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A little behind the ball for the grow. Had some life things to take care of. 

Starting my seeds today in Roots Organic 707. I did add a little extra perlite and mixed in a healthy dose of Dynomyco. The seeds were placed on top of a bed of Dynomyco as well. I've had a very high success rate with this direct sow method so I'm sticking with it. Should start seeing some progress by the weekend. 

I'll probably be pushing my tent a little running 8 photos in 7 gallon pots. Four seeds are regular and four are FEM. I'll be using Farmer Freeman to test the regs and if I catch the males early with the test I'll drop more seeds. 

Running a fun variety this time around:

x2 - Ogre Breath (GMO x Meathbreath) by 808

x2 - Peanut Butter Baklava (Peanut Butter Breath x Grape Cream Cake) this is a cross breed a buddy of mine experimented with

x2 - Wedding Cake by Seedsman

x1 - Alien Rock Candy by Seedsman

x1 - Sour Diesel by Seedsman


All the Seedsman seeds are the FEMs.

I gave the seeds a turkey baster squeeze full of water with humic, Fermented Plant Extract made from cannabis leaves, root ball ferment, and Azos. Hopefully this mixture will encourage rapid root growth. 

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It's been 20 since the seeds were planted. I am pleased to report all 8 have sprouted and are doing well. One of the Peanut Butter Baklava plants is a little smaller than all the rest but hopefully she'll ger past it.

I forgot to mention in my last post that all the seeds were started in solo cups. I have clear solo cups sitting inside red Solo cups so I can monitor root progress. All the roots are looking fantastic!


4 days after the seeds sprouted I started to add Build-A-Bloom (BAB for short going forward) and Soy Amino acids. The last feeding I added a small amount of Bloom ferment as well.

Currently the full feeding regimen includes high quality humates, Soy Aminos, BAB, fermented plant extract (FPE), root ferment, and Extreme Home Gardening Azos. This mixture is slightly different from my last run so excited to see how it turns out.

All the plants have a lovely shade of green and healthy looking roots. I sent out my Farmer Freeman tests on Saturday for the Peanut Butter Baklava and Ogre Breath so hopefully they're all ladies. If any of them turn out to be male ill probably just dip into a couple for FEM seeds for the replacements. 

Some of the plants started touching the top of the humidity dome today so I got the tent situated for their final home. Right now I just have one of my Spider Farmer SF-4000 on and set to 18/6.

Cannabis Grow 20220206 235145
Cannabis Grow 20220206 235246
Cannabis Grow 20220206 235421
Cannabis Grow 20220206 235649
Cannabis Grow 20220206 235800
Cannabis Grow 20220206 161548

Happy growing everyone! 

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I saw that this challenge is pretty much over. Not sure if anyone will see these but I wanted to post an update. Apologies for not keeping up with it but after starting late and deciding not to flip on the recommended flop date keeping the journal updated just kind of fell outside of my things to do in my busy schedule.

I flipped on April 2nd. The photos I'm posting are from last night. Things are going pretty well. Turned out on of my Peanut Butter Baklava was a male so only have one of those runnings. This is the definitely my best run so far in my firts year of growing . 75 day veg. It's probably a good thing I didn't have 8 plants to run or they wouldn't have fit if I vegged them all this long. First time I've had to use the back door flaps to water the plants. 


Stepped away from running so much soy in my feedings. Plants only got soy two or three times in veg. Add some Build-A-Bloom in veg at the same time the soy was fed. Stopped Soy 2 weeks before flip. Increased BAB to 1 tbsp per gallon. 

Also just added 1 Tbsp of Down To Earth Rose and Flower 4-8-4 as a top dressing and covered with worm castings on Wednesday. 

Cannabis Grow 20220414 215827

Cannabis Grow 20220414 215803

Cannabis Grow 20220414 220409
Cannabis Grow 20220414 220002
Cannabis Grow 20220414 220054
Cannabis Grow 20220414 215958
Cannabis Grow 20220414 215925
Cannabis Grow 20220414 215842
Cannabis Grow 20220414 215735

Cannabis Grow 20220414 215728

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Happy 420

After work bowl kicked my ass😵

Day 17 on these babies, I'm just ready to see some bud on these ladies. 

Right now these 7 gallon pots are getting 3000 ml every two days. Which is just 1000ml over 5 gallons total for all 7 pots.

