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I got goin xfactor og from 20twenty I got my new herbs now and my Gary Payton and mimosa will be done may 8 pretty stoked

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Posted : 04/12/2023 3:31 pm Soil Sheppard, PuffyD, DEEBOOF and 2 people liked
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mimosa on the left and Gary Payton on the right are photo gem I won the beans on smot pokers channel blessings from homegrown cannabis co it’s true every bean I pop they germ the smells coming out of my tent are amazing all organic teas and ffj 

Posted : 04/24/2023 3:39 pm Soil Sheppard, LuckyDuck, DEEBOOF and 1 people liked
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harvested the mimosa love this line from homegrown cannabis company shout to them and shout to smot and crispy for there awesome channel where I lucked out and won 🤟🤟

Posted : 05/05/2023 5:52 am PuffyD and DEEBOOF liked
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the back left corner is the xfactor got stunted cuz I started them on 12/12 cuz I was still growing photo then I flipped back to 18/6 the lil half gallon is lemon haze the other 2 1 gallon are Bruce banner and muchacha from 20twenty stay positive growmies LOVE LIFE 🤟💨😆

Posted : 05/15/2023 3:05 am PuffyD liked
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i just did a tea this morning the girls are happy and healthy 

worm casting,recharge, epsom, RAW nitrogen a pinch 

Posted : 05/24/2023 4:37 pm PuffyD liked

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my girls are thriving I went to New Mexico for a funeral for 4 days I’m in Cali I used grocery bags made a knot then gave them a good watering and this is how they’re love teas STAY POSITIVE STAY HUMBLE GROWMIES 🤟🤟

Posted : 06/01/2023 5:59 pm PuffyD liked

Cannabis Grow 73C17CB7 ADB8 4C25 BE29 66FE68749226
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my girls are getting big

Posted : 06/04/2023 11:58 am PuffyD liked

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the girls are praying lovin the ffj today 🤟🤟

Posted : 06/08/2023 5:05 pm PuffyD liked

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Cannabis Grow 82B6CAC2 9390 4134 A023 1C9D4F223078
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I gave them one last tea and I was lil too stoned and I put a lil more than a pinch of RAW nitrogen input I got it a long time ago out of an impulse buy but I always see good growth happy Father’s Day to all growmies I’m a step dad sending good positive vibes everyone’s way 🤟🤟

Posted : 06/18/2023 5:32 pm PuffyD liked
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