. Hopefully tomorrow they should be ready to move into jiffy pellets  so tonight I'll get then soaking and sitting on a heating pad aswell.

I picked up my flood table for the 3x3 tent tonight. Now I just need a pump and to build a stand to get it off the ground. And I'll have my auto drain system complete. Also picked my super soil up so I do believe I'm ready to go . Got my cmh set up and waiting. Only things I need are my circulation fan and my exaust fan. But I already have them just need to pick them up.  Will be a little bit before I need those though so not so worried at the moment. 

Cannabis Grow 20210420 233228

The live watch party was a blast this evening. Congrats to all the giveaway winners! 

Happy 420 friends! 

And most important! Happy growing. I wish you all luck on your grows 🙂

Posted : 04/20/2021 11:29 pm im1badmf and CrackBabies liked
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Hello again. 

Today was fun as expected. The process for germination I use is fantastic. I learned it from this site and I cant see myself ever doing anything else. This is my 4th time germinating seeds. The first time I just went for it without any research and I killed them all. The second set. I got 4 of 6 seeds to germinate using the method from this site. (May have only been because of dud seeds?)  And the 3rd and 4th (this time) I got 100% germination by getting all 4 seeds to germinate. Very exciting stuff.

I got home from work today and decided to check on the seeds. The taproot was showing but not quite long enough yet so I covered everything back up and left it alone. I checked again at 11:15 and they were ready to go!!! 

I would like to point out that I hear about it taking days to go from paper towel to ready to plant. But with adding the heat pad to the equation and soaking them first I've been able to have them in soil the next day. And this has proven true. All 3 times. Very impressed with myself and the germination technique.

Cannabis Grow 20210421 230611
Cannabis Grow 20210421 230722
Cannabis Grow 20210421 230814
Cannabis Grow 20210421 230906

I had my jiffy pellets soaking in water and sitting on a heating pad and their temperature matched to the temperature of the seeds that were soaking in paper towel so I set up my tray and proceeded to get everything ready to plant the seeds. 

Cannabis Grow 20210421 230213
Cannabis Grow 20210421 230527

I sterilized my tweezers with 99% iso and put the seeds into the holes I created. Taproot facing down. Then carefully pinched the wet jiffy pellet around the seed making sure it was covered but just barely.

I placed the humidity dome over them and placed them back into the tent. I decided to keep the light off until they sprout. 

Cannabis Grow 20210421 231159

So far so good! 1 day in and already planted. Definitely can not complain about that.  Already decided that I will not be doing any topping on this grow. So let's see how tall these girls can get!!

Happy Growing Everyone!

Posted : 04/22/2021 12:06 am Vid, im1badmf, Green Mountain and 2 people liked

Yesterday when I got home from work I was too tired to post. But two of the seeds had broken soil

Cannabis Grow 20210422 184814

Today I got home and all 4 had broken soil! 

Cannabis Grow 20210423 223018
Cannabis Grow 20210423 223028

Over the weekend I should be ready to move them to solo cups. That will be fun. 

I know in my first post I said that my final pots would be airports but I changed my mind. I learned about auto pots. And they seemed like a great idea when combined with kryptonite super soil. 

Cannabis Grow 20210423 200602
Cannabis Grow 20210423 200605

I also picked up some regular plastic 2 gallon pots For them to go into for a few weeks before going into the 7 gallon autopots. I feel like these girls are going to be monsters!!

Cant wait to watch them grow!!! Startimg to wonder if maybe it might be a good idea to mainline them.. but I really want to let them go and see how tall they get.. guess we will see what happens.

Posted : 04/23/2021 10:18 pm Green Mountain and Pablo liked

Today I was able to officially move my plant into the super soil. Yesterday 2 of the 4 were starting to show roots through the bottom  so I decided to wait a day before moving them to solo cups. The transplant went great! But they took a ton of water. I dont think I need to achieve run off with these but then I dont know how much to water them. Will be nice once i get them into the auto pots and no longer need to worry about it. 

Cannabis Grow 20210425 165911

Posted : 04/25/2021 10:06 pm

I want to start by saying I feel overwhelmed. I went into this feeling confident. But autos have taken my soul away lol.