Feeding schedule goes

1st feeding of rotation

1/8 tsp humic acid per gallon

1 tbsp Build-a-bloom per gallon

1 tbsp solution grade langbeinite per 5 gallons

5ml cannabis leaf ferment per gallon

5ml root ferment per gallon

3ml bloom ferment per gallon (will probably bump to 5ml per gallon later in flower) 

2 tsp Mikro-Bloom Wizard per gallon


2nd feeding in the rotation is just the Humic acid, root ferment and cannabis leaf ferment

3rd feeding in rotation is same as first feeding except instead of the Langbeinite they're getting 1 tbsp of diamond k gypsum and no bloom ferment, no mikro bloom wizard. 

4th feeding in rotation is the same as 2nd feeding. 


Tent is smelling better every day already. Just so ready for those buds!!!

Cannabis Grow 20220420 200605
Cannabis Grow 20220420 200554
Cannabis Grow 20220420 200537
Cannabis Grow 20220420 200524
Cannabis Grow 20220420 200517

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Photos are from flower Day 22. Bud sites are just getting bigger every day. Very happy plants should make very happy flowers.

I think I'm pushing the limits on what my Spider-Farmer SF4000s can do. They're meant for a 4x4 foot print and the tent is a 5x10. I have the ladies as close as they can be so we'll see how they do. At any rate I can't wait for the bud to start stacking.

I did trim just a few leaves from each of the plants to make sure there wasn't bud sites being blocked.

Cannabis Grow 20220424 222839
Cannabis Grow 20220424 223226
Cannabis Grow 20220423 214612
Cannabis Grow 20220424 222817
Cannabis Grow 20220424 223003
Cannabis Grow 20220424 223011
Cannabis Grow 20220424 223053
Cannabis Grow 20220424 223216
Cannabis Grow 20220424 222828
Cannabis Grow 20220424 222845
Cannabis Grow 20220424 222821
Cannabis Grow 20220424 222907
Cannabis Grow 20220424 223159
Cannabis Grow 20220424 222920
Cannabis Grow 20220424 223137


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New lights arrived this past Saturday, April 30th. I set them up that night after work. Was a fairly easy swap. Just removed the smaller Ogre Kush from the tent and slid the rest around to give me enough room to do one light at a time.

I hung the main frame with the driver first and then snapped the end pieces into place. It was pretty simple to install the light bars after that. Had to pull out a couple more bungee cords to pull the exhaust fan ducting into the corner of the tent so I had enough room on the left side of the tent.

The new light coverage is much better and the plants already seem to be benefitting from the new set up. It could have just been time for the stacking to start happening but it just seems crazy how it seemed to have picked up steam after the new lights went up. 

Big photo dump, all pics are from Monday evening when the plants were on day 30 of flower.

Cannabis Grow 20220502 215609
Cannabis Grow 20220501 000000
Cannabis Grow 20220430 235947


Wedding Cake 1

Cannabis Grow 20220501 185928
Cannabis Grow 20220502 214857
Cannabis Grow 20220502 214935


Wedding Cake 2

Cannabis Grow 20220502 215109
Cannabis Grow 20220502 215059
Cannabis Grow 20220502 215038


Ogre Breath 1

Cannabis Grow 20220502 215150
Cannabis Grow 20220502 215135


Ogre Breath 2

Cannabis Grow 20220502 215237


Peanut Butter Baklava 

Cannabis Grow 20220502 215332
Cannabis Grow 20220502 215324


Sour Diesel

Cannabis Grow 20220502 215527
Cannabis Grow 20220502 215518
Cannabis Grow 20220502 215506
Cannabis Grow 20220502 215419
Cannabis Grow 20220502 215438


Alien Rock Candy

Cannabis Grow 20220502 215545
Cannabis Grow 20220502 215542
Cannabis Grow 20220502 215454


Things should really start picking up from here. I noticed the first bit of purple fade on the Peanut Butter Baklava. Ready to see what other colors I get as the fade starts to hit all of them.


Happy growing everyone! 



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Was watering the girls last night when something caught my eye on one of the Ogre Breaths. 

Cannabis Grow 20220506 214941

Upon further inspection I found a 2nd node of nanners. I checked the other Ogre Breath and found a set of nanners of it as well. Out of the 7 plants the Ogre Breaths have been lagging behind the rest in bud development. So that with the combo of finding the pollen sacs is enough for me to remove them from the tent. 

I grabbed some of my gardening wire and gently wrapped it around the plants so the branches were closer together. Then I placed a large garbage bag over the top and removed them from the tent. Just hoping I didn't spread pollen around when I changed the lights out as the smaller Ogre Kush was the one I removed from the tent and I was moving the other around quite a bit.

I checked the rest of the plants quite throughly and didn't see any other signs of hermes so I'm pretty confident it was Genetics passed down from breeding. Big time bummer, don't even feel like running any more of those seeds.

