SAFC Small Grow Tents: Tall & Skinny vs Short & Stout

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SAFC Small Grow Tents: Tall & Skinny vs Short & Stout
SAFC Small Grow Tents: Tall & Skinny vs Short & Stout

So I am going to grow a big tall slender  Acapulco Gold Autoflower  next to a short fat Magnum Autoflower.  I have two lights so I can run the plants at different heights, without issue. I don't think I will win any awards for this grow but a good old time will be had by all. I don't plan on stunting my small plant, as I still want a decent harvest. I will start with two seeds of each strain. One strain is not feminized so I will be sending samples off for sex testing after the first node appears. I am going to opt into the size matter challenge. I cannot get a straight answer on what constitutes the biggest Auto. Just getting you know when you see it answer. Well everyone I wish you luck on your grows, and may the biggest stickiest dicky win this one (snicker snicker snicker). My girlfriend Humbleweeds will be backing me up on this challenge so I cannot take all the credit for whatever comes out the tent. Thank you steering committee for organizing this one and a big shout out to Jordan for all the effort. Growers Love ❤️ 

Posted : 04/11/2023 6:36 pm KeystoneCops, Roudy420, PuffyD and 2 people liked
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Seeds Dropped.


Cannabis Grow E75347AF 093A 4550 B6F4 B60F6F3AE5F9


Posted : 04/20/2023 6:47 pm DEEBOOF, PuffyD and Roudy420 liked

After 24 hours in the water it is time to put them in the starter cubes and the propagation tray. 

Cannabis Grow 0FCDD42C 7A0C 45DB 864A B5B2CC363CA1

Posted : 04/21/2023 7:14 pm Tropa, DEEBOOF and PuffyD liked

We have some sweet baby plants awww they are so cute 🥰.


Cannabis Grow 3AA61DE2 8909 4231 A046 1402BF92E4D0
Cannabis Grow 23162D5E F55C 4A20 851D 1DB15FB32298


Posted : 04/24/2023 8:54 pm DEEBOOF and PuffyD liked
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Well we are 11 days in, and let’s see the little babies 👶 grow. 

Cannabis Grow 79D33E25 A040 4B16 9B18 4DBAAA5D5AA5
Cannabis Grow F4544E9E FE84 4482 84CC 6DADE675FA9F

We got two out of 4 to launch one might be a male hope not but if it is I won’t mind running my lights at half power or maybe I can train one plant to use the entire 4x2 space. 

Posted : 05/01/2023 8:18 pm DEEBOOF, PuffyD and LuckyDuck liked
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Well today is the day 4th node started, and they got clipped faster than Superman running at Mach 5. Autos are never late so you have to stay on top of them if you want them to grow your way.


Cannabis Grow ABD96098 707E 4A14 BF86 EACBD9D88698
Cannabis Grow 1CD1C1E9 A6CE 4080 B8BF E0A1E3638871

Posted : 05/05/2023 7:40 pm DEEBOOF and PuffyD liked

Well I don’t get it why do they call it low stress training I just snapped one of my stems on one of my girls. Argh oh well taped her up, and we will see how she does.

Cannabis Grow IMG 0996

well she is still growing overall 

Cannabis Grow IMG 0997

The Acapulco is doing good, but I imagined she would grow tall?? Oh well my plans are in the toilet. Alas no she is not going too.


Cannabis Grow IMG 0998

Posted : 05/12/2023 7:58 pm PuffyD and DEEBOOF liked
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Well there will be no tall vs short on this one, oh well it is what it is. Big plans can lead to epic failures, especially with seeds you buy from a seed bank. However the grow is still going well, and I am having fun with it. I enjoy watching these plants grow. It gives a sense of accomplishment, and since it is a beloved plant it creates a family of people that love this plant. I'm curious of the evolution of this plant, and it's psycho active properties. It is a naturally growing plant but why does it effect humans in the way it does? Everyone here has a love for it's properties, some find comfort, some find pain relief, a lot find stress relief. I just enjoy of consuming what we are creating here, a love of something in common. 