I thought I new what I was doing. I had my transplant planning all ready and i was feeling good.

But I was talking to the breeder of my strain and he suggested going to the final pot after my solo cup and warned me not to let them get root bound at all or it would greatly effect size and yield. I started researching autos in a small state of panic. In my least favorite way.. Google. I should have taken my time and read my books and consulted with multiple people like I do for everything else but for some reason I started to feel like I fucked everything up.

Google made me feel as though I should have started them in their final containers as did the breeders comment. It seems crazy to me but seems to be the way most people deal with them.

When I first gained access to my new grow room. I put them in a 5x4 for the night. But I wanted to keep true to my grow and didnt want to have the change groups. So I out them back in the 3x3 the next day. I also panicked and planted them in their final containers a bit early. 

Cannabis Grow 20210429 001501
Cannabis Grow 20210429 001510
Cannabis Grow 20210429 001514
Cannabis Grow 20210429 001517
Cannabis Grow 20210429 001541
Cannabis Grow 20210429 001545
Cannabis Grow 20210429 001548

I actually had them under half cmh and half led in this tent as it was big and I couldn't and still cant decide which route I want to take. The cmh takes better pictures for sure... maybe I'll do a mix as shown in this picture. 

Cannabis Grow 20210501 011909
Cannabis Grow 20210501 011914
Cannabis Grow 20210501 011918

When I first put them in the 3x3 I used the led as I didnt ewant to burn them with the hot cmh. But I might have anyway or something else happened as I noticed some brown burnt looking spots on the leaves. But it doesn't appear to be on the new growth so um not to worried about it for now.

Cannabis Grow 20210502 234609
Cannabis Grow 20210502 234554
Cannabis Grow 20210502 234559
Cannabis Grow 20210502 234533
Cannabis Grow 20210502 234545

Finally got them under the cmh and doing great. They are growing very slowly but I'm hoping that's because they are building a crazy root system... guess only time will tell.... 

I think in the future I will just stick with my transplant shedual.. yikes lol..


Autos might not be for me. I might prefer photos. But i will get a few grows of each under my belt before I make that call.. 


Happy growing everyone!!

Posted : 05/03/2021 12:32 am im1badmf, Green Mountain and OldWoman liked

Looks like they’re progressing nicely. Good job

Posted : 05/05/2021 7:26 am
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Really sorry I haven't been updating more. Thought these girls were not doing great but then they started exploding!!!! 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210516 205249 150
Cannabis Grow 20210517 225158
Cannabis Grow 20210517 225156

One thing that I'm not happy about us that they are showing me sex already :/ I wanted them to get alot bigger!!!

I'm assuming this is my fault due to solo cups? I'm really hearing from alot of people that autos need to be started in their final pot.   And I guess I'm seeing why already.. 

Cannabis Grow 20210517 230010
Cannabis Grow 20210517 225959
Cannabis Grow 20210517 230004
Cannabis Grow 20210517 225941
Cannabis Grow 20210517 225947

There is things about growing autos I'm really enjoying and things I'm not. But I won't give up. I'll finish this grow and try a couple more before I decide if I like autos or not..

Posted : 05/17/2021 10:22 pm Green Mountain and OldWoman liked
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I've made this grow way too auto pilot.  


The auto pots keep everything perfectly watered. And the reservoir only needs to be filled every week to two weeks.  

Because I choose living soil. I don't even mix anything with the water. I just ph adjust and dump it in. 

I learned very early on the importance of ph adjusting. But once I started doing that properly. Everything has been smooth sailing. 

They are autos so I set my light to 20 and 4 and I won't worry about it again till the grow is over.. 

I check on the plants sometimes but there isnt much to do.

Cannabis Grow 20210524 235910
Cannabis Grow 20210524 235907
Cannabis Grow 20210524 235913
Cannabis Grow 20210524 235904
Cannabis Grow 20210524 235901

I learned that transplanting them to early can be just as bad as to late. So it's likely that has to do with why they flipped so soon. 

I think next time. I'm going to try and grow straight in the final pot. But I'm not giving up on transplanting. Just want a bit of experience growing autos first.

