SAFC 4x4 Grow Tents: I aint afraid of no Ghost

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Jello Growmies. How is everyones SAFC going, I should go check some journals out hey😅

I potted up to final 5gal fab today, 21 but 16 of the fertigation schedule and I think this is the difference that alway screws me up later when I count lol lets see if I locked it in the vault this go.

The pot has 8 pipe cleaners for pull down training.  And like the 4x4, I [still] need to make a height adjustable trellis frame.

Grower Love 🌱💚

Posted : 05/11/2023 3:20 pm LSLarf, PuffyD and DEEBOOF liked

Oh sheet. Been a minute! My bad... any who. Since my last entry I have potteed up to final. She didn't seem to mind but she has started what I call the veg stretch before (well, right into) flower bolt. But I  will say, either my [recycled] coco has a little to much "coco peat" and not allowing the optimal drainage and breathing environment for the roots or my pH is Just off enough to cause a droop. Leacing her alone since 6pm [event] yesterday and looking at her this morning, I lean to drainage. So.... monitor and maybe add h202 to events to invrease the air at the root, or that's the thought lol 

Cannabis Grow 20230509 151428
Cannabis Grow 20230510 114852
Cannabis Grow 20230511 132539
Cannabis Grow 20230514 082844
Cannabis Grow 20230514 082852
Cannabis Grow 20230514 082902

Otherwise I will be altering the HFF accordingly. Which could be down to once a day till more roots need more fertigation. 

Also I remove 4 main trunk fan leaves. I  have come to realize [for me] that removing these as photo periods grow, this benefits the nodes laterals to develop better. Othwise shadded by these big fans. But as you can see. Still plenty of solar pannles left 😘

Grower Love 🌱💚

Posted : 05/14/2023 8:29 am PuffyD liked

Yup, she teally likes those big fans gone. Actually, not drooping either with dropping one event. So morning and night for now. Probably also due to her being in a 5gal fab. 

I am tempted to top the laterals and start bending main cola. Or even top her main.... 🤔 your thoughts?

Cannabis Grow 20230515 065422
Cannabis Grow 20230515 065405

Oh and I also have moved slightly off tue CfC nute schedule or the NER. Danna is at the start of veg stretch to flower transition. So late Veg to flower transition mix has been made into one solution. Which was really keeping all the early veg the same but upping the bloom slightly. Once I see calyx or stigmas from flowers I will start on the early Bloom. 

Grower Love 🌱💚

Posted : 05/15/2023 6:43 am PuffyD and LSLarf liked

Training out.

Cannabis Grow 20230516 135333
Cannabis Grow 20230516 135201
Cannabis Grow 20230516 135144

Grower Love 🌱💚

Posted : 05/16/2023 1:10 pm PuffyD and Kris P liked

Bending twisting and strength training 🙃😉

Cannabis Grow 20230518 081544
Cannabis Grow 20230518 081518

Grower Love 🌱💚

Posted : 05/18/2023 8:31 am PuffyD liked

Tip pulled down. Laterals reaching for apical.  Twisting the 'X' satellites so the are going laterally to the 'Y' satellites that are naturally, if that makes senses lol

Cannabis Grow 20230519 065933

Cannabis Grow 20230519 065945

and a new fert mix today. 

Grower Love 🌱💚

Posted : 05/19/2023 7:52 am PuffyD and SensiSeeker liked

Gaining momentum

Cannabis Grow 20230520 154752
Cannabis Grow 20230520 154800
Cannabis Grow 20230520 155358
Cannabis Grow 20230521 085027

next I will ge a close up on main growth tips, now that I think of her pushing flower.

Grower Love 🌱💚

Posted : 05/21/2023 4:28 pm PuffyD liked

I see a difference, ccan you see a difference 😉

Cannabis Grow 20230523 070246
Cannabis Grow 20230523 070227

Grower Love 🌱💚

Posted : 05/23/2023 5:19 pm PuffyD liked

Pic above was this morning even though posted late afternoon.  Missed and event and went in, she looked sad and then something took over me and I cleaned her up. 😅

Cannabis Grow 20230523 191823
Cannabis Grow 20230523 191813

🤞Grower Love 🌱💚


Posted : 05/23/2023 6:43 pm DEEBOOF and PuffyD liked

I swear I made an entry about her bouce back and full on filling back out after that cleaning up... 

Oh well, here is the day after, like 10hrs(?)

Cannabis Grow 20230524 065006
Cannabis Grow 20230524 064950


Cannabis Grow 20230525 094416


Cannabis Grow 20230526 093534
Cannabis Grow 20230526 093503

Cannabis Grow received 909303270141749

Onwards and upwards Grower Love 🌱💚

Posted : 05/26/2023 12:09 pm DEEBOOF and PuffyD liked

Days escape me and now, I  must actively go get a job. 

Danna Barrett is doing well and pushing stigmas (pistils or hairs) for just over a wk now.

Cannabis Grow 20230528 115240

my other oics wont load.... 

Grower Love 🌱💚

Posted : 05/28/2023 11:33 am DEEBOOF, PuffyD and LuckyDuck liked
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So, I had plans out of town yesterday. I set up the auto water. Went for 30 drip approx 200-300ml. Add fert water, agitation pump, water pump plugged into the agitation side to give an event now (plug set to 247 on) then unplugged, plugged in the agitation. Closed the tent and left. 


You catch the mistake?

Cannabis Grow received 234230195977787
Cannabis Grow 20230531 093552


I forgot to plug the pump back into the timer side. But when I got home, I gave a good fert volume and she bounced back the next morning. 

Grower Love 🌱💚

Posted : 05/31/2023 11:48 am DEEBOOF, PuffyD and Kris P liked
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Stinky stinky stinky

oh my goodness does she evr have this Sweet skunky smell.

Cannabis Grow 20230601 123638

Cannabis Grow 20230601 123617

Moved to tap water for nutrient mix. No more RO. 🤞 should be good, drop calmag a little. Everything else is the same. Ec is 1100-1200. I was mixing on high then one low type tying but now auto water set up. I'll hild it at one set ec.... 1150? lol

Grower Love 🌱💚

Posted : 06/01/2023 12:07 pm DEEBOOF and PuffyD liked

Danna Barrett is totally bolting. One more wk and I will remove some large base fan to really open her up. See the suckers and hope removing those too, hoping she handles it all well enough. She does seem like a very stronge plant.

Cannabis Grow 20230604 125033

Cannabis Grow 20230604 125047

Cannabis Grow 20230604 125120

With the res close to empty and close to starting mid bloom. I am increasing ec, slowly. Till she shows its to much and dial it back. 🤞 tuen start mid bloom at that ec or just under.

She's a beast, that's for sure and what... 2,3 wks more to stretch. I also rasied light today, as she is geowing into it. Kepping a foot +/- an inch. 

Grower Love 🌱💚

Posted : 06/04/2023 12:03 pm DEEBOOF and PuffyD liked
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Danna Barrett is happy. Amd the mid bloom res at 1200 ec, she loves it. So far😅 lol Next day or so i will go in and clean up some big fans at he base of developed branches/flower sights.

Cannabis Grow 20230605 114633
Cannabis Grow 20230605 114705
Cannabis Grow 20230605 114713

Shunk smell now has some garlic or is that part in the same terp/eester/? Thang. But wonder how slime will be in my cocoil! 😜

Grower Love 🌱💚

Posted : 06/07/2023 11:14 am PuffyD, DEEBOOF and Kris P liked
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