NYGC Soil-Peat: Gary and the girls !!

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So I have decided on my 3 single cola’s .

I will be doing a Humboldt headband, Gary Payton and Apple fritter. The Apple and gary are in the solo cups still as I wait for my air pots to arrive still. the Humboldt is in the 5 gal already.  I will put the solos into 3 gal airports 🤞in 1-2 days.  I am hoping everyone is having a good grow day!✌️🌳🔥💨

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Posted : 02/01/2023 7:42 pm

what’s up I was pleasantly surprised when I got back from a 2 day road trip gary and the girls were doing great. With the exception of some damn gnats 🤬. Deep breath, it does give me an opportunity to try a new sample I just recently received of the amazing Dr Zymes  pest killer. See how it go’s 

i am starting to see a little nutrient issues also so I might just have to look at some pictures and break out the testing kit and see if I can narrow down the suspects. 

Cannabis Grow B1943D6A F954 4552 9FC8 6C01BEE368B1

this is a picture of some Clair-Mel orange by fat cat lab and I love how it looks. Great spacing also.

Cannabis Grow CDED411D B8B7 4EB1 B1E1 01BF51F54619

I would love to up pot it but the air pots I won have not arrived yet 🤞this week😂 is what I’ve been saying for 4 weeks now but I feel lucky this week. Have a great week 6 everyone.👊🌳🔥💨😮‍💨

Cannabis Grow C60E8BE3 3048 4251 9FF4 F0F2642BAC8C

Posted : 02/04/2023 9:33 pm HappyCultivator, Richiebcookin and BitterEnvy liked
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Ok here is the final up potting for the last 4 in the air pots I won on opening day of the contest. The solo cup is the Clair-Mel orange and I think it was ready to move up with a root mass like you see.

Cannabis Grow 66244378 3132 4E0F BD32 BF7275E8165B

Cannabis Grow 2449DBA4 58C7 4595 9C3B FA06149D7029
Cannabis Grow 5D6370F3 364C 4F42 8212 C9EE425532D2

Posted : 02/08/2023 7:13 pm HappyCultivator and Richiebcookin liked

I just got back from the road and being away for 48 hours. Happy to say all of my plants are green and growing. Getting ready to flip soon. Probably in the next week or so. All of my lady’s are about 12-18”. I know the four I just transplanted might go a bit before they start to flower but the other 8 should start right away. Hope everyone has a good Super Bowl this weekend.                ✌️🔥🌳💨🤤

Cannabis Grow 388D6C8F 4D04 4B71 8288 D74A32950DD6

Posted : 02/10/2023 11:40 pm
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Getting ready to flip to 12/12 tonight I think some of these ladies are ready to go.

Cannabis Grow 1FD053B3 64BF 4ABC AAAE D80F84EC81C3
Cannabis Grow 0C4DDEDF EC7D 4E03 9C8E 84344AB15509
Cannabis Grow 171E49AE C89A 493F 87A7 C8946761DB6B
Cannabis Grow 8BD85FE6 C20C 43D0 889F D25DEAAB6919

hope everyone has a great evening


Posted : 02/19/2023 4:20 pm Richiebcookin liked

I flipped the room to 12/12 and gave the ladies a trim. Also I took a few clones during the process for the summer.

Cannabis Grow FFEA8AC2 AA59 4DA3 B157 169E4071AC23

Posted : 02/21/2023 4:27 am HappyCultivator liked
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Closing in on week 2 and the ladies are starting to get a little smell change. The bud sites are also starting to develop. 

Cannabis Grow 297511C0 BAB1 4366 91F3 29E1F047526E
Cannabis Grow 05076911 4135 4A92 A4C0 135D26F93FC7

Posted : 03/02/2023 8:23 pm Fleintrollet and HappyCultivator liked
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The ladies are adding a little bit more each day💚. I am finishing week 2 and I can’t wait to see what 6 more will make them look like. 
I just ordered a watering system from blumat and it should be here next week🤞. I am hoping that it will let me only have to deal w water 1 time a week. I also figured how I can add a second 5gal bucket to the system if everything goes smoothly with 1 bucket. I am putting in some shut offs and disconnects every three plants so I can modify how many plants I grow at a time. 6,9 or 12.