Cannabis Grow 20210524 235946
Cannabis Grow 20210524 235948

Thanks everyone for following along. I know it seems I've been inactive and not attentive to this grow. But I have been there just isnt very much to do with the setup I choose.  

I can see some major benefits to it. But it's kind of boring for someone who likes to be actively apart of the grow. Perhaps I'll mainline next time to keep things interesting.  But it's great as a second grow because it helps me not get overwhelmed.  However I can say without a doubt I am learning a fair bit from this grow. Which is what matters.. 

Tomorrow I'm going to try to find time to trim these girls up. If I do I'll make sure to make a post about it. 

I've also started growing autoflower cannabonsai plants. I'm really enjoying doing that. If your interested check out my other grow in the NYGC as the post I made tonight I through a few pictures of my bonsai in.  I think she's coming along really nicely.


Happy growing everyone!! 


Posted : 05/25/2021 12:34 am OldWoman liked

Things were getting pretty crowded in here.

Cannabis Grow 20210525 233717
Cannabis Grow 20210525 233656

So I went to work with my snips.

Cannabis Grow 20210525 234637

Some of those leaves were HUGE!!! 

Now she has room to breath and grow. And isnt blocking the light and stepping on her own toes.

Cannabis Grow 20210525 234640
Cannabis Grow 20210525 234644

Enjoying watching these grow. And am learning alot about autos so all in all this grow is a win. And they are starting to smell really nice. 


Between this grow and my other one. With no carbon filters installed yet. It's starting to smell pretty amazing outside my house!

Posted : 05/25/2021 11:29 pm Green Mountain and OldWoman liked
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Hello everyone!!! Things have been going great! These girls bushed right out and today I had to trim them up again. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 20210530 211839 635

They are looking amazing though! 

Cannabis Grow 20210530 204408
Cannabis Grow 20210530 204411

It's really cool to watch them grow straight up without being topped. I'm starting to realize it may have been a mistake and I may quickly come to regret it. But it has been tremendously educational and I've very happy I did it. However I can say without a doubt that I will be topping them in the future. 

Cannabis Grow 20210529 234633

The day before yesterday I noticed that the plants were going to all need water the next day. But yesterday i got busy until quite late in the evening! By the time I got to it, the reservoir has gone dry. 

Cannabis Grow 20210530 002909

However I don't think this was a huge issue as I know for a fact there was water in there the day before and the soil was still wet. 

So I filled it up with water ph adjusted to around 6.2 and left it for the night. The pots themselves (where it holds water at the bottom, not the soil itself) had gone dry so i had to check today and make sure water got back into them and I didn't need to bleed the air out of the line. 

Cannabis Grow 20210530 203229
Cannabis Grow 20210530 203222

All good to go. I need to be more careful in the future. 

Now to zoom in a bit. I was happy to see that these buds are starting to get frosty! I was a little concerned because I'm literally only giving them ph adjust water and nothing else  combined with Kyrptonite Living Soil. 

Cannabis Grow 20210530 220632
Cannabis Grow 20210530 220621
Cannabis Grow 20210530 220608

I must say I'm VERY pleased with how these girls are growing for my first time growing autos. 

The one in the back corner seems to have stopped or at least heavily slowed its stretch. And is starting to get bigger buds. But the others have been growing still. Hoping they all stop soon. 

The next picture was before I moved my light up tonight.

Cannabis Grow 20210530 203419

As you can see the one plant just wont stop reaching for the sky!!! I've had to move my light up multiple times but I think I'm almost at the limit. I might be able to get it up a little more but if it keeps going like this I'm going to have to install the height extension on the tent! 

Cannabis Grow 20210530 204537
Cannabis Grow 20210530 204519


I guess the light probably needs room to breath so truthfully I probably shouldn't go any higher without the height extension... so guess we will see what happens over the next few days..  

And that basically finishes this update. I just realized that I haven't started counting flip days yet. And they have flipped now without a doubt. So I will have to add that. 

Things have been going amazing and I have learned so much! Cant wait to watch and see how big and frosty these buds can get!!! 