I would say the only good thing that came out of this is being able to reorganize the rest of the ladies to have more room and less time in trim jail when harvesting is done. 

I'll probably just compost the plants, at day 34 I doubt their trichomes are really developed enough to be worth any effort of trying to use. Not sure i want to use the leaves for an FPJ either. It would probably be fine I just have a ton already and would rather not use a whole plants worth of hermed plant leaves to make a FPJ.

Happy growing everyone! 

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Flower Day 52

Took some night time flash photos. Girls are looking sparkly!

Seems like the Wedding Cakes and Sour Diesel didnt quite get enough nutrients and started to show deficiency a week or two ago. I'm pretty sure it was deficiency as the soil was recycled but not really amended too much. Probably didn't top dress heavily enough. I added 2 tablespoons of Dr Earth's Flower Girl to each plant and then for 2 feedings of the build a bloom I added an additional tbsp. Seems like that stopped them from sucking the nutes from their leaves.

I'll take a look at the trichomes tonight just to see where they're at.

Cannabis Grow 20220523 124716
Cannabis Grow 20220523 124721
Cannabis Grow 20220523 124730
Cannabis Grow 20220523 124807
Cannabis Grow 20220523 124818
Cannabis Grow 20220524 010843
Cannabis Grow 20220524 010904


Two day time close ups are of the Peanut Butter Baklava lowers. 

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Almost ready for the chop, just waiting on trichomes to ripen. I'll snag some pics of the trichs tonight with the scope camera. 

Wedding Cake 1

Cannabis Grow 20220611 201244

Wedding Cake 2

Cannabis Grow 20220611 201253

Sour Diesel

Cannabis Grow 20220611 201300

Peanut Butter Baklava 

Cannabis Grow 20220611 201316

Alien Rock Candy 

Cannabis Grow 20220611 201338

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Chopped the girls yesterday! Pretty happy with how the bud is looking, should be some pretty tasty smoke. The plants will be drying in my tent for the next two weeks, then they'll go in gasket tubs with humidity packets for 2 weeks of additional curing.

After the two weeks of drying is over I'll clean the tent and then get the clones in. I think I should only need 2 weeks of veg after I transplant to the 7 gallon pots. 

Cannabis Grow 20220703 161950


Alien Rock Candy 

Cannabis Grow 20220703 122834
Cannabis Grow 20220703 122424
Cannabis Grow 20220703 122417
Cannabis Grow 20220703 122820
Cannabis Grow 20220703 122356
Cannabis Grow 20220703 122834
Cannabis Grow 20220703 122820
Cannabis Grow 20220703 151256


Wedding Cake 1 

Cannabis Grow 20220703 122744
Cannabis Grow 20220703 122736
Cannabis Grow 20220703 122812
Cannabis Grow 20220703 122842
Cannabis Grow 20220703 122717


Wedding Cake 2 

Cannabis Grow 20220703 130112
Cannabis Grow 20220703 130527
Cannabis Grow 20220703 123433
Cannabis Grow 20220703 123413
Cannabis Grow 20220703 123358
Cannabis Grow 20220703 123424


Sour Diesel 

Cannabis Grow 20220703 123038
Cannabis Grow 20220703 123059
Cannabis Grow 20220703 123220
Cannabis Grow 20220703 123048
Cannabis Grow 20220703 123025


Peanut Butter Baklava 

Cannabis Grow 20220703 135206
Cannabis Grow 20220703 135148
Cannabis Grow 20220703 135143
Cannabis Grow 20220703 134902
Cannabis Grow 20220703 123328
Cannabis Grow 20220703 123252
Cannabis Grow 20220703 123232


Can't wait to taste these beautiful buds! 

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After 2 weeks of drying at 65 degrees in 50-55% humidity, the buds seemed just about perfect. I pulled the branches and prepped them for curing.

I trimmed some of them biggest stems but still tried to keep the bud on a bit of the branches. I weight everything out just see where I was at. Now there is still some branches included in the weights so final weight after trim is going to be less but here are the weights after drying. Total post dry weight is 2.13 lbs, I'm guessing after trimming I'll have 1.5-1.75 lbs.

Cannabis Grow SmartSelect 20220717 145122 Samsung Notes

For curing I placed the flower in gasket tubs which seal and placed 62% Boveda packs in the tubs. They're currently sitting in darkness in the 2x4 veg tent.

Trim jail begins on July 31st! This was an extremely long run and it's almost over. I'm very proud of the results and my growth as a grower through all of it. Still working out some minor details here and there but I'm definitely doing far better now than when I started and it's super exciting! 

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Harvest date update 

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