Okay now that I got out of the way back to the regularly scheduled program. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 0039
Cannabis Grow IMG 0038

They are getting bigger, and bushy I toped each one twice as the nodes I wanted to top at came up. I don't like cutting productive leaves until they are done providing so my plant is bushy. 

Posted : 05/17/2023 7:28 pm SensiSeeker and PuffyD liked
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So I potted up, omg I have never seen a root ball like this. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 1024

I think the these girls were root bound also I have the first pistols so one is a female, at least.

Cannabis Grow IMG 1026
Cannabis Grow IMG 1025
Cannabis Grow IMG 1027
Cannabis Grow IMG 1028


I think I am addicted to the airpots all I have to do is rinse them off and they are ready to go again. Plus this was the easiest lowest stress pot up for me and my girls. Plus that root ball is insane, where did all that coco go? 

Posted : 05/22/2023 10:44 pm PuffyD liked

Well the plants are in the bolt phase, and they found a new tent to occupy. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 1036

They are in the tent with the auto dosing auto furtigating tent. They are starting to take off!  

Posted : 05/25/2023 6:50 pm PuffyD and E&E818 liked

It has been a minute and I love seeing where I was vs where I am today. I am sure we are guilty of this pleasure if the grow is going well. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 1043
Cannabis Grow IMG 1042

These girls are being fed by my most Rube Goldberg creation yet. It seems to be working there a few issues but it is working. Here is some pics of how deep down the rabbit hole you can go. 

Cannabis Grow IMG 1050
Cannabis Grow IMG 1049
Cannabis Grow IMG 1047
Cannabis Grow IMG 1046

What would you do for a Cana cookie? Me I am willing to design and build crazy contraptions to add liquid nutrients into water. All you need is a syringe and patience right? You also need to be present tomorrow I am off to work for the next month in other states, I will get to come home for a few days here and there but now we are going on auto pilot.

Posted : 05/31/2023 9:40 pm DEEBOOF and PuffyD liked

Well crap havent been gone for more than 24 hours and hit two snags, on my system. 1) PCs do crash and require reboots, so I lost 6 hours of control over my system lights stayed on, and no plants got watered for 6 hours, until I could have my garden assistant reboot the PC. second one of my feeder lines poped off it's feed line. I now need to have my garden assistant cut and re install the line to get that plant's ring dripper to work again. So right now I think that a automated grow is difficut at best. I was hopping not to tap the garden assistant aka "Humbleweeds" to fix these issues. So now I have to tap her twice. I need to re think things as this is the oposite direction I am aming for no user input except pressing icons on a phone or tablet. I had much worse failure modes in mind but I guess this is where I am at but who cares about my logistics problems lets see how the plants look and how much progress has been made in the past day.


Posted : 06/02/2023 3:27 am DEEBOOF and PuffyD liked
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Oh the pics for the day...

Cannabis Grow IMG 1054

Even with my issues my plants are still growing like weeds.

Posted : 06/02/2023 3:32 am DEEBOOF, PuffyD and Kris P liked

just got some side pics these are growing tall gonna increase the light to slow down the stretch.


Cannabis Grow IMG 2188


So my ph has been crashing trying a remote sanitize cycle, normally the PH rises over time when running but lately the ph is falling causing my auto doser to keep on making baches of PH down to keep the res in check. So dosed 2 gallons of 450ml h2o2 sanitation solution to run thru the recirc loop, to try and kill whatever is growing in the recirc loop and res. Hopefully this fixes my issues with the ph crashing in my system. We will see, if this fixes it. However I think my res is going anaerobic and I will have to add bubblers back into the res.

Posted : 06/04/2023 9:37 pm PuffyD liked

Up now is up and down is down my ph is working the way I expect it too my res is no longer hypoxic dose the res and the ph is stable, trends up instead of down. I am happy that I can do this thru my phone. I might be early to the party but this is the future.  I am working on the future now, trying to make it cheap for the massses.


Posted : 06/05/2023 8:31 pm PuffyD liked
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