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Growing in 15 gallon smart pots with a horizontal soil system. I will be using teas and KNF only for this grow so no top dress. Veg will be done under 400 watt 6500k metal halide. Flower will run under samsung LED boards.


6 beans of Lime River Rose X Blueberry

6 beans of my own Carnival Candy

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Posted : 01/01/2022 6:29 am Lebanesecheeze liked

Looking good on the germination rates and I am excited to see how these run. They are in small plastic pots for about 10 days, then they go to one gallon smart pots.

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Posted : 01/04/2022 7:31 pm Lebanesecheeze liked
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First week and coming along nicely.

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Posted : 01/08/2022 7:20 am Lebanesecheeze, n.grower and ChaseG1992 liked
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Officially day 3 by my count and all doing well. Getting a little root bound so transplanting today into 1/2 gallon smart pots for about 10 days. Going to start my KNF spray regimen tonight as well!

Posted : 01/15/2022 11:16 am

The Littles got some new shoes and are gonna be happier in a day or two. Let them go a bit too long in tiny pots butt they are looking good. Did some minor selections already to weed out a couple non-rock-star looking plants. 12 are now down to 8. Look for them to explode soon gromies and blessings on your grows.

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Posted : 01/18/2022 6:26 pm ChaseG1992 and Lebanesecheeze liked
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So I had P.M. break out indoor from drying my outdoor this year in the basement like a noob! Had P.M. on some of it apparently and what I knew would happen... happened. I had about 30 plants total going and had to trash them all, as well as all of my pots, containers, trays, panda film and racks. Not happy but glad I could celebrate a new year with growth and good people. Grower Love and I'll jump back in for the next one I guess.

Here are all the beauties that are now RIP.

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Posted : 01/30/2022 4:50 pm ChaseG1992 liked
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