Also! Carbon filter will be here tomorrow so if I can get it installed tomorrow night I will definitely post pictures of that! 

I hope everyone is having as good a time as I am and also learning as much as I am. Growing is so amazing and I'm so happy to have found it and such an amazing group of people to share it with and learn from!  

Happy Growing Everyone!!! 


Posted : 05/30/2021 9:32 pm Green Mountain, OldWoman and JordanJ liked
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wow, this i without a doubt the longest ive gone without making a post. Things have been crazy what can i say. i feel like im doing a bad job with this journal, which makes me sad but I also think its in part becuase i dont do much with these girls.

Cannabis Grow 20210601 221148
Cannabis Grow 20210601 221131
Cannabis Grow 20210601 221129
Cannabis Grow 20210601 221127
Cannabis Grow 20210601 221124
Cannabis Grow 20210601 221050
Cannabis Grow 20210601 221031

my carbon filter came and got installed, and this were looking great. im super happy with how these girls are progressing.

Cannabis Grow 20210608 225415
Cannabis Grow 20210608 225413
Cannabis Grow 20210608 225409
Cannabis Grow 20210608 225407
Cannabis Grow 20210608 225402
Cannabis Grow 20210608 225355
Cannabis Grow 20210608 225345
Cannabis Grow 20210608 222404

above are some pictures from the 8th, i needed to trim so i did, and things still looked great.

Cannabis Grow 20210608 225620
Cannabis Grow 20210608 225611
Cannabis Grow 20210608 225606
Cannabis Grow 20210608 225555
Cannabis Grow 20210608 225536

the buds on the one are getting fat and amazing, but it flipped before the others so they are catching up but everything is getting really frosty and starting to stink!!!!! its awesome!

however this is where things changed..

Cannabis Grow 20210613 232814
Cannabis Grow 20210613 232811
Cannabis Grow 20210613 232809
Cannabis Grow 20210613 232807
Cannabis Grow 20210613 232803
Cannabis Grow 20210613 232759
Cannabis Grow 20210613 232756
Cannabis Grow 20210613 232753

as you can see, the one plant in the front corner has started to show burnt leaves that are curling up and so burnt they are broken. I did have the resivoir run empty on me 1 more time but like last time, i caught it before the soil had dried up. 

this was very confusing for me, as im growing in living soil. so they only get ph adjusted water, and im using auto pots so they all get the same water. something wasnt adding up. 

Cannabis Grow 20210615 233348
Cannabis Grow 20210615 233346
Cannabis Grow 20210615 233343
Cannabis Grow 20210615 233339
Cannabis Grow 20210615 233333
Cannabis Grow 20210615 233320
Cannabis Grow 20210615 233313

things just kept getting worse! so i trimmed all the dead off, and got her looking great again, and then a few days later. it all came back as you can see below...

Cannabis Grow 20210619 165550
Cannabis Grow 20210619 165541
Cannabis Grow 20210619 165536
Cannabis Grow 20210619 165358
Cannabis Grow 20210619 165351
Cannabis Grow 20210619 165341
Cannabis Grow 20210619 165320

threw all this i was searching for any reason as to why it could be happening, as i mentioned before, everything is the exact same for all 4 so i couldnt figure it out. i went searching for answers, alot of people told me that it was most likely under or over water, i also was told by a few people that they needed calmag, now the over underwater thing, is confusing  as i use auto pots and an seeing no adverse side effects at all in the other plants, and the calmag thing confuses me because the soil i use is advertised as for cannabis and they say to just add water for the duration of the grow, so i felt it had to be something more,.  i noticed small flies, and thought it could be fungas gnats, but ive come to find out that its most likely not. after days and days of this and not knowing what to do. i finally decided to get down to floor level and check the mini resivoirs thats on each pot, turns on the valve that allows the water to flow in to the pot when its low was stuck shut and that pot was bone dry. so i got in unstuck and it filled with water. i know honestly thing that was the issue the whole time and she has been getting seriously underwatered. its just too bad it took me so long to find it because i lost some serious bud size in the process. i will finish this post with some pictures that i litterally just took a few minutes ago, i got some beautiful buds in there, the 3 that didnt suffer look incredible, the buds are getting MASSIVE! its great, but you can see how much smaller the buds are on the 1 girl, she still has some time to grow though so hopefully she can still pull off a reasonable amount of decent smoke!

