Winner of the Mars-Hydro 4/20 "New Space" Giveaway Announced!

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As many of you know, the SAFC began this week on 4/20. We kicked off the Challenge with a “New Space” Giveaway sponsored by Mars-Hydro! Everyone gathered in the chat room on the evening of 4/20 to celebrate the holiday as a community and to see the winner of the “New Space” Giveaway chosen and announced in real time! The numbers drawn during the California State Lottery Daily 3 evening drawing on 4/20 were “389”, making @Roadhousegotbud our big winner with the number “391”. Congratulations on the win, Roadhouse!

@Roadhousegotbud won a Mars-Hydro grow kit! The grow kit features a 2' x 4' tent, exhaust fan, TSL 2000 fixture, and a few other handy things for setting up a grow! The TSL 2000 is a dimmable, full spectrum LED Grow Light with a simple design and minimal components. The Quantum Board style helps to distribute the light evenly across the coverage area and each region in the coverage area receives optimal photon densities as a result. The TSL 2000 is the ideal fixture for 4’ x 2’ coverage! To see more of what this light has to offer, check out Dr. Coco's Official Test Report of the TSL 2000.

We all had a great time seeing the winner announced during the Live Watch Party on 4/20! Everyone enjoyed spending time together for the green holiday, and we even gave away a couple of bonus prizes to our second runners-up who were also present in chat for the Live Watch Party. Congratulations to our runner-up winners, @Berkshirebud and @Crackbabies! They will both receive Coco for Cannabis T-shirts.

Thank you to everyone who attended the Live Watch Party and to all of the growers who signed up for the SAFC this year! We are going to have a great Challenge, grow some great plants, and give away some great prizes! Make sure to keep checking the SAFC Giveaway page for updates on all our upcoming giveaways!


With Grower Love,

JordanJ, your Spring Auto Flower Challenge host

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Congrats to the winners!! ✌

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