Cannabis Grow 46C7A67B EE5D 48E3 8E35 7935A3711B3A
Cannabis Grow 055AD9C5 813E 4894 822C 0B71B4A47988
Cannabis Grow 991508D1 8F8F 46E1 9003 93D821AF9711
Cannabis Grow 6799DB1B 42B9 4734 9064 42B1A3696129

oh yeah if you have any IPM issues check out Dr. Zymes spray I feel it has in 1 treatment has all but eliminated my mold gnat issue.  Feel free to reach out to ask about this product 

I hope that everyone is having a good time w/ their grow. 



Posted : 03/11/2023 5:25 am Fleintrollet, Richiebcookin, HappyCultivator and 1 people liked
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Just another day in flower and a few of the ladies are starting to put on some frost. 

Cannabis Grow 32C3A787 91A1 4745 9459 A5C7EE7F8557
Cannabis Grow F311020B E9DB 414F AC1D 3EF4F011057C
Cannabis Grow 9CC46D14 91F1 4DF3 88E1 59B5F8F6C1D2
Cannabis Grow 870912D1 2317 462E BE38 05FBE40A4F33


Posted : 03/18/2023 4:39 pm

So the mold gnats are back. 😡🤬😡😖!!!

I am going to have to do another dose of Dr Zymes. This time I’m going to do a drench instead of doing just a spray. if this doesn’t work I will be taking any suggestions.

Posted : 03/20/2023 5:36 pm

Soooo strike 2 for me today. I was opening up the room to say high and noticed my mogobe 150 light I won 10 months ago was out and I had to scrounge up a light to help the room out. . 😖 think it time to go to bed.  Look at mars hydro tomorrow. 

Posted : 03/20/2023 8:56 pm

Ok things are getting better. Mogobe said they will send me a new light seeing it was less than 10 months old. Great customer service. Now if I can get rid of these mold gnats. Peace out ✌️ 

Posted : 03/23/2023 6:16 pm

Plants are going good still haven’t got the gnats out yet but I’m about to go and get some of everything next. Ladybugs, neamatodes, spray and granular and sticky traps. Light on and off pic.  Lastly I think I need a bigger second light to reach all the corners in my room better. I think I’m getting 3 of the 4 but I will probably look for a second Mars hydro mid size.

Cannabis Grow 4A24A11C CABC 408E ADAB 90205EE68D42
Cannabis Grow D1534D9C 50B8 4AD7 BD8B 0CA6CD61CAE1

Posted : 03/24/2023 7:21 pm HappyCultivator and BitterEnvy liked
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So I am starting to see a few plants near the finish line. My envy overdrive is looking nice and I think 2 more weeks.  And then I have Clair-Mel,Apple fritter and gary Payton should be done shortly after but I think the Apple and gary have a way to go. These two are my single cola and Every time I took some branches off (no more than 2 sets at a time) she would slow down feeding. It has been a mystery. I still have 2 more branches to take off but I will wait till the end to submit a pic. I was even extra feeding them along with the blu mat system. I think 3-4!more weeks and they should be done. I will submit a single cola pic  at the last min and see what happens. Still battling with the gnats but I think I am gaining. I am happy with everything though. I am looking forward to tasting them soon. The middle pic is of my Gary Payton and she is filling in nice like I said she just need some time.

Cannabis Grow 22C4CE08 3A6B 4A34 8A9F E01451C289C7
Cannabis Grow 9C61935F 3895 4466 9120 2F819681DD0F
Cannabis Grow 2005E9C8 B297 434F B1D7 919DA53EBFEE

Posted : 04/03/2023 7:16 pm

Tonight is the end of the contest get together and awards so this is a few pic from today. I know I have probably till the 20th for half of the group and the other half will be done around the end of April.

Cannabis Grow 58FE8E02 22FA 40A6 8D4F F49B506C07DD
Cannabis Grow 8B7BB813 47A2 4035 8FEB 655D3B0CCCDC
Cannabis Grow 56465A29 63FC 44DF AD10 4DEAA15E1DA2
Cannabis Grow 15BC14F3 FC7E 4D07 B11A D05C72E55567
Cannabis Grow 08A6429A DEF9 4FFA 87AD 0D4EEF1E61E2
Cannabis Grow BB277792 A32B 4698 9EB7 AF8D00654C26
Cannabis Grow 85BD566A 9CA9 49B1 AE81 9A3EA0DE6906

I hope everyone is having a good time with their grows and I will post a pic of my one cola’s at the end, probably in 2 weeks. 

Posted : 04/09/2023 4:03 pm
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