SAFC Small Grow Tents: Critical+VanillaLove 2.0

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SAFC Small Grow Tents: Critical+VanillaLove 2.0
SAFC Small Grow Tents: Critical+VanillaLove 2.0

Hey Growers (and fans like) 😎👍,
Welcome to my Easy and Simple Auto Journal made with love for us all to enjoy the grow! 🍾 too soon?

Checkout how my girls have just popped out of their shells for us to greet them!

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Cannabis Grow 20230517 214130 kindlephoto 710233719
Cannabis Grow 20230517 214052 kindlephoto 710267127

So the Critical+ 2.0 Auto is suppose to come with some very potent terpenes, so i will be growing that in DWC, whilst my beautiful Green Crack babies will be  flourishing in the abundant oasis of Coco cior. Now ive spent a lot of time buffering and buffering agin my coco cior for pristine bufferedness, and I think it will show once these ladies commence into their substrait of choice. 

I want to thank you all for still watching and viewing my journal, although I have been severely late to the challenge being hindered by missplaced seeds and just moving into my new grow space!

If you all catch something i miss, or something you have a question about, drop me a line here or message me. I might be outside growing too, so when I come back in, ill definately get back to you! As always.... Happy Growing! 😀 👍  

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