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This year, the SAFC is organized into six different Challenge groups based on the size of your grow space. Each group has its own cosmic theme and a group leader who would love to welcome you to the SAFC. Read their invitations below, select your group, and follow the link to start your journal!


Asteroids - Group Leader: @Alma M

Welcome to Asteroids, for everyone growing in less than 6 sq ft. We may be small but we can still grow fire! About me, I'm a small space grower with a 20"x36" tent in a small apartment. I've been growing for a couple of years, first in coco/synthetics and recently in soil/organics. It's been a process and a struggle to find out what works best for me, but I will always be learning and hope we can learn from each other!
Planets - Group Leader: @BBudz420
Heyyyy, I'm BBudz420 and Welcome to the: Planets Group for grow spaces between 6 and 8.5 sq.ft! Work with a 2'x4' area? This is your group! I love to see some beautiful strains, and I'm sure you do too! Come on and join the rest of the Planets and get aligned with your favorite strain! Whether you're in coco, Soil/Soiless, DWC or Stone Wool too, we are here just for you!
Suns - Group Leader: @Green Mountain
Spring is officially here! With the spring comes the warmth and light from the spring sun encouraging the seeds to leap out and begin to grow. I am Green Mountain and I will be leading the Suns Group this year. Our spaces will range from 8.6 to 12.5 sq. ft. I have had various 3'×3' tents over the years and feel it’s often the perfect grow space for many growers. Do not get left in the cold depths of space, join us and we’ll put you under our sun so you can fill your jars with green!
Solar Systems - Group Leader: @Teewhy
Hey there, fellow growmies! I invite you to join me (Teewhy) in this year's Spring Auto Flower Challenge 2021. Let the gravitational forces pull you into the right orbit by selecting the Solar Systems group, which covers growers using a space that is between 12.6 and 20.5 sq. ft. in total (commonly found in 4x4 tents!)
Galaxies - Group Leader: @Choo
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away..... Wait! The time is now and the Galaxy is the grow challenge group you want to be part of. We grow, in the biggest environment, some of the largest plants and crops around. If you've got a grow space around the size of a 5'x5' or more, Galaxies is the place to be. Come join me and we'll rule the galaxy of CFC. The SAFC is coming on us fast so be ready for 4/20. I look forward to growing with you.
Black Holes - Group Leader: @Rusty
​​​​​​​The Black Hole Grow Group is for growers that don't fit into the other categories. Maybe you grow in multiple tents, maybe outside, maybe in a funny shaped closet or shower, maybe your precise location in the space-time continuum cannot be precisely determined.  Nothing escapes a black hole, come on over and join Rusty and the other misfits!
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