Cannabis Grow 20210621 192750
Cannabis Grow 20210621 192735
Cannabis Grow 20210621 192715
Cannabis Grow 20210621 192703
Cannabis Grow 20210621 192651
Cannabis Grow 20210621 192633
Cannabis Grow 20210621 192620
Cannabis Grow 20210621 192605
Cannabis Grow 20210621 192447
Cannabis Grow 20210621 192441
Cannabis Grow 20210621 192433
Cannabis Grow 20210621 192423
Cannabis Grow 20210621 192419
Cannabis Grow 20210621 192418
Cannabis Grow 20210621 192412
Cannabis Grow 20210621 192406

so tonight my plan is to top feed the girls, then hope things go back to normal, maybe it will give her some cool colors. hopefully it has time to catch up in bud production though!  

i must say im BLOWN away by the size of the buds ive managed to get with this cmh in this 3x3, its incredible. i need a bigger light for my other tent obviously.. lol 

im learning so much its crazy, im really enjoying sharing it with you guys, i just wish i did it more, im going to blame it on the auto pots and how little work is involved in this grow. though i think ive already used that excuse, but thats my story and im sticking to it! lol

i like to think that i make up for not making alot of posts by making good in depth posts when i do post. so hopefully what im doing is working,. 

i say it everytime i post i think, im really going to try and post more often! but for now.. HAPPY GROWING EVERYONE! i hope everyone is having as much fun as i am, and is learning as much as i am! 


Posted : 06/21/2021 7:45 pm Crispywannabe and OldWoman liked

Im finding it really hard to get nice pictures with my CMH light and my Galaxcy S7 i need to upgrade my phone or get a camera soon. this is getting old haha. 

top watering went well, and i hope that plant continues to grow, but it looks weird and i think i spotted a single seed, yikes. but i guess if i dont have atleast one fucked up plant im doing something wrong, so theres that. the buds on the others look unreal, ive used no additives at all this time, i wanted to see what the soil could do with just water, and i must say im blown away, next time im going to be adding some stuff for sure though, just havent decided what yet.

i will get sand before the weekend to get rid of the gnats as they are annoying as hell and i hate seeing them in there.other then that not alot to update today. i will try and do another one over the weekend when i add sand!

Cannabis Grow 20210622 220722
Cannabis Grow 20210622 220657
Cannabis Grow 20210622 220651
Cannabis Grow 20210622 220648
Cannabis Grow 20210622 220604
Cannabis Grow 20210622 220600
Cannabis Grow 20210622 220554
Cannabis Grow 20210622 220545
Cannabis Grow 20210622 220541
Cannabis Grow 20210622 220532
Cannabis Grow 20210622 220510


Happy Growing everyone!

Posted : 06/22/2021 11:10 pm Crispywannabe and OldWoman liked

Hello everyone!

not a big update today, i havent gotten sand because the sticky pads seem to be doing an adequate job. everything else seems to be going well. the one plant kind of looks like shit, but i know it is because of the watering issues i had. so i will just deal with it and try to do better next time, the buds are getting massive, its amazing, another couple weeks and ill be cutting these girls down and hanging them to dry, pretty excied for that. and cant wait to get the next grow going! Here are a few pictures, nothing crazy, some nice shots of my bigger colas though

Cannabis Grow 20210627 152026
Cannabis Grow 20210627 152020
Cannabis Grow 20210627 151937
Cannabis Grow 20210627 151905
Cannabis Grow 20210627 151858
Cannabis Grow 20210627 151831
Cannabis Grow 20210627 151828
Cannabis Grow 20210627 151824

thats it for my post today, the plants look amazing, im trying to figure out what addatives i can put in next time to make them even better but for now, im beyond happy with this living soil and ph adjusted water combo i have going on.

Happy growing everyone

Posted : 06/27/2021 6:58 pm Crispywannabe, OldWoman and JordanJ liked
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