June Journal of the Month Winner Announced!!

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Congratulations, @Beefcake, our winner of the SAFC June Journal of the Month competition! Beefcake has kept a great Challenge journal this month documenting their grow of Pineapple Express and Strawberry Cheesecake. The name of these strains alone is enough to make your mouth water! Beefcake has also done a great job on his grow, and his plants are looking happy, healthy, and almost ready to harvest! Check out Beefcake's SAFC Journal to see for yourself! The prize Beefcake won is a ViparSpectra P1000! This is a great little grow light meant to fully light a 2' x 2' space. It is also a good choice for seedlings, clones, and mother plants, too!

Congratulations again to the winner and to all of this month's nominees! We had a lot of great grow journals this month, and all of the nominees were very deserving of the recognition. Thank you all for keeping excellent grow journals this month!

The SAFC is nearing its end! Many of us have already harvested our plants or are very close to doing so. With the end of the Challenge come the End of Grow Awards. Make sure to keep checking the SAFC Giveaway page regularly to see this year's nominees and prizes announced soon!

Posted : 07/08/2021 5:18 pm
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