SAFC Small Grow Tents: Super Mango Kush by AutoFlowers Breeder

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SAFC Small Grow Tents: Super Mango Kush by AutoFlowers Breeder
SAFC Small Grow Tents: Super Mango Kush by AutoFlowers Breeder

I will be dropping 2 seeds of Super Mango Kush autoflowers in to a shot glass for a short rinse (at midnight today) and will be growing in 1 gallon pots of HP mycorrhizae soil in a 2.5 x 4 tent.

Posted : 04/19/2023 9:34 am Soil Sheppard and PuffyD liked

HAPPY 420 everyone   its 12:05 am heres my seeds dropping

Cannabis Grow 20230419 115247
Cannabis Grow 20230419 115210

Posted : 04/19/2023 9:07 pm PuffyD liked

The seeds soaked for 12 hours both had sunk to the bottom of the shot glass. So they were transferred to moist paper towel and put into a ziplock back till the tap roots show.
I then throughly cleaned my tent, light and both 1 gallon pots and filled them with HP mix and watered them in.

Cannabis Grow 20230420 084828

Posted : 04/20/2023 9:11 pm PuffyD liked

tap roots are out so in the pots they go! 

Cannabis Grow 20230422 124014

Posted : 04/22/2023 11:07 am Soil Sheppard, E&E818, PuffyD and 1 people liked
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Day 5 of the grow and both have emerged off to a great start, gave them a light watering and increased the LED to 45% power for the next few days.  

Cannabis Grow 20230426 190541
Cannabis Grow 20230426 190536

Posted : 04/26/2023 4:12 pm Soil Sheppard, E&E818, DEEBOOF and 1 people liked

Peaked in on the girls this morning,  pots felt alittle light so i gave them each a watering.   

#1 is growing the fastest so far 

Cannabis Grow 20230430 080307

#2 is a bit smaller but she will catch up

Cannabis Grow 20230430 080312

Posted : 04/30/2023 5:09 am DEEBOOF, PuffyD, Soil Sheppard and 1 people liked
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Todays update:  no need for water, but i did turn my fan on to level 2 to get more air flowing and help strengthen up the stocks.

Cannabis Grow 20230503 170427

Posted : 05/03/2023 2:44 pm PuffyD liked

Both ladies got watered today, #1 is definitely growing stronger then #2, look at the size difference. 

I think i forgot to mention i have the tent set to 18 hrs on 6 hrs off.  And is 14 inches above the shorter plant. 

Heres the girls

Cannabis Grow 20230506 174501
Cannabis Grow 20230506 174454

Posted : 05/06/2023 2:50 pm DEEBOOF, LuckyDuck and PuffyD liked
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Good monday morning to you all!   Yesturday alot of my outdoor grow got planted outside.  But lets take a look at my SAFC tent grow. 

Cannabis Grow 20230515 082438
Cannabis Grow 20230515 082442

This is the bigger of the 2 girls, shes shooting up multiple branches just growing out of control, going to start LST this week with her.

Cannabis Grow 20230515 082456
Cannabis Grow 20230515 082459

This is the smaller sister, very regular branching on her, so ahe got FIM'D this morning.   


Very interested in seeing both of these finish, one being allowed to grow wild and free and the other forced with a fim/topping. 

Posted : 05/15/2023 5:36 am PuffyD liked

DAY 34 from 4/20

Okay so ....... intetesting turn of events in this grow.  Turns out i thought i bought feminized seeds but NO. 

So the bigger faster growing of my two lets say (girls) is really a BOY!   so why not start another breeding project??? 

Here is my only girl now, LST spread out for the last couple days using pipe cleaners.

Cannabis Grow 20230524 182303
Cannabis Grow 20230524 182314

And here is the soon to be proud dad

Cannabis Grow 20230524 182344

Posted : 05/24/2023 3:39 pm PuffyD liked

The LST training is going very well, i adjusted her restraints tonight, she did not need water and omg i wish my photo period plants trained this well!   Shes spreading out nicely,  and reaching up.   I did a little stem rub on her too, she smella very good. 

The male is 3x times taller and putting out lots of pollen,  so fingers crossed i maybe growing their prodogy out for years to come. 

Lets get to the pics 

Cannabis Grow 20230529 194928
Cannabis Grow 20230529 194953

And heres the boy, sorry for the blurple light but i dont want to take him out of the tent for pics he will make a royal mess.

Cannabis Grow 20230529 193725

Posted : 05/29/2023 5:00 pm PuffyD liked

Thank everyone for commenting , liking and showing so much love

Posted : 05/31/2023 7:07 am PuffyD liked
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Updates have been slow here,  so today I took the male plant out, hes done his job, plus shes spread so wide now she needs the entire tent to finish off.   She smells so good !

Cannabis Grow 20230608 130748
Cannabis Grow 20230608 130803

Posted : 06/08/2023 10:27 am PuffyD liked

Ohhhh forgot to post some developing BUD PORN here you all go!  Looking Sticky Icky already

Cannabis Grow 20230608 130538
Cannabis Grow 20230608 130519

Posted : 06/08/2023 6:15 pm E&E818 and PuffyD liked

Well heres an update on the shape and spread of this girls growth.   Buds are startng to stack up nicely, shes friest all over and the stem rub has a great smell!  I so want her to finish fast, but we got to take our time!

Cannabis Grow 20230614 201223
Cannabis Grow 20230614 201223

Posted : 06/14/2023 5:18 pm PuffyD liked
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