SAFC Solar Systems: Fast Buds: Pineapple Express: 1st Autos!

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SAFC Solar Systems: Fast Buds: Pineapple Express: 1st Autos!

Hey Growmies,

I will be growing auto flower seeds for the very first time! For this milestone I have selected Pineapple Express from Fast buds as SAFC was announced while I was watching the movie Pineapple Express 🙂 I will also be using rockwool cubes for the first time as well. I got the small seedling starter cubes that drop into the 6x6x6 groblocks. I'm hoping to have smaller plants than usual but more of them. I want to keep them small and bushy so I do not end up with foxtails because they grew directly into the lights like my NYGC.

Posted : 04/16/2021 9:48 am Knah and teewhy liked
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Up up and away. So far 3 are up and about an inch or two tall where the other 2 are just about to break above ground. This will make 5 out of 5 for the first time in rockwool. Now they are under a small blurple led until large enough to move into tent.

Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20210426 000426 Photos

Posted : 04/25/2021 9:04 pm Knah and OrganicAutosMi liked

Had to cut a second groblock to act as support to correct a crazy seedling from committing suicide.  Still 4 of 5. Or maybe 3 1/2 🤔

Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20210504 144813 Photos

Posted : 05/04/2021 4:47 pm Knah liked

Tomorrow is transplant day. Last pic before they move to the 6x6x6 groblocks!

Cannabis Grow 20210507 202522
Cannabis Grow 20210507 202533
Cannabis Grow 20210507 202807

Posted : 05/07/2021 5:31 pm OldWoman and Knah liked

Transplant day was successful. Second tent up and running! Cant wait to see how this Photontek performs!

Cannabis Grow 20210509 155616
Cannabis Grow 20210509 154716
Cannabis Grow 20210509 154007

Posted : 05/10/2021 6:18 am CodFishJoe, teewhy, Knah and 2 people liked
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Day 4 out of state and worrying about the girls.  Luckily I put a camera in the res so I can see when I need to send someone to refill...hopefully she remembers what I taught her about using a ph pen!


Cannabis Grow Screenshot 20210517 111527 Blink

Posted : 05/18/2021 4:27 am OldWoman liked

Home and all is well! Off with their heads! Hopefully it wasn't to late as a few pistils are already showing...

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Posted : 05/25/2021 7:31 pm OldWoman liked

Really starting to take off after that topping. Passion sent me this article is anyone is interested...

Cannabis Grow 20210529 093103

Posted : 05/29/2021 12:24 pm OldWoman liked

Another update. Continue to feed 5.7-6.2 as my res swings over the 4 days it takes to empty at 3x hff/day. Dialed back EC a tad as I was noticing some burnt tips. Autos definitely have a "look to them" where you can easily tell one from a photo. Must be the ruderalis ?


Cannabis Grow 20210601 122358
Cannabis Grow 20210601 122322

Posted : 06/01/2021 9:53 am OldWoman liked

Updated pic after removing some growth nodes from underneath 

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Posted : 06/05/2021 9:42 am OldWoman liked

Girls today

Cannabis Grow 20210609 160315
Cannabis Grow 20210609 160309

Posted : 06/09/2021 2:35 pm OldWoman and teewhy liked

The Pineapples are really starting look like pineapples! Smells super sweet with a hint of gasoline. Also added a new member to the tent. Cut from Berkshires unicorn sherbet!

Cannabis Grow 20210616 210058
Cannabis Grow 20210616 210201
Cannabis Grow 20210616 210143
Cannabis Grow 20210616 174807

Posted : 06/17/2021 7:44 am OldWoman, teewhy and ThekidGrows liked
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Moved the groblock in order to take a better picture and check trics for cloudiness/amber. To my unwanted surprise a few of these little critters came scurrying out in the flood tray. 🙁 I quickly looked for any signs in the plants of which I could find none. I then dumped a gal of h2o2 in the flood tray and wiped clean. Hopefully that's all I find...oh, I did find a tiny spider as well but no webs. :/

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Posted : 06/28/2021 4:56 am OldWoman liked

Still waiting on that amber...I purchased some GH Ripen for the first time. I think I am going to give it a try for this last week or 2.

Girls are looking great!

Cannabis Grow 20210630 163401 2

Posted : 07/06/2021 5:52 am teewhy, Knut and OldWoman liked

Welp, I made a last minute decision to harvest based on traveling next weekend and most of the tops being more than ready. Had a good mix of cloudy and amber. Unfortunately due to a dense canopy some of the under canopy buds were not yet ripe. They were dense and well formed however they are very un ripe. I will press/wash these once dried. The tops were absolute rocks, one of the most dense buds I've ever grown. In the drying rack in basement which is stable around 66f and 53rh. Hopefully this is the sweet spot and 96RH outside wont cause mold. Fingers crossed :/

Cannabis Grow 20210712 111110
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Posted : 07/12/2021 8:24 am Zaaboot and OldWoman liked