SAFC Solar Systems: First Time Auto Dance

This will be my first time growing autos. My veg room lights normally run 24hrs a day but I’m setting a timer for 20/4. I am planning on doing four plants under a 4 foot 8 build T5  so my space will be roughly 4x4. 

Posted : 04/20/2021 8:07 am teewhy liked

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Cannabis Grow FD966C02 71D5 4A17 A663 49475A61EB22
Cannabis Grow 5BD6D55C 411A 4BB8 B5EE FEFE1AC66C20
Cannabis Grow 67FF551A 861D 41DD BCCF C6C496272652

I started this strain early. She went into the soil on the 3rd of April 

Posted : 04/20/2021 8:19 am

I use the wet TP 🧻 method to germinate 

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then I put em back into their little ziplock 

Cannabis Grow image

Then folded into a paper lunch bag then a towel and placed in the veg room on a warm seedling mat. 

Posted : 04/20/2021 8:39 am

day 1 in the dirt. Wooooo!😀 I’m gonna do a little side by side experiment with the two gorilla Glue plants by starting one in a larger pot they will both be transplanted into the same 6 gallon later on but I wanna see how they react to different amounts of starting media.

Cannabis Grow 4091141B CF2F 47D9 A0AA B15C8ADF513A
Cannabis Grow 697C214D 420A 465E AC29 B9D113BDCC6B
Cannabis Grow 36402BF8 C1A3 4960 B8C5 3CA87F6FDB7D
Cannabis Grow 8DBB46F2 5724 436B A32C A68E698D8EAE
Cannabis Grow 631174E9 62A6 404B A1B7 E21F72465FD0

Posted : 04/22/2021 6:53 am

Cannabis Grow 26C39041 BEC8 4FDD 8163 73D4A6DE9C63
Cannabis Grow F94D308A 72E1 45A6 9B41 537063B7BCF6
Cannabis Grow 8081254F 9E5D 4CDD 9943 6A2FF32A8384
Cannabis Grow 5D210704 F0E4 42C4 99A9 2B57A70AF332
Cannabis Grow C11D5E41 0367 4DF7 89A4 60B456D26D93

😀 looking like I’m 5 for 5.  How many weeks do autos typically take from seed? 

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CBD 20:1

Cannabis Grow image


Cannabis Grow image

Wedding Cheesecake

Cannabis Grow image

Gorilla Glue 1&2

Cannabis Grow image

im not observing any differences between the two GGs yet 


Posted : 04/28/2021 6:48 am teewhy liked

Wedding cheesecake Auto is the slowest 🐌 plant of the bunch

Cannabis Grow image

Stardawg Auto looking good so far

Cannabis Grow image

Gorilla 🦍 Glue Auto 1&2 still pretty much neck and neck. I'm really digging the look of these stubby indica style leaves. I need some sleep meds in my life.

Cannabis Grow image

Lastly here's the wife's CBD 20:1 Auto

Cannabis Grow image

Cannabis Grow image

Posted : 05/03/2021 6:38 am

CBD 20:1 auto. Look at this thing?! I can believe how fast it's flowering... It's gonna be a small plant that's for sure. Should I transplant it? It's in a 2 gallon bag now.

Cannabis Grow 3C62B4DF 288C 4D70 BDFC 4FA41F4C9040
Cannabis Grow 6091948B 63D9 4671 BA11 0FD8FF98DEDA
Cannabis Grow 31B64973 D164 4E9A 9561 5AD46665D618

Posted : 05/07/2021 7:01 am

Pretty pitiful first time auto grow for me….. it all went into edibles 

Posted : 02/18/2022 6:45 pm