NYGC Soil: First time ever

For my First grow I will be popping 4 beans from pure-breeding
2 Hindu rootbeer& 2 New England hazy kush

will be growing then in a 3x3 tent under a viparspectra p2500 in build a soil 3.0 blend

will also be top dressing with craft blend. 
I look forward to going through this with you all and picking your brains and testing my metal.

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It’s been more like 7days since I dropped seeds.

all four seeds were taken direct from package and dropped directly into build a soil 3.0 that had been watered @around a liter per pot two or three days earlier asi let my tent get to a balmy 82°85° With a high RH around 75-80% 

when ready I mixed some mykos into the holes just big enough for a pinky fingernail deep and in they went l, lightly covered with soil and got the medium moist (I’m using a pur filter that I use to drink) and covered with the tops of some water bottles  that I had cut in half and washed to use as domes. 

first sign of life was  NEHK#1

followed by Hindu rootbeer#1

as they popped one by one the last one Hindu rootbeer 2 ended up sprouting with the seed almost 100% encapsulated still after a few days it showed it was trying to push it open and didn’t quite make it so I helped it along and it was more stuck that I had thought but it being within days of my first successful  germination that I just sent it and pry the seed off and hoped for the best is had a tiny bit of brown crust on one of the cotyldon leaves. It made it though

by the time all the seeds had opened and got their first serrated leaves I noticed NEHK1 looking a little skinny tall and frail I had thought that I was watering too much but after paying attention they started to have some upturned leaves and from what I read decided they must be begging for a tan. So I lowered the height and increased my power over the next few hours. Up to 25% after a few days NEHK1 and HRB1 both showed signs of a second little stretch and set of serrated leaves. So I knew the girls were happy again. Watered them with a literal tiny pinch or recharge in about 12 oz and have been watering with straight water since. 

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Cannabis Grow 196AD673 E47E 4EF9 95AA 2A696701F2FD
Cannabis Grow 36EF5F8A 0797 4F1B 97A3 EF2C3D4EFE78

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Still just watering every few days and keeping surface of media as dry as possible as I’ve had a few gnats and after keeping top dry they have vanished. Temps around 79-81° and humidity around 64-66% tons of airflow. My lights around 20 inches off the top of the plants running around 20%

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Posted : 01/03/2022 12:44 pm

Can’t help but take a ton of photos

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Cannabis Grow 03A860B5 030D 41FF AAF2 119916686BE6
Cannabis Grow 08C0C1C9 7005 4812 8026 CBF74C737FF8
Cannabis Grow 27E3C4A6 1037 4C13 89E9 78340BDDDA14

Posted : 01/04/2022 8:56 pm
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New England hazy kush1

Cannabis Grow 62743D73 4A86 447B 8871 0D9F55C08ACB
Cannabis Grow A1914859 AA12 45FD 8116 8AAD3D011CA4

New England hazy kush2

Cannabis Grow A0890792 9C6E 4EF1 B239 D7E648CB487B

Hindu rootbeer 1

Cannabis Grow 14E2A980 1287 40D4 B37A EC7EFC3E0BF1

Hindu rootbeer 2

Cannabis Grow CA851195 2B2D 4DD5 AC40 C7F904DDBDF3

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